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📺 watch here:’s try this again.... How many times have you seen the #sonicmovie? Test your spoiler filled knowledge TONIGHT…
What up Sonic Squad? Prepare to rush down Roulette Road in the all new Casino Park Zone available on @applearcade n…
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Here's #IDWSonic Issue 30, cover B. #SonicNews's #IDWSonic Issue 29, cover A. #SonicNews
To all our fans - thank you for making Sonic the #1 Video Game Movie opening ever!
Retweeted by Tails' Channelneat to see the Sketchhog LINE stickers popping up here and on the Station stream!
Retweeted by Tails' Channel @stached_mirador Totally intentional. -RWatch the #Sonic2020 February Broadcast from Japan unfold! very first #Sonic2020 broadcast from Japan will go live in a few hours. Sonic 2 for SEGA AGES and new merchandi… official artwork of Amy for March 2020! #SonicNews
Here is our Sonic Movie Review & Discussion. Please Enjoy! #SonicMovie Guest: Lourdes (.…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelNew video: A group of Sonic community members watched the Thursday night screening of the #SonicMovie! Here are the…
Breakdown of the current totals + Monday's projection of the #SonicMovie domestic and international box offices. $7… SUPER loved the #SonicMovie & drew an alternate universe poster where @mardiculous, @edible_potatoes,…
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2020🔵 Naka-san: "Is Movie Sonic actually doing well? I can't help but look forward to it.
Retweeted by Tails' Channel @nocontxtsonic @MONSTERMASTERS Does the #SonicMovie stand-in roll? Yes. Yes it does. images of one of the on-set stand-ins used in the production of the #SonicMovie. #SonicNews a look at these #SonicMovie stand-ins! #SonicNews Sonic Movie concept art with Chris Evans as Tom. And also mysterious alien warrior Lizard as main villain. 20…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelWow, he’s going faster than we thought! Congrats on No.1 debut in the US, and Go SONIC!!! #SonicMovie
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What... a... DAY!!! No words can describe the appreciation I'm feeling right now. You've taken this little blue hed…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelThe #SonicMovie is off to an amazing start, and we hope everyone has a wonderful time watching it! The Sonic commu…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelHEY GUESS WHAT!? I edited something for @TailsChannel! Go check it out! Evan and Lourdes…
Retweeted by Tails' Channel @UUPDirector No. This can be considered as SOJ's take on the Sonic Official streams. -R
Seeing the movie with my group of friends was super magical. Loved every second of it! I even met this cool dude wo…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelThe first installment of the Japanese-language broadcast is expected to talk about "Sonic 2 for SEGA AGES" and poss… @DylanSiler7 Too early for that. -ROh boy, 4 am! -RNew: SEGA has announced a #Sonic2020 broadcast for Feburary. 🗓️ 20 Feburary 2020 ⏰ 6:00 pm JT / 4:00 am ET 📰 Hosted… dropped by some theatres in LA to surprise fans right after Thursday night screenings of #SonicMovie and it just…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelRest of the video! I think I started at the right place
Retweeted by Tails' Channelomfg we saw the Sonic movie again and Ben Schwartz and the crew jumped in to say hi to the audience at the end - Ty…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelThe #SonicMovie motion picture soundtrack is up on Spotify. 🎶 Take a listen: #SonicNews midnight EST, #SonicMovie opens with a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 63%, audience score 94%. #SonicNews day is here! Enjoy watching the #SonicMovie! to talk Sonic into staying through the credits
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelSaw the #sonicmovie! Worth the wait for sure and was better than expected, but is not a perfect film by any means.…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelSo many wonderful people helped make the #SonicMovie possible --this is just a sampling. Very thankful for our par…
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Come hang out with Tails’Channel’s own @Edible_Potatoes and @Mardiculous for a quick pre release #sonicmovie chill… Marsden talks @SonicMovie, LIVE in Times Square!
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelShout out to @rejectedjokes for taking a moment to take a photo with the hard working SEGA crew! Thanks for doing…
Retweeted by Tails' Channel⏱️ Countdown to the #SonicMovie!
Gotta draw fast! Draw along with #SonicMovie artist and designer @Tyson_Hesse as he shows you how you can draw Soni…
Retweeted by Tails' Channel out this brand new Japanese #SonicMovie poster! #SonicNews this out: @PUMA and The Shoe Surgeon have teamed up to make five pairs of promotional-only #SonicMovie shoes.…
So if Ricochet wins, does he get the Chaos Emeralds?
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See the film the critics are calling the "fastest, funniest movie of the year!" #SonicMovie is in theatres Thursday night.
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelWatch Here: on Tails' Channel Live! Sonic Community members compete to see who knows the #SonicMovie best! Relive al…
@EmperorBigD 👀Great news! Baby Sonic is now available in Sonic Dash just in time for #SonicMovie Don’t miss your chance to get…
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Tails' Channel will announce coverage plans for the 2020 #SonicSXSW panel in the upcoming days.New: A #SonicSXSW panel was announced! 🗓️ 20 March 2020 ⏰ 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CT 📰 Join special guests from SEGA and… is back! It all starts 20 March 2020 at 3:00 PM CT. #SonicNews may feel a little blue about those red #SonicMovie sneakers you saw @PUMA plug yesterday after reading this: Th…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelYou can read the full article about the "Excellence In Title Design" and more about this year's SXSW Film Festival… title sequence will be screened on 15 March between 3:00 pm - 3:47 pm CST. You can check out the listing here: #SonicMovie are among the films that will have its title sequence featured at a Title Design Competition at the…
Look who we spotted racing around! @AppleArcade #SonicRacing
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelWe couldn’t stop smiling during @michaelstrahan’s entire interview with @JimCarrey 🤣🤣🤣 @SonicMovie #SonicMovie
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelThe only ‘little-version’ that really matters😏 #SonicDash and #SonicForces mobile’s second movie event character is…
Retweeted by Tails' Channel#Sonic was blown away by Connor McDavid's lightning deke to score a goal for the Edmonton Oilers, who eventually wo… pokes a bit of fun at Sidney Crosby's Stanley Cup wins in this sports clip highlighting the Pittsburgh Pengu… was quite surprised by the very quick speed of the Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid - one of the fastest skat…, why are you on a Canadian sports broadcast out of all places right now? Sonic:"Now that's super speed!" #Sonic's impressed by Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in this s…"Here comes the boom!" A few zingers from #Sonic in this Canadian sports highlights programme, sponsored by the… #SonicMovie and sports collide in a Canadian sports highlights programme hosted by Caroline Szwed of Sportsnet!…"Today we're doing some #SonicRacing! Ready? Let me show you how it's done!" 🔵💨 #SonicMovie him my phone. out this official #SonicRacing teaser! #SonicNews
Coming soon... 👀 #SonicTheHedgehog #ChaosCollection
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On February 14, a hedgehog becomes a hero!
Retweeted by Tails' Channelhow many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man
Retweeted by Tails' Channel @Ruki185 Huh... that's weird. Got the same too. -R @Wilasauraus Yonge-Dundas!!! Thank you!!! 😍IT EXISTS #SonicMovie #Toronto (I shamelessly stood in the rain for five minutes holding my phone out waiting for…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelCanadian Sonic fans! If you see a #SonicMovie outdoor promotion in the wild, let the world know! Use the hashtag… will update when there's more to share! 👍⚡️ As we approach closer to the premiere of the #SonicMovie, we made a compilation of outdoor advertisements from a…'s the higher quality retail incentive cover art for #IDWSonic Issue 25. #SonicNews's the retail incentive cover art for #IDWSonic Issue 26. #SonicNews🔵 Mario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Arcade Game is now playable at Tokyo Joypolis!
Retweeted by Tails' Channeltfw u forgot the #SonicNews hashtag you intend to use a VPN because you *really* want to see Sonic on a Super Bowl pre-game broadcast, be aware that… will affect the majority of Cdn viewers watching on cable and satellite. But, if you intend to watch via anten… the regional office DID purchase ad time (like they did on New Years' Eve), then you will not see the ad *at the… our Canadian followers: assuming the regional office did not purchase ad time, then you will not see this ad on…
From Naver, check out this Korean #SonicMovie interview featuring the blue blur himself!
We asked hardcore #SonicTheHedgehog fans to pick the most iconic lines from the history of the franchise and got Be…
Retweeted by Tails' ChannelSpoilers -- Another day, another #SonicMovie spot from Paramount. #SonicNews's the #SonicMovie ad spot that will air on the #SBLIV pre-show. #SonicNews ads in NYC.
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@SonicPowerYT "How are you not dead?" @ScarletTealwing The ad spots will air in the preshow - before the Super Bowl. @OFFICIALJakeLeB Not specified at the moment.