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Reader, writer, medic. I'm not over Pluto. No DMs (seriously, don't). Not the droid you are looking for. Represented by @a_cochran He/Him

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@FondaJLee Jeez, is it still only Monday? @AlixEHarrow Jedi Space-Witch Stevie is the future we want.imagine painstakingly stitching together old generic footage of Leia when stevie nicks was RIGHT THERE
Retweeted by Tade Tatterdemalion Thompson @fabiofernandes @yudhanjaya @Hugo_Book_Club @SFbookclub @pauljessup @BrokenFiction But that's one of the problems o… @SFbookclub @fabiofernandes @yudhanjaya @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @BrokenFiction But obscure to the point of impe… @fabiofernandes @yudhanjaya @Hugo_Book_Club @SFbookclub @pauljessup @BrokenFiction Dude, a good film? That's a stretch too far. @yudhanjaya @Hugo_Book_Club @SFbookclub @fabiofernandes @pauljessup @BrokenFiction I am laughing at you, and not wi… @SFbookclub @yudhanjaya @fabiofernandes @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @BrokenFiction @Hugo_Book_Club @SFbookclub @yudhanjaya @fabiofernandes @pauljessup @BrokenFiction @Hugo_Book_Club @SFbookclub @yudhanjaya @fabiofernandes @pauljessup @BrokenFiction TOMORROW PEOPLE? @SFbookclub @yudhanjaya @fabiofernandes @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @BrokenFiction Hey, do you remember JASON OF ST… @yudhanjaya @Hugo_Book_Club @SFbookclub @fabiofernandes @pauljessup @BrokenFiction Biker Mice from Mars had a good intro theme, at least. @SFbookclub @yudhanjaya @fabiofernandes @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @BrokenFiction Oh, GOD, flashbacks!!! It burns! It burns!! @DGundersen " I am a meat popsicle." @papagaeio @william_pitts "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that, due to the pandemic." @yudhanjaya @SFbookclub @fabiofernandes @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @BrokenFiction Exactly! In theory, it's likeable. @william_pitts "You're not Mr. Purple. Some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple! You're Mr. Pink! Due to the pandemic!" @dedbutdrmng @papagaeio @Hugo_Book_Club @fabiofernandes @BrokenFiction @pauljessup Hallmark invented Star Trek to sell greeting cards. @papagaeio @Hugo_Book_Club @fabiofernandes @dedbutdrmng @BrokenFiction @pauljessup Neither do I. I'm not Trek enough. @Hugo_Book_Club @fabiofernandes @dedbutdrmng @papagaeio @BrokenFiction @pauljessup I know what you meant. I just ta… @Hugo_Book_Club @fabiofernandes @dedbutdrmng @papagaeio @BrokenFiction @pauljessup You mean "Kill Black Folks First" Picard? Pass. @fabiofernandes @dedbutdrmng @papagaeio @Hugo_Book_Club @BrokenFiction @pauljessup Earth leaving the Federation. @papagaeio @Hugo_Book_Club @dedbutdrmng @fabiofernandes @BrokenFiction @pauljessup Egad! Space Dad! @fabiofernandes @SFbookclub @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @BrokenFiction Man, I yanked them wires out back in Enterpr… you don't understand a thing, don't talk about it. 100% these things would have been hoarded. If you've never… @cstross I don't even know why we're trying to induce more fertility. *Are* we trying to induce more fertility? @fabiofernandes @BrokenFiction @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup You are seldom allowed to take risks with a multi-millio… @fabiofernandes @Hugo_Book_Club @BrokenFiction @pauljessup What annoys me about Disco (besides the obvious) is that… @SFbookclub @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @fabiofernandes @BrokenFiction All the inconvenient burrs of character are… @BrokenFiction @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @fabiofernandes Which is fine. Lots of people like it. To me it leans he… @Hugo_Book_Club @pauljessup @fabiofernandes @BrokenFiction Got it in one. It's dull. @quantick And yet them rats still biting his sister Nell. @pauljessup @fabiofernandes @BrokenFiction I have no love for Disco. @tjburdick I have two. I do not have them framed. @KateElliottSFF @tordotcom Thanks, Kate! @mordicai @tazmuir @itsneonyang @garethlpowell Thanks! @TheOnlyJohnnyA @camilleregan @aliettedb Thanks! @StinaLeicht Right?Fellow Marva Whitney fans? Show of hands? @beforeyouplay_ Lower arm I let it lie compressed until I feel the tingling. A few minutes later, it's c… @NASA @SOFIAtelescope Y'all found Cthulhu there, didn't ya? @ShirtyPhil @EwaSR With great power comes great responsibility. @ShirtyPhil @EwaSR That's if you don't consider body parts equipment, though. @kurellian Boom! Congrats. @EwaSR My favourite thing was to find out how to make hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide is the smell of rotten e…"Breaking news: non-white folks are actually human." Black history month, y'all. The gift that keeps on giving.!
@Reddd_Masterson This is the greatest compliment. @crossinski "Give me your best shot. I can take it." @kaizoku_tenshi Past me constantly puts me to shame.When you come across an unfamiliar term and you look it up, only to find that past you has underlined and bookmarke… came across Harry Clarke from Colleen Doran's dedication in the hardcover of SNOW, GLASS, APPLES (2019). Totally… @emmccatt @MissSDoherty @NLad84 I am 100% recommending Fleabag. You can thank me later :)“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." Maya Angelou Can't repeat this often enough... @Jelliottcoleman Dude, it's Drucker. @MissSDoherty @emmccatt @NLad84 Watch Fleabag. Nothing to do with being posh at all. It packs a hell of an emotion… @mikechenwriter The Clone Wars wasn't panned. We loved Clone Wars from the start. @DoctorUlysses Love at first sight for me. @CrisAintMarchin Nah, I'm doing my part already. @Alayanabeth Yes.Inky October day 25: Haang @thebrainofchris @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas The thing about ALIENS is that it knows what it is and embraces it… @IndrapramitDas @Hardwyck Oh, I love that. I just wanted to be sure. @thebrainofchris @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas I've always said this: In the first one, the xenomorph is the alie… @IndrapramitDas @Hardwyck We're talking the Guy Pearce one, yes? Not that 2017 thing? @straycarnivore @DanCarpenter85 @IndrapramitDas You know, if I hadn't spent last night watching the Assembly Cut of… @straycarnivore @DanCarpenter85 @IndrapramitDas Hence, 'best sequel'. In fact, 2 contenders: Aliens and Judgement D… @lacksfocus Watchmen is the only film I have seen on opening night. I did not love it. Big fan of the book (and the recent adaptation). @DanCarpenter85 @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas The thing that seems to be a problem for fans: you only get one cha… @VaughanStanger I'll admit that I didn't like it much when I came out. I understood it better when I saw Matrix (wh… @madpoet_one I love that one in its weird campiness. @DanCarpenter85 @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas You saw 3 first? I'm sorry for your loss, man :) @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas Okay, having read your clickbait (heh!) I can say this: I would gladly watch the fi… @Amazingmrg @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas I saw this film last night, folks. It wasn't creepy. It wasn't scary.… @IndrapramitDas @straycarnivore Honestly, I would like to challenge you to a verbal debate where you and I go toe-t… @RobSmith3 I remember exactly where I was when I saw Highlander. I didn't even know that's what it was because I di… @shaunduke @PrinceJvstin I repeat my assertion that John Carter only failed because people don't realise that the c… @EarthboundFilms @Jelliottcoleman I have never seen JA and I never will. Okay, I've seen like five minutes of it. That's enough for me. @OfWolfandMouse @robertnlee Venom the comic character? Venom has always had fans! What are you talking about? I sti… @straycarnivore @IndrapramitDas Blocked and reported! @pauljessup @matthewcobb I'm going to make an assertion here: the hippies weren't responsible for the majority of L… @IndrapramitDas ALIEN3 is a sore spot around these here parts. I have just suffered through it. @pauljessup @matthewcobb What I was told is that if you watch the ending kaleidoscopy bits while on LSD, it blows t… @pauljessup @matthewcobb It only became profitable on re-release in 1971 and it went back because of word-of-mouth love. @PrinceJvstin I was a fan from the start. @pauljessup @matthewcobb Critics panned it until the stoners went to see it and loved the last third while on Acid. @pauljessup @lchanwrites It's one of the best adaptations out there. @JustinaRobson @camilleregan @aliettedb Thanks! @GillianPolack @camilleregan @aliettedb Thanks! @RASmithPSL I enjoyed John Carter of Mars.What's your favourite film that was panned on initial release but found its audience? @RozKaveney They had no locked script by the time they started shooting. That just says it all. @Alayanabeth No, I haven't read the book. I speak of the series here.There's an Illmatic documentary on Netflix. Hits me in the nostalgia. @runalongwomble 'Writings from Ancient Egypt' Translated by Toby Wilkinson. @tonyswinton1 @camilleregan @aliettedb Thanks! @StrangeFactoid @howloften Why, though? Have we learnt nothing from B movies? @JFennellAuthor @camilleregan @aliettedb Thanks!