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things i like 1.cock and ball torture 2.dogs 3.women (especially this one wahmen) 4.cryptids 5.cats are pretty cool too 6.the song country roads 7.stuff

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at this point my mind is just shitposts and song lyrics @PrimeNathaniel that'd be epicsome times i wonder like "qhat am i"some days i wake up and just sorta πŸ₯€πŸ› @hbobot2 your simple ape baby mind cant comprehend pepperi woke up from a 4 hour nap and i feel like ive entered a realm where everything is a crackhead. qhere am i @hbobot2 gay and stupid baby harper can not comprehend PEPPER. @PrimeNathaniel no i dont think so
@Lastlicade kidk what to tweet other than music or cryptid nerd shit @Lastlicade bruh?ΒΏ?? @dumbstupidface nice socks @Lastlicade wait they hoped you were gay? @dumbstupidface u good dawg? wanna bully small children with me? @mangonion_ I can name a hundred better songs then it but yeah it's pretty good
πŸͺπŸ› πŸ—πŸ¦— 🍞🐜 they feastingwhen my dad scares the shit out of me because he doesnt know shit about my medical schedule so he almost takes me t… i get a giant pet moth @Lastlicade really do be like that doe ngl @hbobot2 what if cats didn't have legsπŸŽ€πŸ› BROOOOOOOOOOOOOO BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @mangonion_ @Lastlicade @mangonion_ @Lastlicade 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 @mangonion_ @Lastlicade you have a dick? @mangonion_ @Lastlicade nah ima keep shitting on anything past the first 2 albums and pork and beans @Lastlicade you walked into this @Lastlicade im stuffπŸ₯€πŸ›
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gamer couples πŸ₯°
Retweeted by qanna be cryptozoologist @Lastlicade i like fire truck and moster truck @hbobot2 ok
i need names to name my folk punk act give me themsome days i feel like making a folk punk album. fuck it im gonna do it. i stg.ur mom lolsometimes i wonder what I'm doingdib is blue
@NostalgicVGEdit samenot being a large collection of moths in the shape of a human is really killing my vibe rn ngl @Lastlicade we should kiss @Lastlicade sorry bro but its truemy progression in flirting has actually become visible @Lastlicade yet you still have mega nice hands @Lastlicade like rats @dumbstupidface let me get the jeep running @Lastlicade funny male ejaculatelegalize arson @Lastlicade cum lol @Lastlicade h o wif a girl ever says your dick is small remember she got no dick. stay real kingsUPDATE: THE CUM SOCK DID NOT WANT TO BE PET IT WANTS MY FUCKING BLOODi love you @mangonion_ redditor
update: the cum sock just wanted to be pet @dumbstupidface im not lazy im a gamer @dumbstupidface im not lazy i just really hate minoritiesso u like garage rock name every garagecall your fucking grandparents everyonce in a while. god knows they need itcan be so beautiful, that means theres so many more beautiful things out there in the vastness of space.this is real crackhead hours nowqfor the past few days ive had a sudden new appreciation for life, not just my own but all life, plants, humans, ani… if we didnt know what bats were and still found bat skeletons like what the fuck would we think of them lik… am many thoughts mode rn holy fuckwhy the fuck is it called foreskin when people only have one not four what the fuckyoooo can i commission someone to draw me mothman but hes hitting a phat whip and nae naeall this cryptid talk makes me wanna take my guitar and banjo, hop on a cargo train and go to west virginia playing… sorry for shitting on the platypus in my earlier tweets, ur so unique and beautiful you make a good example why… what's the deal with airline food lollike yall can shit on mermaids and shit, that shits wild af, but like what's so wack about a giant fucking bird. ok… I need to fucking rant people are actually out here shitting on some my cryptid homies and like yall really thin… @Lastlicade qhere did it go dΕ“ @Lastlicade wheres the roniOH GOD OH FUCK THE CUM SOCK IS MOVING WHAT THE FUCK NO PLEASE DONT HURT ME GET AWAY U FOUL CUM DEMON OF MY OWN CREATIONπŸ‘Ž @Lastlicade charles is a mega good name ngl
today was mf wild dawg like ooga booga mood swings ughugug sorry for how ive been past week i love you all.
if global warming is real why is my peepee cold rnim out of funny shit to say just pretend this is funny please please laugh laugh NOWi flirt only using haha jk unless and it has become a problem
we should kissPlease put applications hereyo my bro needs a HOT, ATTRACTIVE, "FEMALE" friend to have HOT secks with. @HeavyUpdateOut betting Aug 3not to be dramatic but we ain't even halfway through the week
@Lastlicade doin doindoin your mom @Lastlicade I shouldnt have tried to play god, I should've just been hot @Lastlicade the procedure failed now even straight men want me oh god oh fuck help me please @Lastlicade so I can be hot to girls not just guys @Lastlicade alter it to get da coochie magnet gene @Lastlicade I'm going to alter my DNA to get the funny gene @Lastlicade what if coochie was singularly packagedwho is the funniest female you know @Loudwire damn dawg @kmlkmljkl you got a sewing kit handy?your mom loli cant believe I've done it so many times
@dumbstupidface πŸ—ΏπŸ€πŸ—Ώ your hands bro they are like... so warm bro 😳😳😳let's hold hands bro @dumbstupidfaceok qhat even are women like qhat
bruh is half my vocabulary