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tiffany @t1ffsny kool aid state

radiant peak 50 @weirdoliv | @fluffyyFPS fan @tiffsny45lol

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@fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ Shut up @ignNickcook Because I WANTED TO KNOW HIS NAME @sadIucas @shiramiyo Arent cooker chef @shiramiyo @sadIucas does not approve @ignNickcook Alright i talked to the 2nd grader and his name is Jaden Jaedon Jayden Idk how it’s spelled @jettmainhater Ur cool @yukowii @seshiriaa_ D13 @yukowii @seshiriaa_ Ihy @shiramiyo Oh shitttt link pleas @camilleettv Camille date me please @pawkii Nt @yukowii @fluffyyFPS What?????? God First Lady @fluffyyFPS Sgoodnigjh @fluffyyFPS Shut up I let u win to boost ur ego @yukowii @fluffyyFPS Never say that every again I’m gonna murder u @sadIucas @fluffyyFPS Wtf With who @osakasx @fluffyyFPS Ew noshit on @t1ffsny
Retweeted by tiffany @fluffyyFPS Bro there was literally no way i could win @MissingXDD @camilleettv @Siylo4 Camille is cute @camilleettv @MissingXDD @Siylo4 I hate u guys @sundownswlrd @veltqt Fire song @mujiQT Nice mooji @BERE14_ tahnks made it myself @Rec9k 1 2 3wtf??!?!? @BERE14_ @SHININGSGSC BERE simp#Joshy @SHININGSGSC @BERE14_ Thoguhts @TroozFPS @BERE14_ Ah @ZD_Moonkiller WWWwhat should my name be @BERE14_ L @Time_fps @BERE14_ Ong Time! @BERE14_ What the @BERE14_ Is that @BERE14_ Whag
@weirdoliv Is that... the Football kid @BERE14_ youre short @BERE14_ Hi @ignOvercook @fluffyyFPS @Toastedtw @wunjii @AeroValorant @neednewatpls No I’m saying I would never lie because lying is a sin30 likes and @t1ffsny will change her name
Retweeted by tiffany @BERE14_ IMPRESSIONS @ignOvercook @fluffyyFPS @Toastedtw @wunjii @AeroValorant @neednewatpls I’m not lying I would never lie for fluffy HES a jit @ignOvercook @fluffyyFPS @Toastedtw @wunjii @AeroValorant @neednewatpls I think he was alseep @ignOvercook @fluffyyFPS @Toastedtw @wunjii @AeroValorant @neednewatpls Dawg he was asleep @fluffyyFPS @ignOvercook @Toastedtw @wunjii @AeroValorant @neednewatpls Wtf did he say @fluffyyFPS @ignOvercook @Toastedtw @wunjii @AeroValorant @neednewatpls Bro Idk u slee too much u woke up like 5 zminutes ago or something @fluffyyFPS @wunjii @ignOvercook @Toastedtw @AeroValorant @neednewatpls What did he say @jakeeVAL @saturnmp4 @scrollval @iamhcu Oh shit thanks for the reminder @Toastedtw @saturnmp4 @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu Ok @saturnmp4 @jakeeVAL @scrollval @iamhcu Dumb edater jakeeval @saturnmp4 @scrollval @jakeeVAL @iamhcu WW @BERE14_ I won’t @BERE14_ Maybe I will @BERE14_ I will not change my name @BERE14_ Hi bere @jakeeVAL @scrollval @saturnmp4 @iamhcu Shut up u get no bitches jakeeval @saturnmp4 @scrollval @jakeeVAL @iamhcu of course can I please get ur number so we can date @veltqt @scrollval Ok my bad fuckijg jitdiot @scrollval @saturnmp4 @jakeeVAL @iamhcu She is not raggedy she is very attractive @veltqt @scrollval Ok my bad @veltqt @scrollval What the fuck when the fuck was this @GobiFPS same @ignOvercook @neednewatpls LMFAO @neednewatpls What @spookqt Yes @neednewatpls Wtf nick . I didn’t have to know that @ignOvercook @neednewatpls BRO HE SAID IT HIMSELF @spookqt Be a d1 Baskteball UCLA commit @neednewatpls Ur a midget fucker???????? @kayvalorant Why is he in hawaii Mid september @spookqt Egirl buff @spookqt Sup jit @neednewatpls Literally imagine a midget you @neednewatpls LMFAOO JUST IMAGINE A KID 3’4 You @scrollval @uwulittlebunni Hmmm Sliver 1 MAX gold 1 @neednewatpls Don’t worry I’ll take a picture of him @neednewatpls Okay but he looks rxactly like u @neednewatpls Just saying . @edensarcade Hi date me please @neednewatpls Omg u look like a 2nd grader at my school @neednewatpls 2ndGraderNick @version1gg @NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @BasedGodMilk @KarraOf @rushhh___ KARRRAAAA WWW @racelfan LMFAOAOAO @tasyiu I’m going to find the 2nd grader @wunjii Good ttweet whnji @ppgirlxd69420 Jack is a dumbass @wunjii Frfr @_novaVAL @jakeeVAL LMFAOOOO @jakeeVAL you are a jitdiot @fishszns V @jakeeVAL WhatNASTY 1V5 RT RT
Retweeted by tiffany @1CASEYY LMFAOO mine 3 and none @ZD_Moonkiller :Poh my @1CASEYY 1 And that relationsjip is with God 🙏 @seshiriaa_ @xSTZIN Crying snd throwing up @osakasx @fluffyyFPS Ew no @Toastedtw @fluffyyFPS Ew