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@jam_etc Yessss!! that slight savory edge to it is so addicting. I looveee itttttt @jam_etc YEAH HELL YEAH WINTERMELON TGE SHIT!!!!!! if there are any 99 ranches around you they sell wintermelon ju… @rumDEVINrum @rumDEVINrum h-how did u know @nyarlychan LOL Yeah I came here to say this shit's sounding a lot like Tales of Symphonia wtf.ngl im gonna be. im gonna be so salty if I leave this pandemic an introvert no offense to y'allhow tf do I have events planned for the next two weekends already what the fUCK.coming to terms with the fact that I'm a fake bo burnham fan bc i didn't realize one of my favorite and most often… @Stripper_Cop Kind of same but also I just feel like sex is more fun and fulfilling with someone you actually care… coffee is hittin and everything is going at a million miles per hour and also summer school starts tomorrow hol… a heads up/apology to anyone who might be driving with me for the next month or so it’s going to be the in the… @emilyyyhu LOOK AT HER GOOOOOOOlrt she’s so fucking raw for this josuke is litchrally the only JoJo i care aboutNew $et 💅🏾🍬
Retweeted by Tim @ Lost 'My Mind' JudgmentDom: can you taste this me: what is it Dom: it’s just water but i want to make sure i don’t accidentally poison you… @ChiggityChives WAIT WH… oh the physical one gotchaaa @ChiggityChives the ps4/xbox versions also come with like an artbook, right? finally the merch ppl asked forim not feeling my face enough to do more selfies but man styling/curling short hair is IT it is THE VIBE it is perfect @sporkbot “your can vibe with my son and my son’s son any time you want”you can get one too case and blue iphone xr sold separately @alamort i’ve never been so i don’t have that actual experience but that is extremely validating to know alsoi have no figures to back it up but my extremely esoteric comparison is that power walking from the tenkaichi gate… i know, i just KNOW you can get to anywhere in kamurocho in 20 minutes on foot i am absolutely sure of itfor an american audience yakuza is a game about the power fantasy of living in a town where everything you need is in walking distance
Retweeted by Tim @ Lost 'My Mind' Judgmentnothing says ur poggers like a literal pog which technically you’re supposed to win if you flip someone else’s pog by hitting it with ur ownhey teacher friends esp those who may have grown up in the 90s why haven’t we started using actual pogs as incentiv… @Sir5000 crunchy for extra textureman i never get tired of looking at my phone +case the inmmense joy i get from this charming hassaku face @JudgementKinsey THANK U KINSEY!! 😘😘 @PiggyNukka THANK U SHORT HAIR A GAMECHANGERcoord for a big gay friend picnic today i didn’t get proper coord shots bc i rly feel like i rolled out of bed did… learned a lot about chris meloni’s career in this threadCan't believe NONE of you are talking about this
Retweeted by Tim @ Lost 'My Mind' Judgment @Ricearoni85 WAIT MOTHERFGUCKINF DID U JUST COME BACK FROM SHAF ABS CHENS THING OMFG I DIDN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE YOU AAAAAAAA @emilyyyhu ㅎ ㅗ ㅎ @e1n @emilyyyhu emi this was such a missed opportunity @gremuir warm weather and a single social gathering got me acting up wtfthe person at the sbux drive thru was so chipper and cute and sang a little song while they were looking for my ord… gay feelings rly out in full force today
Good morning to artists who draw beefy man with huga booba
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Retweeted by Tim @ Lost 'My Mind' Judgmentwhile i was a little iffy on how they tied up usnavi and vanessa in the movie i also feel like it’s more plausible… @srsRazzmatazz ur right i'm so sorry idk what I was thinking 😩Tim paint ur dice with a color other than gold CHALLENGESoo-Ajumma is tired from the mall it is time to play Mahjong sh sh get her some tea and leave her alone @HakethKOTB they were rly like @HakethKOTB I used to actually lowkey enjoy it but now all I feel is exhaustion and mild discomfort. There is no pl… @HakethKOTB Yeah it is a really particular shade that is neither comforting nor sophisticated. It simply is, and it is dreadfulsomething happened to me during quarantine and now Malls are just. So unbearable. Man too bad the Westfield's foo… @nullofundefined Sunken cost fallacy….Survived apple store gauntlet…. My will to live has been decimated… no nothing bad happened it’s just such a limina… collar bones probably look very sexy exposed in this scoop neck but now i’m cold so i can’t say it was worth iti’ve been here for like two hours helpme thinking i could get my phone checked out and also take care of other errands today:🤡🤡🤡the way the two kids getting their apple device fixed/replaced simply walked away when their dad came to talk about… @mikal4nier 1 took me tf out
@ChiggityChives he’s just NAPPINGGGin the liminal space of waiting in the apple store while gazing out onto a sunny outdoor food court as katy perry’s… new imacs in the cute new colors are….. really cute…. @ricoririsu sorry rando here but this is so freaking good aaaaaaaLast night, I had a vision
Retweeted by Tim @ Lost 'My Mind' Judgment @ChiggityChives haha but i noticed you didn’t say somy animation studios sony stay winningwhat is best in life and why is it pancakes on saturdaysrly blows my mind that korea made an in the heights musical in korean but also kept a bunch of spanish and english… @amudork i don’t care about lol at all but anything fortiche touches is gold so i’m thankful to the game for introd… @JudgementKinsey i can’t keep sleeping at a reasonable hour like this @Shattered_Earth it’s not an investment if you keep it forever bc he’s ur husbando dude u gotta….. u gotta actually sell himforgot crying makes me sleepy so here i am a sleepy bitchi think lin manuel miranda slander is extremely funny but i will not accept criticism for in the heights thank u fo… @zerojt @frogpiss wait me toooh fuck apparently there’s an after credits scene bro someone come see it with me again @jam_etc ohhhhh my gosh it’s SO ambitious and they really just went full throttle with musical numbers so it was su… @jam_etc I WAS LIKE SMILING THE WHOLE TIME I LOVE IT SO MUCH AAAAAAanyway if anyone in the bay area wants to see the in the heights movie and has no one to see it with 👉🙂👈 @jam_etc the movie version! i mean i love the shit out of this musical so i would’ve loved anything but i really lo… ME BAWLING AT THE END OF IN THE HEIGHTS BC I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I ENJOYED SOMETHING SO BLISSFULLY AND…
@nullofundefined If they didn't want us to mix them they wouldn't make it so easy!!! That's all I'm saying!!!!!!!ppl are always telling me I'm weird for mixing sodas but I have just learned that the entire state of Utah does thi… @hikariix Ah mannn no bc I haven't tried any 😭 Unfortunately the chicken and rice craze hit the bay area after I le… @Sir5000 Oh yeah, that seems to be *the* chicken rice place. Haven't tried it yet, but will put it on the list for sureI think my favorite chicken and rice in south bay is probably still Liang's Village in Cupertino. That ginger-garlic sauce? HITS.Rooster and Rice is pretty good- the breast meat is kinda dry but the dark meat is deliciously springy. Rice is A++… fuck oh my god i love hainan chicken rice a;sldkf aaaa thinking about all those ppl in line for ramen nagi when… home and realizing you got the same haircut as you had in high school lmaooooooh hey the korean salon i used to go to give you 붕어빵 after your cut instead of an orange lol @heysawbones this is so validating i love this design choicecoworker reminded me that next year will be my 10 years at this school but more importantly the year after that wil… see Merkel still got that thang on her though (it's the rhombus. Her thang is the rhombus she does with her hands)it's called cornwall bc this shit corny as hell wtf is there anyone cooler than Megan Thee Stallion @usagiko I just like to imagine it because I am called boomer every day of my life by my students 🥲 it hurts just a little @usagiko Yeah, but because I'm a really petty and salty bitch I just get a lot of satisfaction at an old crusty per… @usagiko when I think about boomers scolding me I also think about the absolutely extreme apathy and total and utte… I love being an adult with disposable income @_lactobachillus dude this whole collection is so fUCKING goodwhen it comes to pure songwriting SHINee was the goat unfollow if u disagreeidk why i decided to lie in bed and get emotional about SHINee this morning but here we are has me rolling anyway i for one welcome our new suspiciously wealthy furry overlordsThis drawing is a suspiciously wealthy furry meme and a parody of this cartoon.
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