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Take Action Chapel Hill formation. Taking action against all forms of oppression. Support Triangle area antiracist defendants! DONATE:

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(Wake) Continue to call in to support our Freedom Fighters! The battle to stop SB168 has been won, but dozens sti… On evictions in Orange county. NC BORN reporting that the mansion action was successful in securing the veto of the harmful SB168 bill.
(GSO) Greensboro continues to demand #JusticeForMarcusSmith The problem of calling the cops on people cannot (and should not) be resolved by calling the cops on p… NC BORN. The graphic says July 6 but we believe it to mean July 7th, the Tuesday. 6 PM. Mansion. Bri… @YDSA_ECU @SmashRacism919 @NCBORN_ @TriadProject @RaleighPACT @YAP_agent @triangleiww @DownHome_NC @ncnlg @SmashRacism919 (Admin note) Sorry for spam! @NCBORN_ @TriadProject @RaleighPACT @YAP_agent @triangleiww With @SmashRacism919! DEMAND SB168 NOT BECOME LAW Gov. Cooper: 919-814-2000 Sen. Berger: 919-733-5708 S… Refund Raleigh has an online event this evening as well. As NC BORN engages in statewide struggle, you… NC BORN. 5pm Governor’s Mansion From the legal team: “The Graham ordinance that says any 2+ person group needs a permit to protest is… Greensboro says #FreeThemAll.
(#landback) Preliminary reports that the colonial Atlantic Coast Pipeline project has be canceled. This action is ongoing, please try to stop by!
@Pisceanluvher @Roarieyum @Ruby @oneduran A reportback on overpolicing, at U of M, by the SASI chapter. This community run satire account on Alamance county's second largest private employer, as the outbreak… @TopsailNativeNC you're not our dad(National) On what America is and today "celebrates." Support the blockade in ȟé sápa.
(Carrboro) Really Really Free Market 2-4PM Carrboro Town Commons NC BORN, for tomorrow 8 AM protest recap 9 AM boycott announcement 11 AM speec… + Art) Thank you to MARV! NC BORN calling for turnout at the mansion action tomorrow for the 4th. People starting to get out, drop of delightful treats now if you have them!(Safety) Tasers are not non-lethal. They are deniably lethal, along with other conductive energy and nominally le… Support our jail support team with a diet-inclusive dinner!
@lookoutside Mansion if you know and accept the risks, detention center otherwise! @muksnup Have imperfect information on where everyone is but ask is or mansion if you can and a support role otherwise. @__smitty___ Reported from the Capital Blvd site, which was a splinter from the Mansion action.(Raleigh) Organizers are reporting 15-20 arrests, and but emphasize the need to continue the action at the Mansion.(Raleigh) New to jail support? No problem! The most important thing is to be present and support the affected pe…
Retweeted by Take Action for Total Liberation(Raleigh) We have confirmed a public ask for jail support for these arrests. Jail support should meet at Wake Cou…
Retweeted by Take Action for Total Liberation @DianaDesTROYer Wake County Detention Center on Hammond Road.(Raleigh) Reports of arrests in Raleigh and jail support request. Organizers also want to maintain presence at the Executive Mansion.(Media) Maeve Sheehey with the DTH on on how terrible UNC is. Content warning for sexual assault. Call to action by NC BORN (to Mansion). System) Smash Racism Raleigh has prepared a detailed statement on the appointment of Art Pope, whose front gr… Community meal action action on 7/10, sign up link below. Tenant's organizing phone zap thread. @elonroses Thank you for clarifying!(Alamance) Elon ROSE (Revolutionizing Our Student Experience) has a direct action for the removal of war criminal… Refund Raleigh Freedom Committee, on the singular failure of Raleigh PD to even provide the illusion of… Some of radio communications from the primary action May 30, albeit with some extremely problematic… Comrade calvin has threaded the graphics for the Governor's Mansion action, pulled from Instagram.
(Graham) Jordan Green (@jordangreentcb) is reporting from Graham, where ~35 people have gathered. Not direct link… cw gender based violence. UNC now refusing to comply with court orders, from the State Supreme Court, to re… Everybody out! First month update! Take Action, through its Anti-Racist Activist Fund project, has spent: $29,20… There is no evidence that Raleigh Police have ever been truthful about anything, ever. @bennykoval @lo_lifer Pushing through a second day of false arrests (11 today), NC BORN is still calling people aware of and w… The Intercept reports on the Graham monument and some of the context of the struggle. Lakota Law Project, on "Rushmore" and #landback. @ableminnow Always helpful to see your thoughts regardless!
@ableminnow Don't think this one was for us but food for thought regardless. There has been a lot of discussion around SB-168, and while traditionally we caution against engaging t… "Veto SB-168" on the streets before the executive mansion. We understand all four of the freedom fighters are now free! @mikexmiracco @SmashRacism919 We understand there to have been 4 arrests given what we know at this time. @mikexmiracco @SmashRacism919 New to jail support? No problem! The most important thing is to be present and support the affected pe… We have confirmed a public ask for jail support for these arrests. Jail support should meet at Wake Cou… We are receiving reports of several arrests, possible escalating to mass arrest, at the Executive Mansio… Charlotte will continue to need our support as their jail support is targeted. Cash App: $WereSti… Zap) Free Ronnie Long! @NCBORN_ staging outside the governor's mansion, from their Instagram. "Come out, we'll be here for a m… @dhosterman Thanks - think its working now.(Update) Read more. NC BORN 7 PM Duke Center
Retweeted by Take Action for Total Liberation#SayHisName Greg Cates.(Alamance) Content warning for racial violence. One of the 3 #BlackLivesMatter protesters on Saturday has disappe…
(CLT) Charlotte Uprising jail support once again under attack. Go on over to Instagram and follow "Dear UNC" "From Black, Indigenous, and people… @Roarieyum @Ruby @oneduran DBP and DWA have both now had events in solidarity with the Police HQ action, so whateve… Instead of profiteering from anti-Black police violence for Twitter or other social media engagement,… Please join us in supporting Cassandra. M4BL on abolition. The University continues to endanger workers, seemingly as an end in itself. NC BORN 7 PM Duke Center Education) The Greensboro comrades of @GsoWhoa in conversation with Marx Madness. @Ulrich_Kvetcher @jaydtie #FTP(resident Connie Book)(Raleigh) Raleigh PACT (@RaleighPACT) has prepared a series of accounts from community members subjected to police… Elon student organizer Jay with a point of clarity regarding Elon President Connie Book, a totalitarian ap… Elon (University). Burlington. Jordan Green reports the Mayor of Burlington, which sent tactical units to suppress the Never Again Actio… Organizing) Dorothy N. Charles, on the committee cycle. Street art in Raleigh. @tmorman We cross post public NC BORN calls within about an hour, and they are on here at @NCBORN_, though sometime… #DefundThePolice banner drop.
@ChrisVolkernick @greg_doucette @EmancipateNC Assure you if you want to end cash bail there is precious little you… Kevin Carey, who we understand to be an officer with Alamance County Sheriff's Office, has posted on a pe… March kicking off in one hour at Moore! Triad City Beat reports on the prison abolition mobilization yesterday. Reminder that the UNCC head of security John Bogdan's previous job was head of the Guantanamo Bay detention…
(Alamance) Elon student organizer Jay publicly wondering why Elon University Police are engaging in targeted repre…