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how are y'all racist but care about the environment
Retweeted by jackattack69is there such a thing as “too epic”
QT this with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally… @eightykt you see itthe treatment of pigs vs the treatment of dogs when pigs are smarter is pretty privilegemonday’s be likei really wish the grind would stopit’s so nice of instagram to just put the 3 ppl you trying to fuck the most’s stories at the front of the line
Retweeted by jackattack69Nervously trying to decide if that one small speck of white paint in the corner of that square is part of a crosswa…
Retweeted by jackattack69 @Quantum_King_ imagine being @Quantum_King_ imagine being able to read 💀 @Quantum_King_ like you weren’t already excited for the next episode @Quantum_King_ LMAO
Retweeted by jackattack69if mcdonalds workers can feed their family how will i feed my ego?
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people arguing about automation in my mentions 🙄 @smithsara79 thanks hill :)if mcdonalds workers can feed their family how will i feed my ego? @bloodbelt drain gang 😫🤘🏼villains are always spitting facts
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can’t wait to get the covid vaccine so i can charge my phone just by holding itShe doesn’t know about any of the discourse
Retweeted by jackattack69villains are always spitting facts @chinesegon i’m bobby
Retweeted by jackattack69 @mayaisfiya maybe i just love fan camshaven’t had a thought in a while @porter_potty_ maxing out my argonian @NILES100 the mental fortitude required to prevent middle school boys from showing you that video is astoundinghad to make a skyrim political compass to win an argument @carterhambley until he proves he can hold one single banana his campaign should be suspendedwhy do marvel movies need 3 hours to accomplish what the powerpuff girls did in 11 minutes
Retweeted by jackattack69talking about board game strategy like it’s rocket science
@nateandmufasa if you start working on a space shuttle lmk i’m there @nateandmufasa house vans are the house boats of land 💯imagine carrying a child for 9 months and naming them greg @eggshellfriend no 👏 volcanoes 👏 are 👏 harmed 👏 in 👏 the 👏 manufacturing 👏 of 👏 lava 👏 lamps 👏 @jfksafk yeah what line are they even talking about at this pointlogged on to facebook for the first time in a while. turns out you can update your bootlicking status now! walt does something in breaking bad: 🤢🤮 when jesse does the same thing: 😍🥺
Retweeted by jackattack69you can’t be self-deprecating if you have no sense of self
Retweeted by jackattack69 @mayaisfiya gotta get acclimated to the temperature of the roomUS politics
Retweeted by jackattack69as soon as i figure out how to do a flip i will become unstoppable
if you liked james and the giant peach as a kid you like psychedelics now
Retweeted by jackattack69this week on the @clowncast_ we have our first ever special guest THE @roywoodjr! and he wants a word with the nigg…
Retweeted by jackattack69 @yedoye_ or else it will “become” a political process @keepoffgrasss van houses @geekysteven incredibly hot take right herethe only thing Uniting these States is that they all SUCKI sweat sex appeal when I hit the gym fr
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crazy that soulja boy turned his swag on and the world hasn’t been the same ever since @femaleredhead sounds pretty girl boss to me @memetazaa ummm 😳 uhhhh 🙈you think you know somebody 😔 @lincnotfound when old school runescape bans you it’s over @tennisonok a fate worse than death @DrJoeHighman @femaleredhead what if they’re really big thoughthis is so true
Retweeted by jackattack69i can swallow 4 giant ones at once not all of you can say that
Retweeted by jackattack69my oversized hoodie shrunk in the dryer so now it fits me perfectly :(
the state department website is down now and they’re just playing a video of frank ocean building a staircase wtf
Retweeted by jackattack69 @therealdk15 i gotchuevery conservative for the last week
Retweeted by jackattack69this is so true really tricked all the white supremacists into doxxing themselves then took the app awayjanuary snow parler shutdown 🤝 white downfall @HotGirlKisser this is sad but true about the grind @yellowedplastic really wish the grind would stopi’m the dennis rodman of civil engineering @tropicanapussy still don’t have a shipping date for my pc 😔Americans only love the college experience because it's the only time in their lives they live in walkable communities
Retweeted by jackattack69 @tropicanapussy down asap
me watching buss it challenge tiktok compilations on youtube
Retweeted by jackattack69stop trying to use twitter as a dating site. that’s why god invented club penguin
Retweeted by jackattack69 @NILES100 🗣🗣🗣you’re telling me the lord made this day?listening to sza and melting into a puddlehow tf u agree to a social media website’s terms and conditions then get mad when their terms start conditioning u
Retweeted by jackattack69~jazzing~ so to speakme logging onto twitter after having two drinks
y’all gotta stop dating indie boys cause you think they more sensitive lol that king is still krule
Retweeted by jackattack69 @garyvee @NILES100
Retweeted by jackattack69 @RudyTood @smithsara79 it’s a fundamental truth i’m sure someone else has made this observation before, shouldn’t u… @ltpenguin_ @TamingMyImpala @nyquills @chrisfolse @bigsharkguy @memetazaa @sherrysworld @justky1018 @ThaMagicDragon @motherofworms that means you were probably surprised and upset when you found out obama was an imperialistliberals are into boobs leftists are into ass conservatives are into feet libertarians are into kidsthis is all you got after pepsi did this? a lot of shadow boxing or whatever astrology twitter been calling it lately
follow my friend who made this on instagram @/bonelli.png friend that worked for tesla a couple years ago said that they saw elon speak in person once and he literally do…
Retweeted by jackattack69it’s my dad’s birthday. go listen to my podcast (@clowncast_ ) so he’ll be proud of me
Retweeted by jackattack69oh 😳 my god 😩. he’s so humble 🥺 and hard working 🥰. i just love how he pulls himself up by his bootstraps 🥾 every d… @bocxtop r/WallStreetBets guys are gonna eat this up
Retweeted by jackattack69mitch mcconnell rn