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Writer for the New York Times/of Fleishman Is in Trouble. My second novel, Long Island Compromise, is out in June. Making fun of my name demeans us both.

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@karenkho @BCDreyer I was just thinking similarly: When Bette sang the lyric: "Look at the old girl now, fellas!" I… @JulieKlam didn't call it astor disaster for nothing @JulieKlam that's what my mom said at the time how did you knowugh i got my rachel here in 1997 @JoannaColes @karaswisher neither does pnc ttck @wildstein @danieljohnbryan @GovMurphy Glad to hear it, Dan. @stephycha Your book is so great! And yes, agree 🤞
@taffyakner We are facing this with our storied LA bookstores as well, like @vromans and @ChevaliersBooks. Let's or…
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-AknerGood lord. The Strand will be getting a gigantic portion of my holiday shopping this year. Join me and tell me what… @gilbertcruz @kvanaren oooh I keep forgetting about it. what's it called again?we haven't come up with anything yetMy family has that emailis there a third nxivm series i can watch instead of this?reupping because I can't move on from this IT'S CALLED ESTIMATES @SarahAWildman did not say the virus would "go away soon." Fauci did say, for example in February, that people could keep…
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Aknerbut also russiagHOst town is my Halloween party at a gay bar
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner @hecker_sean you rentIs Biden...praying? @hecker_sean Shh, he's helping me short the real estate market...neighbor. @angelayee It's a pretty cheap plastic?GHOST TOWN @gilbertcruz they forget that they’re supposed to shut off the mics?
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner @AshleyMerryman Oh Ashley. I'm so sorry. Sending love. @gilbertcruz is that...videodrome? @asarahlarson he's playing all night @abenedikt I can't @theferocity @lisatozzi Clearly you don't hate yourself as much as Saeed and I do, show-off. @gilbertcruz gilbertThat vaccine? The MMR. @theferocity We're sick, Saeed.Jesus why I am watching this again. @AnnaDubenko someone seems worried that people will be forced to read the article and see what's in it!
@AnnaDubenko please text me who you're subtweeting I'm so tired @hClifford29 🥰
@itslizhannah @samesmail Everyone is extremely excited for MANK. Everyone is exhausted from the news cycle and not… this doesn't seem good @anastasiat @grynbaum but those rates! @anastasiat @grynbaum really? Not on my layout!this @grynbaum story has a great kicker
@CarpoolCandy Judging from my texts I'd say we BOTH do, Brooke. @lmacleod @SassyMamainLA @jonmchu The first really holds up! Other than sexism, which I'm not sure is completely resolved anywhere, so..@headlinepg snaps up @taffyakner's latest novel, Long Island Compromise, a "breathtaking" title about an American…
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Hey! You can decide right now that instead of creating further chaos with holiday deliveries from big box stores an…, this is going to make my audioread of AMERICAN HEIRESS even hotterThursday, October 22nd at 7:30pm please join us on Zoom as author Sarah Maslin Nir and Lulu Miller discuss Sarah's…
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner @EmilyBigPicture my way is better @sarahw @harmancipants left out a t there, sarah @harmancipants and also tapes itAnother normal day in the greatest country in the world
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner @harmancipants But you can get fired trying, Reyhan. This is America. @harmancipants LOTS of things are your Serial, ma'amI wish there was no period between election day and inauguration, and every sitting president had to have their ba… @yashar JUST SAY IT @halbfinger it's really all I think aboutI'm so afraid of people hearing me drink water or pee when on the phone is the truth @weareyourfek what if we're just curious but not working on a story?can't believe i was ever embarrassed to Zoom in a tank top
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner @palafo I knew about it @palafo gross Patrick @likaluca @brooklynzydeco this is the best thing to happen on twitter in a long time, thank you both @mrsjaneymac @PiuDasGupta1 There is an argument that novelists shouldn't review novels! @mrsjaneymac Can't really see why this is controversial, Sara! @KarolinaSutton Thank you, Agent of the YearHigh school students and teachers can have free digital access to The New York Times through Sept. 1, 2021.
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner @KevinMKruse @magicmikecastle Glock Stone @90sMelissa @Wildfirebks @EllaSGordon @Waterstones We were on the ground floor of this one, I'm sad to say. You're… I pay tribute to a good friend, a patient recommender for all ages, and one of the only good things about thi… @sepinwall TK is how I roll!I am beside myself that @Wildfirebks (and the imitable @EllaSGordon) is publishing Long Island Compromise, and that… @sarahellison 🥰 @vanessagrigor @AmyKinLA @sarahberms @racheld My fave story that year @kidfinesse Oh my god I always forget about your cult @jaketapper That's who I was talking about, handsome! @vanessagrigor @sarahberms @racheld REALLY? How? You? @emilynussbaum @vanessagrigor @racheld I didn't even know to ask for them! @emilynussbaum @vanessagrigor @racheld I feel like they really leaned on only stories they had good footage for. But it's relevant!!!! @vanessagrigor @emilynussbaum @racheld honestly only good thing about covid @vanessagrigor @emilynussbaum @racheld Sure he does! The other question is why is Nancy only up for 40 months and A… @emilynussbaum @vanessagrigor @racheld I cannot bear friendly lip-kissing @vanessagrigor @emilynussbaum @racheld Also no one likes volleyball @vanessagrigor @racheld I could have been convinced just by the athleisure and the fact that absolutely that guy made his steps every day @vanessagrigor I was just sitting here, waiting for that call! @vanessagrigor @racheld That was enough time for him to influence you! Vanessa I'm so glad we didn't lose you to the remainder sex cult! @HillaryKelly just wait till next season! @dansaltzstein @AzevedoMraz86 I like Nippy! People are mean to people with nicknames, trust me. @taffyakner Just found out she was married to Robert Evans for 9 days.
Retweeted by Taffy Brodesser-AknerCatherine Oxenberg is whatever number in line for the throne you can be and still wear message tees @carolynryan [plausible deniability tweet]But also, it's CRAZY that these people are debating whether or not our literal president is capable of understandin… line: sex cults are terribleSo I was about to watch the Starz sex cult thing but the TV was on CNN from the debate and I can't turn away from t… @HillaryKelly I would have actually liked to have seen his pyramid scheme in a good light then a bad one. @Vilkomerson @racheld She fell HARD on that court. @lisatozzi @racheld It's no Binghamton. @Vilkomerson @racheld And also kiss everyone on the lips!