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Reader, writer, medic, nerd. Openly Black. He/Him. No DMs. Just don't. Repped by @a_cochran (Lit)+@lukespeed7 (film/TV)

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@dtmooreeditor @wesyang And maybe being smart gives you clarity. Being rich is not the goal. Being content is.
@QDrokks hai-hai-hai! @QDrokks "I got the Tarzan and Jane of Jungle just swung in on the vine...this will turn Hare Krishna into a badboy" @QDrokks Best scene from that movie, man. @PanyaThePoet @britishmuseum You say that like it's a bad thing. If they have to loot the riches of poorer nations, museums can go hang.Still waitin' on those Benin Bronzes, @britishmuseum . I'm sure you'll return them any day now... @SharonLewry to write action scenes to. (At least, for me) @aliettedb @KateElliottSFF I concur.Congrats to my friend @SharonLewry for leveling-up news today!!! @Booksilike3 @silkyida Who can blame you? @CherylLBooks Okay, I'll play. These are the ones I wear out the most. @PanyaThePoet Definitely. @EarthboundFilms That's because they're full, so yeah.Could Bomboclart be the best description of The Economist?
Retweeted by Tade Thompson @dtmooreeditor @GMWhiteWrites "I don't know anything about this, folks, so I'm going to shut the fuck up now. That'… @Journeymouse @runalongwomble @dedbutdrmng @EdwardCox10 @gavingsmith "One toke over the line, sweet Jesus, one toke over the line..." @BrentCLambert This is the moment I realised that Morpheus wasn't going to win. (Or would, depending on your take o… @EdwardCox10 @dedbutdrmng @runalongwomble @gavingsmith This could be us, but you trippin'. @dedbutdrmng @EdwardCox10 @runalongwomble @gavingsmith I'll dance. @AndrewRoweDC "The incident required officer intervention. Suspects were injured by gunfire."We need to retire the term 'racially charged'. I mean, we know what you mean, so just say it instead of trying to water it down. @davide_mana Such craftmanship. @SFFjonbob @duskyliterati Truth.Wow, so many opinions about Radioactive Mutant Dragon versus Giant Sympathetic Rage Primate.'s Monday. Time to get into character. @louisevanswrite In nature, what dominance displays do you know that are in and of themselves lethal? Super lethal…'m moulting and it's @penelopebabs 's fault. @maoiliosak That sounds exactly like the kind of pretentious posturing that I thrive on! @maoiliosak That is not for children.
@careyfrancis It doesn't answer the question, though. It just says it sucks the blood. How? It has no claws, no tee… @LisBoily You clearly haven't heard of Wookie albinism. @panickywrites Man, you can draw me and quarter me, but monkeys ain't apes and I will die for this truth. @careyfrancis If he has no teeth how does he get blood from the victim? @KristinCleaves Hey, I'm all for the giant primate throwing the radioactive dragon's atomic breath back at it. 12-y… @garethlpowell @doctorow So, it inhibits your clairvoyance? That doesn't help me, tbh. @KristinCleaves I mean, let's just throw physics out, right? @KristinCleaves Kong is certainly the underdog. Trailer makes them the same height but Godzilla is more massive by… @HalifaxSlasher What do you mean? What do you call this then? @lingerie_addict @ryanecandyce Accept no substitutes.Things I yell at my screen when I read responses to the King Kong V Godzilla trailer: -It's an APE not a freakin' m… @LA_Knight89 @ek_johnston He had laser eyes and a tiny mascot. What's not to like? @LA_Knight89 @ek_johnston Yeah, they had to play with scale to make it happen. I hope we get the Godzilla drop-kic… @szattwellauthor Let's not forget that Star Wars is a long, long time ago. There's no reason some Wookies didn't re… @vixlingr It's slowly becoming head canon. @catvincent @vixlingr The yeti as an albinoid off-shoot of the Wookie evolutionary tree... @vixlingr I know. I mean, a yeti might just be a Wookie out of context. @MarsGuyPhil Yes. @szattwellauthor The boy demands citations. I am equal parts impressed and irritated.I quickly (and somewhat smugly) went to check Borges' The Book of Imaginary beings. He didn't cover the yeti. Dammit. @Antiqueight No, Chewie is not okay at all.Okay, I need a cryptid textbook for children. Apparently my word as a geek or as a doctor is not enough for my own offspring. Anyone? @Suna_Dasi The audio mechanism is fucked. @gabliotecaria What even is science? @RankaPrimorac No, I'm waiting to horrify him in his teen years.Spawn: Daddy, I put the yeti in the washing machine. Me:*trying to recall buying a yeti* Me: What? Spawn: (slowly)… @gabliotecaria I mean, the catching of the heat ray just settles it for me...there is one reason kestrels are no longer called "windfuckers" cowardice
Retweeted by Tade ThompsonMe: *Watches Kong vs Godzilla trailer* Me: *Leans back, thinks* Me: *Thinks some more* Me: Did I just see an imposs… have no snow. I shall now sulk. @RayahJaymes Neither. The first meme was a text picture of a naked woman.Progress... @msmayaprasad Why sleep when you can exist in this glorious borderline trippy, half-wakefulness? @ce_murphy You're just sulking because of Agents of SHIELD. @jdiannedotson I believe his name, in the original Greek, was McHamish. @jdiannedotson! Check in! @jdiannedotson I'm calling him McHammer from now on. @cxhmorales I'm never not going to like this.
@authorjla @MikeShelAuthor I was, chuggin along with the little modem that could and an Intel Celeron, if I remember correctly. @authorjla @MikeShelAuthor Damn freaky, though. And some people had it as screen saver. I could barely look at it. @MikeShelAuthor @authorjla I come from a hill country that breeds immortals. @authorjla @MikeShelAuthor It was on the internet before it was on AB. @MikeShelAuthor @authorjla It predates Ally McBeal. @meringutang Point Break. @phoenixperry [And I'm only just realising how strange this exchange will seem to folks who don't know what we're talking about] @phoenixperry Whaaazzzaaaaap? @MichaelTCisco A voice as clear as glass. @MichaelTCisco That's the one. @GDPenman @Madaaworld12 @PeteMC666 Thoughts and prayers. @MichaelTCisco Oh, I'm a big Slick fan. I rate her as on the same level as Karen Carpenter. @Madaaworld12 @PeteMC666 @GDPenman I use double quotes. Also, punctuation isn't grammar, it's orthography. @EarthboundFilms They set us up the bomb! For great justice!!! @penelopebabs I'm now shedding skin like a snake and it's your fault. Thanks for the rec.A letter I’ve received (sent to chambers): “You are the proof that Blacks can achieve high status appointments in…
Retweeted by Tade Thompson @PeteMC666 @Madaaworld12 Yeah, they don't care what you use. They'll make you conform to house. @danmillervfx The Great Hunt has begun. If you're reading this, you survived. @gabliotecaria Yeah, they call came in emails back then. Do you remember melissa? Or the Kournikova virus? @SteveAryan I've written whole chapters listening to Magic Man on repeat. @oranjpeeluk Yeah, but it's like I Heard it Through the Grapevine. The original isn't the most iconic. @pauljessup @chaoticsequence Two great tastes that taste great together...not. @cyopro #Jabcross for life. @m0tow0 Nope. @SteveAryan I love Heart. Especially Magic Man and Barracuda. @Antiqueight Yeah, but it's the bands I'm asking for preferences of, not the songs. @pauljessup @chaoticsequence I blame the coke. And the Disco hangover.