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have recently got access to the national geographic channel and it appears that all american produced nature progra… a big park fan @cinemashoebox wish i could adequately express to you how clear this image is in my mind @cinemashoebox sometimes one of them tries to go live with the penguins. this upsets visitors during penguin feeding sessions @bouledenerfs_ putting my pronouns in my bio so people know whether they want to fuck me or not. this is progressive, to me @cinemashoebox now i am toosomewhere deep in the bowels of cia headquarters in virginia is a bleak airless little conference room with polyest… @YSAB87 we cannot know @bcjbcjbcj that's right#NewProfliePic @bertholdrekt @davideastUK there's a sentence that started badly and got swiftly worse @NoraReed every time!!!i absolutely promise you that parents who dont want their kids to be gay dont want them to be transgender either. a… 6 months some new prominent transphobe "discovers" the immiment threat of forced transing to gay children and… @mtracey a person has died show some respect @nachdermas every prominent transphobe "discovers" this argument about once every six months even though every time… is pretty decent twitter guy wants to be named milo and look like the hacker from goldeneye
Retweeted by worm from homestaring through the window of my newly re-opened barbers like a sad wet dog in a disney filmthe park enjoyer feels awkward asking for help but i feel like i have no other option rn. im a 17 years old gay trans man who nee…
Retweeted by worm from homeConcept: “Queer Eye” but instead of lovable Warren stans, it’s hosted by the worst gay men on earth. Douglas Murray…
Retweeted by worm from homegoing out to meet a friend face to (socially distanced) face for the first time in 4 months @Weatherman221 god bless you dana @gains_tweets hbd champ!
A deer entered a Colorado store. The store owner gave him some chocolate chip cookies. The deer left the store and…
Retweeted by worm from home @lottelydia @cinemashoebox Im not architecture knower here but: looks like @cinemashoebox i think this is nice is it badThe difference in policing a rave in White City and overcrowding on a beach in Bournmouth is very stark.
Retweeted by worm from home @guardianopinion bloody hellSpend all of your Fourth of July money on bail funds for Native protesters:
Retweeted by worm from home @OleOle282 @Commuterist like i say, if people cared as much about the people working in pubs as getting people to go to pubs @OleOle282 @Commuterist you ever heard of improving a place? or indeed of a bit of hyperboleunironically the best take
Retweeted by worm from home @nachdermas 100% and again that's not pedantry it's like, the important thing to take from all of this imo! @nachdermas especially when the really instructive thing about these photos is how people can draw enormous influen… @OleOle282 @Commuterist do you spend all weekend looking for people talking about ways they'd like the country to b… few photos I took at the Mount Rushmore protest yesterday, ones I didn't get time to post among everything.
Retweeted by worm from homesometimes i idly consider a future where i might shift into working in console gaming and then i see like 5 separat… @setzensiebitte hbd little legend @setzensiebitte hey ucome ONNN
Retweeted by worm from home @robin__craig the law as i understand it is that horny remains rightfully illegal @robin__craig surely it's 2m from penis to penis✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Retweeted by worm from home @robin__craig hótgender is a construct, but these earrings are real. gender is a construct but these earrings are real. g e n d e…
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i'm coming to your first big house party after lockown, taking over the aux, projecting the music video for Limp Bi…
Retweeted by worm from homewhy the fuck do my tax dollars pay for this
Retweeted by worm from home @graceelavery @daniel_m_lavery he's a nice fella you've got thereanyway i imagine that people who are getting away with phenomenal amounts of wrongdoing somehow get off on eg being… DAILY TELEGRAPH being written over this photo like the header of a start up company blog has fully done my head ini suppose that's the thing about people who believe they will never be caught,if i were involved in one of the most outrageous abuse and trafficking conspiracies of the century i would simply n… regret this @huwlemmey @MediocreDave i have tweeted and as is correct, have been punished @huwlemmey @MediocreDave here he is @MediocreDave good lord dave @robin__craig i live only to suffergetting some serious covid commentary quote tweets here and while that's all well and good i am doing a sex joke folkscan't say that this isnt a bold strategy from the chancellor cool thing i would love to see more of is institutional dress code documents that (bar particular safety measures… general rule of thumb is that if a man (self identified obvs) cant wear a skirt without raising eyebrows you don… @prodosial forza ❤ @SzMarsupial tbh I think the big staff worry is less likely to be the rona per se and more likely to be the guy who…
Retweeted by worm from home @MediocreDave i dont even know if there's going to be a second wave and like you say it's incredibly hard to make a… stupid country only ever talks to the consumer but about the worker, even though almost everyone is to some degree both. i hate it here @tom_usher_ @FriendBeers just a cuppa for me tonight, happy weekend! Tower Hamlets workers striking tomorrow and next week against the imposition of worse employment terms.
Retweeted by worm from homehave to imagine that someone working in a pub is going to encounter far more individuals than the people visiting t… is i get that we have to start opening up at some point, that there's no clean line in the sand of "covid bei… @BinAnimals what is he talking about❗️PROTEST FOR TRANS RIGHTS❗️ This government is trying to use this crisis to shred trans people's rights. Join us…
Retweeted by worm from home @PerthshireMags @felix_cohen @v21 everybody get out @v21 be that as it may! @spindlypete cool imo @v21 are you subtweeting me from a work meeting!!when everyone’s posting content in the group chat but nobody’s commenting on it
Retweeted by worm from homeyou know there's a big whiteboard in Starmer HQ right now with a bunch of lagers written on it. two SPADs are in a…
Retweeted by worm from home @jo_hauge yes! i thought especially as the onion wont cook for very long it was a good idea @lmartods cheese and red onion insideto be clear i used to cheerfully cook for my partner and friends just not very well! i may be a huge manchild but i do do chores and thingsother nice things ive made include (shown at varying stages of cooking) chicken jambalaya; haddock chowder; cod, ch… @LLW902 thank you friend! @matthewgmull literally, googling "how do i make an omelette" and meticulously following instructions. (also soakin… out recipes arent "fussy bullshit for dickheads" and you can't always "just bung it in it'll be fine" and if… using some time in lockdown to learn how to cook properly - actually following recipes, trying to understand w… simply love to see the ideology of personal responsibility desperately find someone else to take the rap for a m… rightwing commentariat is trying so hard to find someone else to blame for starkey saying extraordinarily racis… @s8mb @BBCRajiniV do you think that the only valid descriptions of things are the descriptions they give themselves… @huwlemmey everything that is a thing is clearly labelled as such. that's just markets @matthewgmull fuck me christ @AndrewJohnMarks put them in a fruit bowl andrewno replies, have a nice day!intentionally or not the current obsessive transphobia in some parts of gay and lesbian culture fully serves the in… i see some wildly transphobic post about how trans women or nb lesbians or whatever "destroyed our spaces"… @erbridge i mean it definitely helps that the back of the house is so drafty that unless it's full on high summer i… @AnnaHinble you're still wrong though! @AnnaHinble bzzt. wrongostarted keeping potatoes out on the side in a fruit bowl which means i dont forget that we have potatoes and actual…