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@juliaereck as a recent escapee from the shackles of heterosexuality let me just say i could not imagineWe are honored to partner with the first developer to join the Underrepresented Founders Program, @TwinDrums. The…
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤⛅️COMMISSIONS POST⛅️ Please help me pay for rent and groceries! This time, with each commission I’m also donating t…
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @ZietesOW @overwatchleague @JessDiPaola This was so cute and super fun to watch! Nice to see the OBS team acts equa… Armour for #MonthofFear
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤as a newly ascended plant gay, I def spent half an hour yesterday googling "bromeliad brown leaves flower how to tr… @xXPradaPrinceXx Good luck to you and be kind to yourself! Healing will take a while but after you can get back to… @Ag94Matthew Omg what are they babies???? I'm so surprised it had such good ratings on Amazon the devil is truly a liar @ArtofNickRobles Sometimes I like to go back and rewatch old movies I thought were bad and give them another try bu… @Manda_AMSBT It's SO BAD!!! Its so bad it makes Marky Mark look like a bad actor! M Night should be banned from movie makingGod The Happening has to be the worst movie I've ever seen thought maybe I imagined it was so awful but no its bad @adashtra ASH.I walked 6 miles today and borked my foot gonna drink this bottle of moscato and watch 30 Days of Night @riasaur I distinctly remember it being painfully not gay! And really boring when Akasha wasn't around. Unfortunate… @riasaur Omg I haven't seen it in so long! I wonder if it has aged well...I didn't love it when I was younger. It w… @EPASketch Aaaa thank you Dan! That means so much considering your characters and designs have been a huge inspiration on me for years!!!My Patreon made some Halloween suggestions, so I got to draw my current fav OC Tybalt (He/Him) in witchy costumes,…
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@marshmallowpush If yall have drive through voting, do that! It was so quick and easy and wow I want to do everything from my carThey’re so cool 🥺 (if twt ruins the quality I’m goneeee)
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @ne0ncryptid Fucking same! And then I feel bad because I want to contribute to black creators/media getting more fu… @byelacey Thank you! I have no problem saying he is my favorite childMy Patreon made some Halloween suggestions, so I got to draw my current fav OC Tybalt (He/Him) in witchy costumes,… @explodikid Hell ain' any catholic non-fiction from back in the day that ain't a little gay! Jesus & Judas? St. Seb… @explodikid i feel like it should be automatically the opposite like when i see Catholic religious themes i'm looki… @NineJackals Absolutely. I feel like black creators often feel obligated to include our Blackness in our work all t… to mention misogynoir, shitty handling of queer stories and characters, and the like. There seems to be a lot t… more I see chatter about it the more I know I'm not in the right headspace to continue Lovecraft Country. One d…'s Pinup is now on my Patreon.🖤 Who did everyone vote for? Jason, of course! 😂
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @IseiSilva Oh no! Wishing them all a speedy recovery and good health! @epistellar literally just screamed in glee Jimin knows his shoulders are his charm pointI bought the special edition of BE and was like shit wait i don't have a CD player but lo and behold bought a car w… @xXPradaPrinceXx I love Hobi with everything but NGL his revealed forehead with swept back hair >>>>>>> for me it just makes me melt @adashtra i was watching it with the waifu and i must have gotten tense because she leaned into me like trying to c…'s coyly revealed shoulder is making me feral but can we talk about yoongi with the velour/velvet pants and sl… @aniistoll yoongi with the velour/velvet and slides that is so Black Uncle of him I knew there is a reason he is my eternal bias @aniistoll The rap line with the slides on thooooooo I LOVE IT 🤣😭💜💜💜💜💜 @adashtra I watched the 1st ep & feel like I need to continue it to support more black sci-fi/horror noir and black… @riasaur These are lovely! I love how clear your rendering is. Like, the features and visuals of the characters you… @ShockZ314 I loooove how obvious it is J-Hope loves to dance. It's beautiful the way he moves. Our leggy perfect hip hop princeMe and waifu's new "lets play together" game is Red Dead Redemption 2 and we are so annoyed the NPCs talk way too m… @aniistoll Ah sadly it was one of the first dates canceled because of the pandemic T_T we were so bummed but now we… @adashtra I cannot watch any game shows because I will break out in hives from the secondhand embarrassment and per… @aniistoll I dont know too much about their universe and mostly enjoy their music and behind the scenes videos. Oth… @aniistoll I just got into BTS within the last year. I've always enjoyed kpop but very surface level, not learning… @TheDamnThinGuy Artemis is suuuuuper OP with weapons like the bow! Worth wearing her boon keepsake so you can get hers first. @TheDamnThinGuy The bow is my fav weapon to use besides the spear! Aspect of Chiron is so good~ put some crit from… @Noe_Name_Art LEMME GET A SIDE OF CORNBREAD WITH THEM BRES' AND THIGHS DANG
@juliaereck Nice work!!!! And two duos? Lucky!!! @TheDamnThinGuy @Noe_Name_Art Hella moodIn the name of Hades, I accept this mantle! #HadesGame #Hades
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤i mean this completely unironically
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤We ventured out on a rare trip to Target and only bought the essentials @troubledmn Please do! It's gorgeous and so sexy!This is such a beautiful short. Be sure to watch the making of video too, as the lore and history behind the charac… @siriusdraws This is SO gorgeous! The detail and the story you can pick up from it is so good. @explodikid "I have no problem with everything in this comic I just have a problem with everything in this comic" @adashtra GOOD.
i need to catch up on Hades everyone is so far ahead of me story wise good thing I'll have 6-8 hours of hair braiding tomorrowhair stretched in preparation for box braids. tomorrow, i shall be transformed~ @yoshisquared aaaaah that's so cute! (but wtf Yoshi your dad is so hot I see what tree that apple fell from 👀💦) @bogboogie WHY ARE YOU BREATHING THESE WORDS INTO THE WORLDme, trying to have a good time in 2020: @bogboogie HOW DO YOU WRITE SO WELL AND THEN USE YOUR TALENT ON THIS SLANDERTime to pep myself up and watch Rocky Horror 🖤
@yoshisquared I didn't!!! Gonna be opening my pocket all the time to show people screaming "TAKE A PICTURE OF MY POCKET >:O" @gatamchun Dallas literally forcing Uni's parents get a divorce is the greatest crime everseriously if you wanna upgrade your life and your aesthetic and become the envy of all get this jacket @epistellar aah thank you so much!!! <3on a positive note, we have actual sweater weather today and I got infinite compliments on @yoshisquared 's gorgeou… Weekend kinda ruined but ah well. Shit happens. @MercilessMime Sggsjsggsjjshdlooooool checks out because I've been mentally willing my bro and his gf to give me a niece/nephew @starrbeardraws Got a flat in my brand new car 🙃 immediately got the tire warranty i initially declined so now I ha… know I'll look like an absolute goober but I think I may also sage my new car >_>Two strikes of escalating bad luck today so I'm sageing myself and getting back in bed and not moving fuck that bad juju🔥💛💖STORE NOW OPEN💖💛🔥 as part of the #virtuAAL2020 online artist alley event! 💛NEW "no thoughts" dad cap 💛NEW Enam…
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @sambeckdraws Gods yes thank you for this mealAbout to start playing this game at last so I decided to do some makeup for fun to celebrate! #HadesGame #zagreus
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @SweaterFather Ooooh this is so nice~! Man it's been a while since I've enjoyed some acoustic music."You fucked her. "WELL YEAH." "You shouldn've!!!" #criticalrole #criticalrolespoilers @japanne13 Bah it's sold out already anyway. Next time!God I want that Vax hoodie so bad why did I have to just buy a car T___TTop based on @biancaxunise @AdornedByChi 's "So Goth I was Born Black" top which I am so happy I snagged and can't… cheating for #blacktober but TBT to my Oct '18 Patreon thank you for my witch Mo (short for Mohammad or Mocha)…’s Spooky Season Throwback Thursday to my palette trio the PumpKing, the PumpQueen, and the Pumpkesses
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All of September's sticker orders have been mailed! Thanks to all who helped donate to Lousiville area bail funds!…
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @yoshisquared @juliaereck OH BOY CAN WE. @yoshisquared @juliaereck AAAA ALL MY FAV PEOPLE PLAYING HADESSS YESSSSSSSS LGBTQ+ comics community single-handled… @oheysteenz @oheysteenz Omgggg that's so cute! I am getting braids this weekend. Did you find that on YT or another tutorial? @elefluff I'm in Houston! We got cheated! T_T @elefluff I'm so jealous you get cute voting stickers! Ours have been the same for decades and are so sad and small.White people: when you say "I don't get it", we know that means "It doesn't affect me so I don't care." @The_Pink_Mann Oh now I know you aren't here actually trying to learn and have a conversation. Consequence isn't al… @The_Pink_Mann @caffeinecrawls He posted it for a response. People are responding because they are hurt. It's a sta… that i've voted please stop sending me texts about votingI didn't vote for me. I voted for my immigrant neighbors, Black trans sisters and brothers, queer friends, the poor… County Public Library's Curbside Larry says, "Vote from your truck!" Well, yells. He yells it. Find Drive-T…
Retweeted by 🖤💀SpOoooOOooky Talia💀🖤 @Composed_Khaos I am so tired of "but they aren't American!" being a blanket excuse for non-American racism like Bl… @xXPradaPrinceXx Riot has to create a fake woman in order to care about women's mental health wow @The_Pink_Mann @caffeinecrawls The French Slave Trade is literally right there. And if the artist didn't know that…