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NYC literary agent. Black Lives Matter.

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Hello #MGBookChat! I’m Christine. My second novel, THE SEA IN WINTER (Heartdrum, 1/5/21), recently received a starr…
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendIf I didn’t ♥️ your #DVpit I might have just missed it. Please query me anyway! Or try one of my colleagues. We are… I ♥️ your #DVpit tweet, please send me your query + 10 pages to query(at)newleafliterary(dot)com. Put QUERY—SUZI… Immigrant ONE OF US IS LYING x Among Us When 6 former friends become trapped in the deadly game of an elite…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @CiannonS Gah. Send me this too pls.
An actual fist fight just broke in Macy’s. What is happening this year.(1/?) Some #dvpit tips in case I don't get to all my critiques! 1) Pitch should include: MC, the conflict, their…
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@snapsnarlgrowl @EllenKushner @serialboxpub @TIME @suddenlyjen I’m going to look into this some more!! @chadharper91 I’ll put another link up next week in stories.👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Answering #askagent questions tomorrow and my animals will be making appearances. Here’s the link excited for this book! @VictoriaAveyard! 🎉🍃
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @MarcyKate Omg I love this. @TiffanyDiahann Lol. I always get questions about why I don’t have more male authors
@itslaurentbtw I feel like this is too true.Lolol @aishacs Once you get up that hour earlier and work out you’ll be tired and will sleep better that night and after… @aishacs I just make myself do it. My alarm is actually in my kitchen so I have to get out of bed, leave the bedroo… “it’s not the vibe, Bernice.”
@susanleewrites @MyFavMurder Chelsea King from rancho bernardo. It was a hometown from today’s minisodeIn today’s @MyFavMurder I heard a story from when I lived in SD (and heard Rancho PQ mispronounced lol) and a Bill…
Er, did I mention I have a new agent? Genuinely thrilled to be working with @suddenlyjen & @sztownsend81 here:
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @TeeEss The only way I was able to start as an agent was by assisting an agent and living with my parents (in Phila… @amandarmcbride Oh I loved that one!
Omg this is the best thing I’ve seen on #TikTok. Dystopian YA vibes: (the pomegranates lol 😂)
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Announcing new deals for @gayleforman, @jbakernyc, @bdkennedybooks, @annfrai + more
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendHey! Fun book news that I just got while waiting in line to vote. Anne of Manhattan sold to Ciranda Cultural, in B…
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Just posted a photo @ Manhattan, New York
@HeatherKassner !!!!!!!!!!!!!Omg ♥️ @beth_phelan Omg sameWe're four months out from REAPER OF SOULS, in store Feb 16, 2021! In the aftermath of KINGDOM OF SOULS, power is…
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendSo many leaves at @YALLFest!! 🍃 Check out the lineup for #YALLWrite and mark your calendar for November 13th & 14t…
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendI mean it’s not going to hurt my feelings if my Monday continues with being on this awesome POPSUGAR list 😍😍😍
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I’m curious. Have your reading habits changed this year with all that’s going on? Are you reading more? Or less? Or…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @pameladelupio Of course the fly has a Twitter already @findmeediting Lol @sarahrana769 @BrinaStarler Right? Like omg @BrinaStarler @sarahrana769 Ugh. He’s the worst. @pameladelupio I know. It was just such a hard pivot and so awkward. @LiteracyBatman I wish they had to take truth serum before getting up there. @seyitsme He’s really awful. I always say that I don’t hate anybody but.... 😬Save the date! #nycc did he just have the most awkward pivot ever by answering a climate change question with taxes. #VPDebate
@SophiaJay42 Oh I still have my linked in and I think I look at it once a year to be like “oh shit who are all thes… Owl
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WHAT A GOOD DAY FOR BOOKS! 🎉🎂 Wishing a very Happy #BookBirthday to this incredible group of leaves 🍃⬇️
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @NatDRichards @SourcebooksFire 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Happy #BookBirth to Five Total Strangers by @NatDRichards! SLJ calls this book a "page-turning thriller that will k…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @_natalielloyd Have you read Allie Brosh? Took my breath away from laughing and it’s comics so quick read.Happy happy book birthday to @rebeccabehrens and ALONE IN THE WOODS! If you love a pulse-pounding survival story fi…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @angiecthomas I’m jealous! I want one! @veschwab @mhmhart42 @elenawonders So poignant. As always.Cursebreakers! International shipping available!
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend🚨 Giveaway alert! 🚨
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @LauraSteven LololLolol @eltheriault I don’t know about you but I’m definitely purple., #MGBookChat, I’m Heather, and my favorite kind of MG stories are those sprinkled with magic! I’m the author of:…
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@VictoriaAveyard Omg the dog! ♥️
Meant this one for day 2 prompt of #Blacktober. Prompt: relatable Character: Bubbles 🌟🌟🌟
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My #askagent link is up in my IG stories (here: Submit a question and I’ll try to have an answer for you tomorrow.
✨Some news! ✨ I'm so excited to say that I am now represented by the amazing @whimsicallyours at @NewLeafLiterary!…
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Something exciting! 😍😍😍 WEEKEND— coming 6/22/21! @GetUnderlined @DelacortePress
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendThe nerve of people who ask “how are you going to pay for it?” whenever we propose building advanced public educati…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @themattlondon Matt I am so excited!Super excited to watch my work go live in Hearthstone! New Brawls! Elementals in Battlegrounds! No wizard school ex…
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendTake my quiz!
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendA bookclub recently asked me what discussion questions might be useful while reading KINGDOM OF SOULS both for peop…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @RachaelEWrites I’m thinking about it lolThe NYT article said
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @Claribel_Ortega That laugh omg.I was today years old when I found out I could buy land in Scotland and give myself a title.
SO HYPE FOR THIS!!!!! congrats @Ozrodriguez01 !!!!!
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @marikesselring Yes!I have my first @PublishersWkly byline! Such a fun interview with @BrandSanderson ahead of Rhythm Of War’s release…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @molly_cusick Omg Molly I am obsessed with these updates.Hi 👋🏽 Need a distraction? Here are Shadowhunters as Schitt's Creek's premiere episode, a thread ✨👇🏽
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The #PitchWars window opens tonight! And it stays open through Oct 1st at 10pm EDT. Mentors are SO looking forward…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @Claribel_Ortega ♥️♥️♥️♥️PLEASE HELP! My sister found a puppy in Centerville/Washington Township, OH on Thursday (9/24). Need to find the ri…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend3 DAYS... AVEYARD X CHAINANI... #redqueen #schoolforgoodandevil @SomanChainani 🧨
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend⭐️IT'S A STAR!⭐️ MAYA AND THE RISING DARK received a starred review from @KirkusReviews. 🤩 "A truly…
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@chillsmyname This is a good resource🌹REBEL ROSE ARC GIVEAWAY🌹 These BEAUTIFUL copies with the final cover just arrived on my doorstep so it’s time for…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @ReadGraeNow I don’t. They’re video responses and I save them to my highlights on my Instagram page so people can g…
It’s Thursday night which means tomorrow I’m doing an #askagent over on instagram in my stories. If you have a ques… Taylor was killed in her sleep by the police. This is not even close to justice. This is an ugly reminder…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @tracydeonn Congratulations 🎊🎉
Happy #BiVisibilityDay! I would promote my own upcoming debut bc it's hella bi, but since there are no other detail…
Retweeted by Suzie Townsendmy debut novel COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU is a fake-dating YA contemporary romance. links below! ✨🍭 goodreads:…
Retweeted by Suzie TownsendEven the department store mannequins have had a rough year. 😐
Retweeted by Suzie Townsend @SophiaJay42 Congratulations 🎉
Just posted a photo @ New Leaf Literary and Media
the cover reveal for COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU is here!!! (hosted by the wonderful CW) 🍭📚💖✨ fun fact: I was kicked ou…
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