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~hornosky~ is gone. @Taiyotobii someones thicc sexy asscheeks

welcome to my twitter. you can find stuff here! woman/14/idot

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Today’s my 25th birthday, my husband is a pastry chef and made me a cake
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @TwinkieMii but my villager isnt legal shes 14...It’s #AutismAcceptanceMonth!! Here’s a little drawing I did to celebrate! Be proud of who you are, no matter what!…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @autismspeaks BRUH STFU RED INSTEAD @homemoviesoutof this sounds really fun nglI present to you the official rules of the Home Movies drinking game. Drink responsively, Brendon.
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @AdultSwimNoCon Just gonna drop this here
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.This whole pandemic thing is effecting my ability to draw actual art
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @homemoviesoutof WHY
Happy Birthday to the legend himself
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is future got us acting
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.fuck jojo
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.All Mortys are now Mortehs. This is a Canadian game now. Happy 1 year anniversary to Adult Swim Canada.
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @_Ilan01_ @backup_cn2 WHY DOES GARNET LOOK LIKE THAT DBSBJDOXOS @CNschedules @backup_cn2 why does home movies air so fucking earlyAdult Swim schedule, again, for 3/30 - 4/5: This year for April Fools, Post Malone hosts a bunch of surprise premie…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @clunk56840226 if i were to react id come to everyones home and choke them- @NebbyChan im going to break you leg @mimesarentreal break reality and just yeet the fire to da skyu know what fuck it i want wes gif pfp these are just sketches but nitro is $10 so im definitely not going to just…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @thetaleofsteven oke @mimesarentreal sacrifice somebody @thetaleofsteven idk i can help thoWhen JonTron was covering a bootleg Pokemon compilation for the NES, he notices a game in the pack that was straigh…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @thetaleofsteven hmmm i can help...??? @mimesarentreal spit on the fire @mimesarentreal just vore the firehappy april fools and happy birthday to eguri from da hit game mr driller... @NebbyChan @Shadei11 do it
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.This prolly wont be finished so here
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. WHAT
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @Johnnisboy i fucking cant#digdug
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @beh_little sure @cxntracxmma @emperor_lover @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon ?? @emperor_lover @cxntracxmma @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon oops @mimesarentreal thank you for your answerthe localization team at nintendo has HAD IT. OFFICIALLY. PERIODT. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.who gave these balloons the right to be so hard to blow up
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @mimesarentreal if wes is able to blow up balloons is he able to give people a blowjob easily @thetaleofsteven make sure you chop off those lips @lgbtmarceline >:( @thesystarsystem ayy happy tdov
@nebby_does_art eh school ends in june for me anyways @sevengranddad92 happy #wiggerwednesday!I just realized that the 5th Anniversary of this deleted Nintendo of America tweet is on the exact same day of the…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @cxntracxmma @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon i never really tried to side with them, i just wanted to state my own opini… @cxntracxmma @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon well damn. @BovineBonita i gotta give a round of applause i was kinda fooled too i guess @cxntracxmma @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon what??? im really sorry if i offended ANYONE tbh. i regret tweeting that an… is International #TransDayOfVisibility 💕 We’re celebrating transgender people around the world and the coura…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @BovineBonita @modernpixels @starrymoon78 i mean,, the lynn headcanon has alot of things supporting it but i didnt… @CapiToolsYT thats insane @CapiToolsYT what the fuck?? thats disgustin..THIS GOES FOR AUTISM ACCEPTANCE MONTH TOO IF I HEAR THE WORDS AUTISM AWARENESS I SWEAR
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @modernpixels @starrymoon78 as a kid washing my mouth out with soap instead of toothpaste:
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is friends when i start stuttering
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. mom told me if you retweet and follow @youtooz you can win a pelo fetus!! it drops on april 17 and it's limited!…
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.what the frick frack knick knack snick snack whick whack rick rack prick prack quarterback @PrincessTekki poor thing :(THIS JAPANESE DUB OF HOME MOVIES IS FUCKING SENDING ME!!!!
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @HomeMoviesLines its backBREAKING: Big Smoke tests positive for Coronavirus
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @homemoviesoutof oh oh god @BovineBonita yay @TwinkieMii but what if i have a vagina?
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon i feel fucking horrible for tweeting this out so imma just apologize. sorry if i offende… @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon ok please stop replying to this tweet i fucking hate what i said and i regret even tweet… you REALLY have to be careful with what you say on twitter people do not respect opinions or thoughts and false… @PRETTYWILL0W @starrymoon78 what,, @JeJe_Malik_ oh god oh f-When it's time to pay the price
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @BovineBonita falsely accusing of grooming children?? what the actual hell?? thats insane @PrincessTekki YESS VIVIAN!! @BovineBonita hell yes trans rights!! today i was called a transphobe when i never tried to be rude to anybody whos trans in the first place very nice :) @StradMusicDisc @starrymoon78 thank you,, @starrymoon78 i never even said all nick characters are cis,, what?? @starrymoon78 i didnt even try to say anything rude,, i support trans people and their desisions but i never ever t… isnt the bot working :( @starrymoon78 what??i run a bot known as @MalleosPeePee. the acc used to be a parody but...i gave up so now its a stupid bot it tweets… @parapadarappa33 WHAHere’s a lego squidward I found in storage.
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon i feel like saying every nick character is trans is kinda...too much? but if its your headcanon then thats fine!!Cartoon Network celebrates you being authentically you 💖💙 ⁣ ⁣ #TransgenderDayofVisibility #cartoonnetwork #beyou
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone.This is me when i win a race in Mario Kart:
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @BovineBonita @Nickelodeon i personally support trans people but 😐chicago “broken” siren
Retweeted by ~hornosky~ is gone. @HomeMoviesLines where did this acc go :[no excape from reeallity! are fucking stupid coach mcguirk sans anime girl melissa eugene pisses on the moon and brendon flips off mr…