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vee ! kriya evil era @taesmansion oh this ground feels so heavier, i am singing by myself, i just wanna be happier, 이것도 큰 욕심일까

she’s my thomas @brocksbabylon - ♡‘s nyxie, ♡‘s ellie - they/she -

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@schollscouture gnight !! @katsnvrnrml boi we’ve been over this. you’re not annoying. and you’ll never be annoying. that’s just feelings but… @katsnvrnrml EHEHEHEanyway i’m gonna go to sleepsome oeoooe in this world deserve so much better than a death penalty. @katsnvrnrml no ❤️ @katsnvrnrml EHEHEKSKSKS @katsnvrnrml so u wanna fight me @katsnvrnrml -_- @katsnvrnrml ily hehe @GOLDUNTOLD i mean but i feel so bad @katsnvrnrml no tf why would i hate you? @katsnvrnrml i don’t hate you tf @GOLDUNTOLD how? i was inactive and the time i was on i didn’t really see anything ahd i’m sorry. it’s too late now… @COPYOFAWILLOW hi @91WEASLEY the second picture, you look like an angry baby @schollscouture it’s whatever ig lol @GOLDUNTOLD i’m sorry. @schollscouture no it’s notplease use your voice. dustin hasn't been lead to the chamber yet. PLEASE do something. sign petitions, call, email…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil erai’m glad y’all are bringing attention to dustin higgs. may his soul rest in peace. but another man, corey johnson,…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil eratw // execution - - please let’s not wait until it’s too late again. pervis payne has a temporary reprieve of his…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil erawell anyway what’s there to do now. oh i know.i’m sorry that i’ve been inactive all day and not been seeing petitions and what was going on, i’ve not been on the… fuckint hate this world tbh :Di can’t do this. i’ve been inactive almost all day abd it feels like everyone is dying in this fuckint world. i just can’t do thissomeone tell me how to keep conversations going @schollscouture and i oooo @schollscouture i’m fineee apart from being tired but yeaharmy! follow who retweets and likes this 🙈
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil era @schollscouture how are youu @schollscouture oh histay safe ily all
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil erais no one active >~<sighi can’t sleep. i took a long napIf any white ally wants to specifically help black people who are struggling right now, my gf and I are in dire hel…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil erathis is the entirety of stan twitter
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil era‼️ AN EDUCATIONAL THREAD ABOUT DUSTIN HIGGS ‼️ PLEASE READ.
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil erai am hungrythe people in the this thread are wrongfully on death row, please sign the petitions and spread them
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil eraim boredpervis payne is an innocent man who is set to be executed on april 9. he stumbled across a crime scene and, as he w…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil eraplease just sign this
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil era @LOUISLFTV woah pretttystares @RAINBERRYXKIWI oopis the hungryand i oopim mentally exhausted and sleep deprived 💀💀uhhhhglareseh eh eheh ehehehecries @BROCKSBABYLON IM TOO DRAINED TO ARGUE RN SO AKLDFJLKDSF @BROCKSBABYLON BISH-i- she thinks seh can block me ?? well ima block her back @longhairzuko yes @longhairzuko YEAH THIS IS MY PROOF AND IF I DIDN'T BLOCK YOU FIRST, I WOULD HAVE PROVOKED YOU INTO DOING SO AND I… @longhairzuko HELPADJFK I HAVE PROOF @longhairzuko mmm i fail to realize how when YOU WERE GONNA BLOCK ME FIRST -_- @longhairzuko glares @longhairzuko @BROCKSBABYLON UR LAYOUT SAYS OTHERWISEle gaspe @longhairzuko mm, no ❤️ @longhairzuko @BROCKSBABYLON AND I OOP ADFJDSL OKAY BUT YOU LOVE NOAH BECK, DONT LIE TO US >~< @longhairzuko @BROCKSBABYLON HELPDFJLDSK @BROCKSBABYLON @longhairzuko ehehe @longhairzuko screechh i unblockeddfine fine, ill unblock juniper ehehe @BROCKSBABYLON @longhairzuko eheheh @BROCKSBABYLON @longhairzuko i can tell >~< i hope one day lav can understand void's feeling about noah beck ajdfdksj @longhairzuko @BROCKSBABYLON NAH UR JUST IN DENIALngl, the beauty of void's layout >>> @longhairzuko mhm okay, sure. keep telling urself that :D @longhairzuko dw dw only 30 minutes to go :Dew gross i have to do sat practice bleh barf @longhairzuko @HSLOTDlOR YAY OKAY GOOD @longhairzuko @HSLOTDlOR YES @longhairzuko @HSLOTDlOR YOU HAVE TOO. ONLY FOR AN HOUR AND 30 MINUTES @D0MKISSY IM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG FOR SOME REAOSN ADKJF
okie bye i have to like watch a movie with my still tired :Pguys guys im awake lol.ima take a nap finally ehehaa i wonder why my mom is calling me. screams @91MO0N PAYTON DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO KNOWS FRENCHWHO KNOWS FRENCHHHboi im gonna-im so so tiredd @HSLOTDlOR @longhairzuko @iKissieJimin are you okay. what are you doing? @iKissieJimin what.ppl on the tl are FEEDING you the information i’m begging u don’t ignore corey johnson, don’t ignore dustin higgs p…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil era. tw / death , execution - - update on corey johnson, they proceeded through with the execution. i’m sorry cor…
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil era- please sign: this RIGHT NOW
Retweeted by vee ! kriya evil era @yooniewhat i wish @hichasestokes good good morning :D