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@QueasyFN Yeah true I get that it’s just everything is legit against me all the time and I am always working my abs… @skqttlescuh VGonna stop being a bitch and gonna get some sleep @Cented7 @Edgeyy Hi cented hey edgey @VexTNA Ily vex <3I appreciate you guys but idk it’s more than I put on twitter idk just have a lot going on :(Gn :| @yungcalc @alexalols @LazarFN @alexalols call calc he is cool @VyrusFN <3 @Gaannzo Just sucks :(Last thing (sorry if this is on ur tl) when ppl dm me and shit saying like I didn’t qual by 5 points or something i… @fnleo_ It’s not that ez :( @Enquz Yeah exactly game just sucks bro legit is so bad we also got headshot bowed I think 4 games like hahah I wanna Kermit @Ved_fn Doesn’t matter how much work I put into anything bro like I don’t know I may just quit it we don’t do good… it’s not hard to make finals in a fncs and shit and the reason why we do good in finals is bc we don’t get gri… am tired of playing a game where I know no one is putting the work I am atm and I am getting so much better to no… be time to pack it up died to kids hiding behind a car after we are trying to key a team (finally a game we had good ass loot)Can’t be more unlucky in these fucjing tournies @sfrxk Yeah Ik?This doesn’t even feel competitive we have died to legit bull shit everygame I actually cbaFortnite what are you guys doing?
Why do I play this game competitively when I can’t even double edit bc of the servers and build and I am dying to c… after this he double dinks a kid with a primal rifle from 200 meters lmfao is aim botting in a tourney like ahhahaJust died to cheaters LIKE HAHAHAHA FUCK THIS GAMR @FcrRankings @skqttlescuh @snaquefn @domiwnl @DlCTATING @UserzFN @ThreatsFN @Chimp1k @RiseFn @noobteyo @Gaannzo upload every Wednesday no way I don’t miss a Wednesday onceGuys guys how long do we think it’ll take until I miss a week of uploading on yt @RESQWTF @OpalFN_ Ily broFollowed a few of u :) @jb4rr_ Following some who sub and show proofNo Clue (Fortnite Highlights #4) : Edited by @jb4rr_ @QueasyFN yo @Jakers1x @cito_gi @AussieAntics @DegenFN @Ved_fn @Chimp1k yo @jb4rr_ ^Change of plans (video out at 3:45 est)Edited by @jb4rr_ of course @mochafn1 @sutterfn @jb4rr_ 😍 @MiddiFPS HEY lol @EliteEsports_ @DreamHackFN Zlem and nar win 😜Highlights #4 at 4pm est today :) @cozyFA @actingliketommy Tell Tommy I said hi @noobteyo @LiquefyFN @ItsZlem Bot 🔔 @MacFN_ @xaytofn I don’t think they get what we mean. Even we don’t tab out this happens, I know it happens when yo… @DeRollerTv My squad mate is so inspirational @fnbluezix @Avivv5 @whofishy @saevid <3 @Jakers1x @Avivv5 @cito_gi <3 @SirRbro @AspectFN_ Been a homie to me since I was 13 never met such a nice guy In my life @SirRbro @AspectFN_ Ly lil bro @Jakers1x @SirRbro @AussieAntics <3 means a lot bro hope you have a great night @jb4rr_ @SirRbro @jb4rr_ @fnbluezix @SirRbro @whofishy @saevid <3Follow @LarsonFN_ on twitter he is the goat @actingliketommy @cozyFA trust tommy @cozyFA @actingliketommy v @Ewok LMFAO THAT WAS GOOD @jb4rr_ ? u all gMfs I am not dumb It happens when I tab out @FPSXLR8 I do not use double movementHappens every game I cannot play man @opz1k_ Apparently people like to spread things, etc.
@PxlarizedFN @ItsZlem yo shitta @CotalTV 160 in 4 and money was gonna be 185 with the 6 game format @CotalTV WWWWThis is sad I have to explain this, but it was me that decided the org wasn't the right fit. I noticed after signin… in 4If they didn’t add games we 10000% make money lol @cozyFA @CotalTV @VexTNA join call i dm u on disc @CotalTV @VexTNA ^Need 2 squad cup w/@VexTNA @Sparebow @Hiro_FN @200_PXMP I have something in 15 :( so I wouldn’t be able to talk for like a bit @ItsZlem Lmfao teyo gets shit on my raptors“The bitch is on me”Say*I saw the chick is on me or this bitch is on meWhat do you guys call the spire guardian? @dirtggs @hvileyloll Dirt @jb4rr_ Vouvhhhh @LifewPanda If no one hires panda your playing some sort of games he is insane at what he does and is so knowledgeable @Fluffers20161 Chemistry and eastern civ and SpanishIrl school and apparently I have 2 tests today @bugha Have a good stream bugha 👍I am so tired 😴 @CashewGG @breadfn_ LMFAO bro what I take like a whole thing of notes @breadfn_ LOL WHAT? @notbuilds @narwhaalbtw 😂? @statsy281 Yeah bro 100p @xoonies Waterfall and waterfalling is in fortnite so that means that you are building means the action to build and build is cool fortnite @Furiouss @G2Coop @Gaannzo Hey Furryyus @charley_fn Math you can’t search up since it’s trig and I have a eastern civ thing which uses a plagiarism website @joyiwnl @dirtggs LMFAO @shredlol My like trig quiz and like a have a eastern civ test 😂 @cozyFA @hctans @breadfn_ @ralfn_ @provixx Where would I beI really don’t wanna do any of my homework tbh @notbuilds @MostacheFN The game u killed teyo your tm8s jump on us after not rotating when y’all were ahead of us @notbuilds @MostacheFN No lmfao y’all keyed us and jumped on us for 0 reason that’s why I said me II ur is reasonab… @fnterr 😂 no shot @MostacheFN @notbuilds If I tweeted the play they made and what they did you would laugh @fnterr Yeah bro and it’s annoying Bc we win our last game it we went in this one tarp we called but a team under i…