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taber @taber Richmond, VA

Born on a farm, live in the city. Queerballs (he/him). Serial smartass. Eurovision, pop, gay terror, transit, VA politics. Not a town in Alberta. 📸: tabeycakes

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@eastside_tilly @repeattofade this is about me @repeattofade @timothydunn I'm sure he did @repeattofade perhaps you could start keeping a crime journal @repeattofade you're just confessing your crimes unprompted nowif you get frazzled by revolving doors at high-traffic buildings, you are a weakling and surely shan't last the winter @waldojaquith I will say very bluntly, this will not take 1-2 hours, I do not know why it says that, and they will… the FUCK is WRONG with y'all HOLY FUCKING SHIT @Ecce_Homosexual @adamjmoussa @mrsamherbst that's intersectionality right there @chimeracoder omg we're like on the same bullshit same time I love this for us!!! <3And even if what's on offer (or what's cheapest if you want to get several kits) isn't the Super Simple Nose Spray,… @motoridersd California has one as well, but your local health department (among others) almost certainly has doses to give out!Trainers almost always have free doses for you if you attend, but even if you can't get one that way, the Narcan sp… haven't you at very least taken a naloxone training (and preferably carry a dose too) yet? "Training" is almost…'m gonna say it: this is Good and should be standard in counties, many of them in Appalachia, where both preventab… you have a copy of the Bloomberg campaign directive to put slightly ill-tempered words on their buildings but in… is a point about critical, irreplaceable Jewish cultural institutions starving for operating funds while sett… HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) archives are held by the YIVO institute, one of the foremost centers of Yid… @CamCron nothat racy off-the-shoulder Klobuchemise for when you want to say "I am a terror slut and I am also voting for US Senator Amy Klobuchar"who wants my pitch on cursed presidential candidate swag you can buy on Etsy @adamjmoussa @mrsamherbst you are a fool to send this whilst I still have klobuchungies.psd open @adamjmoussa @mrsamherbst Chinese religious sect Falun Gong that stages Shen Yun does not want you to know that "Shen Yun" in Hebrew mean… @JrJobes do not trust people that do not listen to that channelplease, please, I beg you, check before you repost, the post saying the chilledcow lo-fi hiphop beats to study to c… @Apikoros613 her Anger Diction is fantastic screen this for every ulpan student imofor a many thousands year old language the differences between the Hebrew of antiquity and modern Hebrew are much m… for my conversational Hebrew course starting today by dramatically over-enunciating all my harsh consonan… Sirk, "Hvala, Ne!" 🇸🇮 (Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Lisbon) is what happens when you try to build a campaign out of people that couldn't give a shit… never hear about them making new varieties of onions because they're perfect already @VCUPav you're good and allowed to do what you want buddy 🙌straights: heart posts because they think you have to tap the heart to make another post appear gays: heart posts b… heart on a Post from a lesbian is worth six times one from a gay and fourteen times one from a heterosexual
@yaesohn you'll live @yaesohn That's usual, you've got it!may I draw your attention to the psychopathy of the closing sentence: "Please respond by ***6AM***" @CurtisRemarc people say it's weird that I use my dad's corpse when doing light household repairs but it's what he would have wanted @heychristofur it's still Valid @Maddoxnelson PEAR JUICE ohmigod I'm screaming top five unjuicable fruits @Maddoxnelson like!!! what is happening here!!! how did we gentrify breakfast but not even make it very good!!!!!! @reanimus the self-inquiry required to assess "what EXACTLY about this image is making me hornt" is surprisingly intense!!!!you can at least respect the degenerate fuckery of cracking into some terrible hooch at a wildly inappropriate time… so smug about being sober as when I see a mass of whites in Patagonia vests clumped outside a restaurant on… @KumpKump @1Narth2Narth GAY @monovalent Vommbr raising $50m in Series A for a network of app-connected blockchain vomitoria @monovalent is there not an #app where you can find a place to rage vomit @monovalent this is just a novel method of integer sorting don't y'all celebrate #innovation in "Silicon Frisco" @TheGayChingy aggravating switches into topping you is bottom cultureI have been to parties like this and there is no way he has @tombellino is this a flirting it seems like a flirting @airuhgo concept: a gay sports league with a household income cap @airuhgo every time I think about doing this again I flash back to when the team we were playing all had matching e… @literate_coyote they're called "kéké"s or "beauf"s and gawd do they EVERhaving trouble thinking of a class of people whose trials are less sympathetic than "recreational boat owners" and… @HYENABLOOD I will not(you're supposed to try a new fruit every Tu Bishvat, and there were actually two new ones to me at the seder: the… Bishvat (Jewish new year for the trees) seder spread of the three kinds of fruits that grow in Eretz Yisroel: fr… @monovalent it is the latter thing and reading back I could see it could read ambiguously that I actually hate it!!!
@kuniRVA hate u mean it*coming out of a tw*lve-st*p meeting, looking at the Tweets* oh my fucking GO- @cstanderfer ohmigod I would NEVER cactuses are cool and good @MTomDem I think the big open secret is that they do not workstop acting like you can know a thing about caucus results, they're weird because caucuses are bad and there is no… @CamCron surely this is true @CamCron did soup make you write thiseh whatever I have lesbian tea and I painted my nails and I did a bad job of it but I like the color a ton it's cal… word for that very specific flavor of frustration where your goal is to burrow into a Comfy Spot but you keep rem… @goldisacks just put down in the log that I did that one so it looks like I know a thing, thanks @graceelavery @asunflowerpose ❤️ @goldisacks finally as I'm sick of carrying around this sack of bird carcasses, which is what I assume is what "cas… @graceelavery @asunflowerpose furries are about to get on ya, it's not like a fetish, it's a fun thing people do th… @goldisacks are we cashless gay @heychristofur @khovert_ I want this article FRAMED
I nearly fainted on the bus @AvantGardeGoth I know Katheryn Hudson is to blame for this somehow @msbutah there are.....a lot of images.....on their web v @msbutah this is irresponsible of Poland to do this to us imo @ChestyFitz somebody claimed they were "gonna get around" to doing disc golf statistics but then they spilled bong… at its peak of popularity, only about 11% of the US population played golf at least once a year. That's down… courses are closing nationwide at a pace of about 120 per year, a number that is only accelerating the mind how the ultra-rich by and large do not do what would seem obvious to me and go "I am very rich and c… Dew Zero is the most stunning achievement in soda engineering of the last several years and I am grateful… congressman is NOT having Bloomberg's bullshit pointing out that the "how'd you get your childhood scar" prompt can be uhhhh pretty uncomfortable for folks… @Beardynoise revenge against George W. Bush for 9/11I did everything in my power to not do this but I have been left with NO CHOICE @HYENABLOOD this is true and anybody that tries to refute it is setting themselves up to be deeply wrongI HATE ALL OF YOU SO DEEPLY @maximalalps remember that it is generally halakhically impossible to overdo the "rest" part 😉worth noting that even if you don't have an Xbox the XB1 controller is also the best PC gamepad for the price out t… @dragondroptools @eeeeuan flying to America to receive no medical treatment checks out @tousleshommes cleaning the dishwasher is good and it's good to remind people of simple but too often overlooked ho… gonna start putting weird shit in the microwave and hope that some combination of them creates an unprecedente… Midler is one of the people I follow despite never having seen a good Post from them because I am so electric…
@logitern YES COZY TIME @logitern it was a smooth trip, I'm in PJs and about to make hot cocoa now ☺️