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@peachieflame @safifesse Youre both so obsessed with me....its fascinating🤭Im really sad I can't rt this twice on one acct so im just going to rt it on all of them of some studies I’m doing cause I like how they’re turning out :DD
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Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @rennerei No clue how you manage to pump out so much stellar work so often!?? Like it all looks good!! Also tell Gina I say hi😳Please follow @ThatStephC she got hacked and had to make a new account. 🥺❤️
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Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @kuraimichii dali beat you there LMFAOYou can see a sneak peek of this on my 18+ twitter. Dm for the @ if you're interested! 4 people follow me real quick so I can finally hit 500 👀 ✨
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Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @devilhornsdyke I am already on it🧍🏾‍♀️yeah @korralutherking @sh0rtsista weren't you just posting about a white womanEveryday I sit down and tell myself "this is my job. this is my job. it's ok"My roomie is talking about the magazine they run and the amazing things they've achieved and I'm drawing fictional… Ivy in the late to the trend but I'm thinking @kuraimichii Aw tysm Wayna <3 @sh0rtsista HELLO!?? @SmolSinRoll Just for that, I'm not going to send you the art you missed from last night </3Just realized what a mistake that was LMFAO @sh0rtsista What I do nowThere is a hidden compound just outside Tokyo in the seaside town of Atami, Japan, that once belonged to a billiona…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡I don't like either of them enough tho to replace the current red tier icon so there's also thatI made these because I can (*whispers* it's for patreon) @safifesse I wanted to get to older kids, like highschool/college aged because of the pay, but I'm so interested in…✨I’m Steph C✨ Illustrator & Vis. developer: work for DC comics, Warner bros & FANDOM tabletop. ✉️…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @safifesse omg!!! I want to go back soon, I was about to start interning in classrooms before I took time off!!! Yo…'s talk about hashtags and how to properly plan for 'em! I'm gonna write up a small thread on 3 of my personal…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡-"No, thenviolin doesn't have finger work" and so quickly I got into playing stance?? Like on some muscle memory sh… happened again recently with my other bestie. He just got a bass and was telling me that until I start lessons… yall have moments like that? Where you completely forget something that you spent a substantial amount of time d… reminded me that I did in fact spend an entire year majoring in child dev? They mentioned some fact I told t…🖌️🖋️ CLIP STUDIO PAINT BRUSH SALE ✏️ Get my huge #CLIPSTUDIO brush set for 45% off. That's over 800 brushes for ab…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @ploppymeep NOT THIS know how they have like canine therapy in college and they'll walk service dogs around? We should so that with… been too long since I've gotten to hear their little cooing or squeeze they little fat thighs😭😭😭I miss seeing babies😭потрошитель
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡this made me feel so much better about having taken breaks from poetry, painting, and my music
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡In a tough spot financially speaking until the 7th of next month so just wanting to remind y’all I’m taking in Comm…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡No idk what cozy vibes mean but my heart is in the right place💗Good luck to everyone returning to school today! You got this, it's gonna be a breeze, a real easy day for everyone…🌿 Foliage & Grass Brushset 🌿 -Free with optional donation -Works with Procreate and Photoshop -Royalty-Free use i…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡me drawing backgrounds when I was 10 VS me drawing backgrounds at 25
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡[OC] story of two sisters that get sent to a scary world
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Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡Zaheer and bye felicia trending?
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Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @HEARTILLIES Yes! There's only one tier dedicated to nsfw material. @Orquidiart TYSMMMM<333 @ThatKodo Not me missing the entire joke😭😭😭 @THEEDeezumaki why r u up so late?? @vampiremoongrl Do I ever sleep!! @ThatKodo oh babes thats just for not using the account, they did the same thing to me! You just gotta relaunch it… @ThatKodo You are literally the sweetest thing🤧 I'll drop my link when you drop yours😩 @birdysleeps Aw oh no, it's a little scary sometimes but otherwise I like listening to it. I hope the night isn't too rough for you :( @AngeloFalls She kinda...😛💦 @birdysleeps It's literally insane LMAO @ThatKodo right!!! I'm losing it over her😭Posting things to patreon and waiting a while before posting here is going to be SO hard!!! I want to just post it… might be the best boobs I've ever paintedThis wip has been collecting dust for so long, and it feels soooo good to hash it out LMAO. Doing a 2 set of these for patreon😋 @peachieflame u outside my house rn paintings by Mark Maggiori
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡Literally sounds like the ocean is outside my bedroom rn, like on some ponyo shitThis is a lot to ask but I've set up a campaign for my cousin Danielle to help pay her rent. She's studying in Pola…
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡art from age 14 vs art from age 19
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡Yoooo this storm goin crazy outside rnIf you don't become a patron, you miss out on special behind-the-scenes art for the comic and the comic itself; buu… making myself post a backlog of art onto my patreon, and getting started on making some new content for pos…
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Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @RinsuxArt yessss!!! These r all so killer but I was a big fan of the first guy and the street one you did!!studies from the drawpile with @tajmerk and friends!!
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @peachieflame ok nvm just you then. I love your mom way too much to hurt her like that <3 @peachieflame ESPECIALLLY your momIf you picked bigger than 4, ya moms a hoe! @ThatKodo now....Me losing my job after they read literally any tweet interactions between kit and I @peachieflame WOW @HaScaCosplay ur literally an angel @peachieflame go to hell @korralutherking what so you don't like pet namesOh, and do you guys have any resources on drawing robots/mecha/steampunk/etc? I need to get more practice in unfort… @korralutherking WAS I JUST SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE MONKEY NOISES???? @korralutherking But it's sexy in like a exotic way @korralutherking I HAD TO PLAY THIS OUT LOUD IN FRONT OF MY ROOMATE AND HAVE A FULL BREAK DOWN OVER YOUR SHENANIGANS😭😭😭 @emmydoesit Could just stopped the tweet after Black lesbians tbh cause that's all I think about too😭 @vampiremoongrl what is up wit you niggas and the number 7Someone pick a number between 1 and 10we drewpiled @ThatKodo @rinsux @tajmerk @TwigLimb
Retweeted by ♡Thugs Bunny♡ @korralutherking you are SO sick me a freak😋I'm always thinking about Black lesbian OCs, that's why I have so many that are just there to be hot and make me giggle to myself @korralutherking ur so annoying and I'm in love with u @ThatKodo Rin wanted to set it up but I was already late and didn't want to struggle getting that together but next… @safifesse im going to plan another one just for u dearest @RinsuxArt @Jokeb0i LUDACRIS!?!?!