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Kerry Boyce @talemyn Charlotte, NC

Just a simple web-developing, youth-leading, video game-playing, Neebs-loving, Browncoat-wearing, giant.

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@JawSkellyman @Deeptec This makes me both very happy and very sad at the same time. 🤔 @Darklordtory @NitroTosh78 @Ki11ersix @Ghoulish_gam3r @KayWafflee I can’t think of it ever being a real severe issu… @Darklordtory @KayWafflee @AgentBluesky27 @Taru_Ninja @baines_joshua @VbagExtremist @The_muzz1 Is it bad that I thi… @baines_joshua We have some “snow” here but it’s just depressing . . . 😞 @Darklordtory Dang, brother . . . so sorry to hear. We’re always here for you if you need anything. ❤️ @DuvalMagic 😳 @KayWafflee @baines_joshua @AgentBluesky27 @Fangykins @VbagExtremist @Darklordtory @daemelar Days left to enter to giveaway! Go to the ORIGINAL tweet, like, retweet and tag a friend to enter! MANY Designs t…
Retweeted by Kerry Boyce @OfficialBallsac I’m SO sorry, man. 😞 I know there is nothing that I can say to make you feel better right now,… @Deeptec @spudzilla1325 @KayWafflee @OriginalFunko Okay, that’s kind of adorable . . . 🥰 That’s the first Nessy rendition that I’ve ever… @baines_joshua @NoMansSky @KayWafflee Oooooooooohhhhh . . . 😳 @ligerclaw69 @Jon_Fury @tdpSian Yus!! 🤘😖 Okay, now for step 2 . . . all of you come here.
@TheIllegitJump @MeaghanLindsay9 @NeebsOfficial I’ll definitely be there, my friend . . . see you there. 😉 @MeaghanLindsay9 @NeebsOfficial Yes ma’am! And I’m bringing @KayWafflee with me, from almost the complete opposite side of the world! 😁 @NeebsOfficial @TeamYouTube Congrats, fellas . . . good to have you back . . . ❤️ @BambiWi5 @Fangykins @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @KayWafflee Notice how she didn’t deny it? 🙄 @Fangykins @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @KayWafflee Well isn’t THAT a coincidence! Actual footage from Bam… @Ladystark1988 @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @KayWafflee Well, it looks like we’re going to be postponing, i… @BambiWi5 @Fangykins @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @KayWafflee You can come and live with us whenever you’d like @Fangykins . . .**slams on breaks** So normally I’d be SUPER bummed about having to cancel a stream night, but I’m actually pretty…
@Fangykins @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft Exactly . . . she holds you captive, inside . . . @KayWafflee’s lla… @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @KayWafflee @Fangykins @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft You should see how she treats you . . . 😳😞 @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft Oh, you want to get on @KayWafflee’s bad side??? @BambiWi5 @GeekyGarrett16 @JaytheOstrich @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @BambiWi5 @GeekyGarrett16 @The_Fujita_Five @SimonSandwiches @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft Those are some pretty horses you have there Bambi . . . would be a shame if so… @JaytheOstrich @BambiWi5 @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft Bruce the Spruce!!! 🥰 @GeekyGarrett16 @BambiWi5 @JaytheOstrich @NGCommunityHub @Minecraft @Taru_Ninja Snow . . . 🥰 @helicoptersean @ShaShaB00m @jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 Wait . . . you moved AWAY from Wilmington??? 😳 😁 Co… @MarkietheFett I am willing to let it slide, just this once . . . 🤨 So when you gonna play some games with us, buddy? 😁 @Deeptec Hey now! I don’t support just ANY sandwich… 🙄 That being said, 3 things: 1) I will not judge it witho… @BambiWi5 @The_Fujita_Five @SimonSandwiches Oh, NOW you’re willing to give something new a try before judging it .… … @PhillyD you & the @NeebsOfficial guys are pretty much the only YouTube channels I watch regularly. Not… just posted "Can y'all be a megaphone for us?" on Reddit
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Happy Birthday to my birthday girl, @KayWafflee (now that it past Midnight in “Freedom Time™” 🧐🇺🇸🦅 )! Love you… *may* be a little biased, but I think this would be a great way to spend your Saturday morning (or afternoon . .…
@Ka_Doink Well@done, sir! @LostPinkPearl 😲 Congrats!! @The_muzz1 @Darklordtory @spudzilla1325 This guys has been standing there with his llamas for over two days . . . 😐 @tdpSian @Jon_Fury You made it!! @Deeptec @MosesJJames @spudzilla1325 @BambiWi5 @AquarielleArt @NGCommunityHub @Fangykins @sarahbbearah @RoboticHat717 #EpicArtCollection @MarkietheFett And the follow-up . . . @MarkietheFett I am dismayed by your lack of Friends awareness. 😁😂 Arguably one of the overall funniest scenes i… @Darklordtory Don’t enable him . . . @Darklordtory @VbagExtremist @The_muzz1 @JawSkellyman @KayWafflee @Taru_Ninja Painstakingly entered . . . (Thanks, man. 😉 ) @AquarielleArt It was . . . an experience. 😂 When we started, the one person who had actually seen the game be p…
@Savageserene_ @JJtoob @AdahopAlex @jeff_yutzy @JonnyEthco @MarkietheFett Yes . . . 😐Ooooh!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Gimme please!!! 🤩🤩🤩 🟩 @KayWafflee @Fangykins AAAAAHHHHH!!! Is it too late??? I want one!!! 😵😵😵😵😵 @ScholarlyGamer I’d like to point out that 3 oz. french fries contain more potassium than a banana . . . 🧐 @ScholarlyGamer @CelticCrusade13 @Josh_Marlin I WAS QUOTING A TV SHOW!!! 🧐
Come watch 4 master chefs tonight! We’ve even chosen a special recipe: Traditional English Trifle! - a layer of l…
@nittanylns @NGCommunityHub I may have been known to do that voice from time-to-time . . . @ScholarlyGamer Technically, it’s called the “Snap & Trash”, but you left out the second part, so I can see why tha… @CelticCrusade13 @ScholarlyGamer I am method #3, thankyouverymuch! Perfectly executed, I might add, though you are… @ShaShaB00m See! You can feel it! Nothing is going to stop you! Very soon, this will be you and all of your NC N… @AgentBluesky27 Woooooooo!!!!! @wheelz8701 @KayWafflee @ShaShaB00m @KayWafflee literally only seen this scene, because I say “I don’t know, Margo!… @KayWafflee @wheelz8701 @ShaShaB00m Hey!! See? I’m not the only one who references it! 😁
@whichwich @Keen_Neens_Nail @The_muzz1 Given the amount of Which Wich that I’ve eaten over the years, there is sort… @TheIllegitJump Dude, that turned out amazing!! 😳 @KayWafflee @Keen_Neens_Nail @The_muzz1 Well, yeah, but really I was just checking to see if you wanted one. 😁😂😘💜
@CursedTinJ @lagboot @Cereal757 @baines_joshua @kassiemay95 Holy cow . . . yeah it is. 😂 @legasimmer @kassiemay95 I am Kerry, patron saint of the day and the night. Dang! Nice! 🌝🌚 @Keen_Neens_Nail @The_muzz1 @KayWafflee?? 😁😂😘💜 @svracer34 @baines_joshua @KayWafflee @Jon_Fury @vegeto247 @ligerclaw69 DO NOT ENCOURAGE EXCESS, SIR!!! 🧐 @StroopClub @Deeptec Ooooooh! You’re talking about *eating* them with bacon . . . I’m talking about *making* them with bacon in them. 😁😂 @StroopClub @Deeptec 😲 Have you thought about doing it again? 😁😂 @Dillan63951660 Mmmmmm . . . don’t think it’s needed . . . I think the pickles cover any “sourness” that the mustard would bring . . . 🤔 @nittanylns @KayWafflee @StroopClub We were *JUST* talking about missing seeing you around . . . 😕 Glad for the… @spudzilla1325 I *ALWAYS* go back and forth on whether I should mention this to people. 😂🤣😂 @baines_joshua @KayWafflee @Jon_Fury @vegeto247 @ligerclaw69 I would like EXACTLY 6 photos. No more, no less. 🧐 @svracer34 @KayWafflee @Fangykins @PaulyWit @Deeptec I *TOTALLY* think that @StroopClub should look into what it would take to make bacon Stroopwafels . . . 🤤 @KayWafflee @StroopClub And you get free shipping for orders over $50!!! 😆 😳 I mean, I *hear* you get free shipp… @Dillan63951660 🤔 Yes? @Taru_Ninja @KayWafflee @JJtoob @Deeptec @Darklordtory Yeeeehhh . . . there are risks. 😂 @Darklordtory @KayWafflee @JJtoob @Deeptec @Taru_Ninja I got to the point that I realized that I just needed to be… @Keen_Neens_Nail @The_muzz1 If you have access to a Which Wich, they had bacon milkshakes as a special for a while,… @Darklordtory @KayWafflee @JJtoob @Deeptec @Taru_Ninja But not as many as you COULD have! 😁 @OfficialBallsac @TTraykJ @The_muzz1 Well let me know how *that* turns out. 😉😂 @Keen_Neens_Nail @The_muzz1 Whoa! I’ve never heard of that . . . have had a bacon milkshake before, but have never heard of pickle one. 🤔 @nittanylns It was a mix of: - wanting something quick for breakfast, - LOVING this combination, & - realizing that… @KayWafflee @JJtoob @Deeptec I don’t know . . . I got to blow up @Taru_Ninja and @Darklordtory a lot . . . 🤷‍♂️
@OfficialBallsac Well played, sir. 😂 @OfficialBallsac **switches to another classic American tactic** @baines_joshua @GordonRamsay @londonhouse Oh, no denying that. 😉😁 @JJtoob @Deeptec This was all just a ruse to get you’re attention, so that I can get added to the Neebs Rocket Leag… @MosesJJames @stiffy21_