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ashley @taestily she/her (19)

corpse cult supremacy | venmo: taestily

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@CHlPSAHOYS WTFJFJFKDif i start a findom twt u simps better be waiting w/ ur wallets wide open @timcaptainn fuck. @XBoober fr? @timcaptainn MDHDJDJSKSKSKS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WHAT TERRIBLE DECISIONS BRO @pickledcabbagge dude i will fight u rn @mvngolychee heyyy @kevnuu i could never i feel like u could fight @officialkanak name a time n place @teriyakvy literally never..... fuck @timcaptainn hola @pickledcabbagge hey @kanoajung i would die instantlyyes lmfao during one of the songs! i know it’s weird but i guess the church i go to is more modernized in the choir… @depreshnn az costco be like: 1.99 @anhpls square up @millyktr never @BALENClYAGAS depends on the day @whatsantifa u would wreck me. the power u hold. i’m already on my knees for u @mi11enna U R AN ANGEL BUT I AM ALSO SCARED IM WEAK @mvngolychee the knife emoji in ur name is enough for me to be scared @ayeIicia i’m scared tbh @cellusbradley name a time and place bruv @Sethalicioussss probably @tapih0eca u r an angel pls @scorpiosins ur an angel i could never @mi11enna i’m too scared i know u would body me @AdelleXitlali ok but i wouldn’t fight u thi @kanoajung bruh 😭😭😭😭
@kanoajung wait same.. @kanoajung bro i’m 5’4 and 100 pounds @kanoajung depends on the day @jcblln ur literally an angel @anhpls i wish there was a category above that’s like “fight rn” @yuthtin especially in thatreply btw @yuthtin under any circumstancehad to mute this one omfg i didn’t know so many of y’all went thru the same traumatic experiences LOL @RYL0T if there was a category above the first one😼 @ohaimystic heyvenmo and paypal are taestily :Dit’s honestly what i deserve 🤞🤞someone send me money for simply existing 😼 @bbysatan99 omfg??
@brzzybby memaking this @irIphoebe YESLSDJDKDJFJFDJSHHSJS
@Nishizenboku THIS U @candycowb0y I@DHDDKDJDJDJRNRJFIFNDNme pretending to fall and saying it was the holy spirit when i was just tired of standing under the pastors hot bre…
Retweeted by ashley @XUANAMII hehehe ok thank u @reynslc no wait fr they go hard @unde4dban IMSNCIDNDODSJKSBDDJ @unde4dban dude that shit look PAINFUL @sp00kysh4rt i am 😎 @_Michelle_ho !!! <3 @SUGARsshea what do i need for cleaning hehe @depreshnn omg hehehe @unde4dban DIDNT U GET UR NIPS DONE @irIphoebe i want one so bad jfdkdkks and i wanna get it soon so it heals by the time it gets hot out againdoes anyone have their belly button pierced? pls tell me ur experience @mibaole 🥺🥺🥰 @BALENClYAGAS ily so so so much @sunchld13 oceans - hillsong @HeelysBoi i can sell that tooanyone wanna buy pics of my feet lol i just took some @alexisjkimm ur so beautifulthank you bluetooth phone tripod
Retweeted by ashley @BALENClYAGAS it’s either oceans or reckless love fjdkdjdjdliterally at mass last week some lady started sobbing and speaking in tongues and they were like “omg the holy spir… @BALENClYAGAS THE SONG TOO .......this is the one @jereenalynn ur so pretty jereena @sojuhann omg
thankful 4 braces :D as hell LOLLLLLLomg 🥺🥺🥺🥺 tried turkey and i am disappointed jfbdjdjdksclick on the cow farm if u like cows :) it’s safe dw ! /srs 🐄🌷 🌱🐄…
Retweeted by ashleyheeeEy 🤚🏼thanksgiving is off to a good start 😼 got out of bed and it’s 12:30 @kels_nicol he is :D @oaklindca EXACTLYblue hair tings
Retweeted by ashley @kanekislut u r unreal @eleanortmutuc BRUHHHHDHDJDJKD LMFAO @RYL0T ur cute sometimes @dumpIIings @RYL0T shut up >:( @isnotzzz i think this is itHE ASKED ME WHEN WE ARE WATCHING THE VAMPIRE DIARIES TOGETHER??;!;!;$,&&,;?;!,&,$;!;!how to kiss be the fumes in the hair dyethis shit always happens when i am dyeing her hairjust had good convo w my mom :D @kareemaayy SAME LIL @villeIobos i don’t know 😼🤞 that’s the fun of my hair stylist @isnotzzz YES!