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@_lunaluz SmhNeed a car for this festive season and beyond? Look no further! Call the numbers below for a great deal, you won't…
Retweeted by ChiefClowning @MrLukmvn @Trimud3hemAa Ebi nice make no bro lie you @YurikHunt @TFmUdCrAb @Patrick17616221 @Niggtribes @yarrumhm Loool he/she even blocked me before I could say anythi… @JazzObenewaa1 ❤️❤️Hmmmmm @_Nhyira_ Loool smh. Yes madamSame but after 25th @TFmUdCrAb @Niggtribes @Patrick17616221 @yarrumhm I am not sure they GAF about you how feel for themunnecessary. Focus on the love you get than the 2% of dislike or hate. Smh really played myself. SmhHoh like my mobile money no dey job @youutwum SmhMe right now stressed so hard now I am sick. The friends will be mad and I am mad at me but m.... @TainaNabila If God turns this 2 cedis 2 4000 cedis, we will partyBC2HQUYV (1400 odds) don't slack x @nii_marley Led by the Holy Spirit @_Khanbikeh_ Good to know. The New Years will keep the same energy 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @_shorshor Growing your celebrity status Shorpine @Mzhiki Hours? @ebo_abrante3 Kai @Patrick17616221 @Niggtribes @TFmUdCrAb @yarrumhm Right and honestly instances like this kills the hero spirit in m… @Niggtribes @TFmUdCrAb @Patrick17616221 @yarrumhm And I would too. Definitely going to be a sad scene but not my life @Facosh And the fact that people have found a way to link it to 'men are usually bystanders when other men are hurt… @Niggtribes @TFmUdCrAb @Patrick17616221 @yarrumhm 'Ok some of them should have sacrificed themselves to subdue him'… @Facosh You know what be funny. Even if the men tried to stop the gunman, some of them would have been killed befor… @Niggtribes @TFmUdCrAb @Patrick17616221 @yarrumhm This whole thread is interesting. Yeah yeah they could have tried… @swayekidd Worst Stonebwoy single for me. He should not bother promoting it. And it's sad Cos that video fireCouldn't get past 1 minute of this. I no hear what Kuami Eugene sef come sing for top is stupid for that statement. WTFThese Luna people be like dem come cause
Hmmmm @Smoochy3y💉💉💉💉💉 Ajax that scored in almost every league game this season is losing with no goal and the match is even under 2… by 2 goals 😩😩😩 @_lunaluz What happened those other nights at fkfffhgfhkjcdjWho is going to koforidua and needs a ride tomorrow?
Retweeted by ChiefI keep playing with my health smhLol chaleHmm chale niggas put a concert on a Sunday when the day after is a working day @Naki_Nobi Sure @Naki_Nobi I miss you. Come and update me about MCMMore fire @_nkor_ 👀👀👀 @_deLaaaLi People are shaking it on their boyfriends house look at youEdo aaaa make you no hype people demma nonsense @Aba_Luchi 🙄 @Phreddi_Grey Tapping into this @IamSurrey Lol you dey funny me Richmond @IamSurrey You spoil ooo @Obedtwelve Amen bro @maaggie_a I am also ready. You know the love dey since 1998Started on the low. Only began to pick up in July. Not looked back since. Now, I am actually worth more than I hav…
Retweeted by ChiefBuy pure water, same feeling and buy chicken oooo. My commission is inside please 🙏🏾
Retweeted by ChiefKM brought me to my lowest and highest. Broke days and wealthy days. Fell in and out and in and out of love. Start… summary of how your 2019 went...let's go @Aba_Luchi You are me fie asem @Aba_Luchi Enfa wo ho @CallmeAlfredo WhyCan't wait to start working againFollowing is not equals Influencer. You need to put in some sort of work to translate you following into that state @AningYeboah1 Fuck you and fuck that Obi. Thanks aboaThat is the tweet you send our to indicate you will take her back if she walks back in your life. Man really dey groundI dey here dey tweet like my problems vanish....but we serve a miracle working GodThe dressed ones I fit sew demma shadda. Next year though @naa_teiko @les_jr1 @Smoochy3y SmhEi mo brɛ o 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by ChiefUnfortunately unlike concerts, rent/apartments are needed to 'live'. Also some are money laundering hubs so do they…✔️ FOR THE DAY 1. L - GHC50 2. M - GHC50 3. XXL - GHC50 4. XL - GHC50
Retweeted by Chief @THE_AMPONSA Hmm @baffuor_awuah Nah I mean it hasn't been promoted enough to attract peopleI mean I understand the need to highlight their USP but that shouldn't sink hide their brand name and the product content @1dNAGh Same bruh. I no get energy for these things @baffuor_awuah Streets no make hot. The thing just no be appealing @_Denah_ This is what I mean. Because 'no preservative' what? Organize juice? Apple juice? And that is what they ar… @_Denah_ It can equally have a bolder brand name. First of who will care about no preservatives if they don't know… @Ms_Chouchou Yeah @asvnte Those things be energy drainer. I go like sit plus my people and drink and eat mmom @ONEKEPLER Kwasia lie seiI really don't like concerts. It could be MJ and nothing will move me to goShould follow my instincts with this betting thing. Like 3 early morning games 28 odds. FearoIs the product's name 'no preservatives'? Not a very good visual branding. For a new product, its name should be bo… @Asdis__ 😶😶😶😶😶 @Asdis__ But not as cold as your heartPlease come and buy preko oooo so my cousin can give me Christmas present!😢😢
Retweeted by Chief @maaggie_a Let's get married @NAAnoneother Wowuuu
I could get someone pregnant today @MrLukmvn Oh you need money to do this shit? Yawa deyPeople don't fuck with you until you are famous. So be famous or endure. Ebi normal everywhereSo you work and blow. It's not like this is a new thing. It's everywhere @TainaNabila Hmmm