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tai @t9ler meg ☆ corrie ☆ brit

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@MrAipom LMAO @MrAipom boost me to radiant first im hardstuck 300rr @jules47s @kemzify imma be real this is so true @dellor @h3h3productions dellor my goat i love you for this @JiqsawBunqie omg what.. @v6rve @kemzify HAHAHHAHAHAHAA @a7drey arf arf @SenteroGOD @MattCookinUp so real saint @v6rve @kemzify verb @MeowJules_ so fucking real @kemzify yes pls @kemzify HI KEMZIFY IMY @dawnmoer ur so real for thisnormalize men wearing perfume so we can smell like a pretty sunflower @NeoTheAsian @SkuLLyJai @denzjkk clearly a bowl cut @vikramfps @Abdeznuts LMAO @Abdeznuts @vikramfps abde come to vegas and play @MattCookinUp hell nohave 4 just need one @Lambieree wait i love thisSo what If I wanted to host a Creator Ball/Prom? Who would be down to help?
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@sweaatty WHY DO YOU KNOW @Megusta4808 ew what @ayoMalikai heyheyhey @lvrslane ur evil @MrBeast mr beast good. @Bobbert_VAL hbd goat @sniperiwnl snipero @painfvl @elijah8k what have you done. @gillibun bro what. @sweaatty @AmandaLaer @2inks just you spencer @karmaVLRT @99shoz @yvkiyo 💀 @laettnerr bro what
@cryptXVAL can we make out please @cryptXVAL i’m vouching for you so hard @zeronaVAL bro couched me @shikixo_ LOL THANK YOU @JasonP1erre thank you goat @Vegod_ this actually happened it’s crazyLFT VEGAS LAN FEB 24th-26th - Duelist/Flash Initator/Senti - 19 y/o - LAN experience vouches appreciated 🫶 @snirot yesme and @t9ler look great in im3
Retweeted by tai @samantha_hope1 @foreplay HAHAHAHAHAHA @HYPOXlA hey lol @HYPOXlA but did a man call you pretty today @exsqts thai is so cute @kiraisoo holy shit
@jellyfishvalrnt nt, diff tbh @foreplay i’m iron 1 @hannahfps oh my god hannah 💀 @Darrinsval @notrxchel what happened dog
GRIND TO RADIANT LIVE ON TWITCH @zeronaVAL me haha i’m a femboy @zeronaVAL YOYOYOYO @Vegod_ this looks like shit 😂 @devourlum @itzmjmVAL hit ascendent 😂 @wolfyval @itzmjmVAL i’m 93-59 in games this act @MattCookinUp it’s insane @itzmjmVAL w duo @jetttbezos i’m so down
@jup1terval 3 @ahad @will1us i would love to @Bananasplittii @tsuwukii so real @lumbogg THIS IS SO FUNNY LOL @keup777 @tsuwukii thank you king @tsuwukii we don’t care deac @bbgvicc ign @jelloannaa @aliciaisjade LMFAO @keaIani someone has you blocked :(
@zeronaVAL @zeronaVAL i’m a got girl and a femboy @sarachashrimpp someone has you blocked @sarachashrimpp of course @alteaVAL BROOOO @zeronaVAL ur the opposite of antisocial @MrAipom pls. @WhoFramedMee no.reply for an add in my gc @urjowaa nt @aliciaisjade @Lambieree so brave and hot @exsqts @aliciaisjade LMAOOAOAOAOA @Nek0Feet it’s too late @pinche_nikki @Nek0Feet don’t do it @aliciaisjade when