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!!!!!!!!!! @alamanecer I’m ready. Time to set the table.This was....the worst lmfao Shan Boodram’s take on love. Who has ever achieved anything great by being passive, waiting on timing, blah… Michele better do Ziwe’s show if she doesn’t wanna look like a coward. If you say you are going to shit in a Bl…’m really proud of all the Black people starting web shows and consulting on projects to amplify all Black voices… @GwenCIarke I’m jealous!
I want the SoulCycle bike, an apartment, and Matt James for my birthday. @dayna_kathan Thank you! ❤️ @JackieIrvinggg I vaguely remember him being in Paradise...those seasons started to blend together for me right aft… @NineDaves Thank you, friend!!! @JackieIrvinggg When he called Jojo “naggy?!” Omg. 😰 @takeyourzoloft LOL LITTLE SPRITE! I was not feeling him at allllllll.Found a church with a Black female leader. 2020 can’t tell me sh-. (Sorry for cussing again, God.)Omg LUKE! He pretended to be a nice guy for an entire season, only to get his Bachelor title revoked before getting… Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette...still can’t believe Ch*d is a real man who exists in this world...he… months sober today.
@philryanscott @ATT T-mobile works really well if you wanna switch, hunni, since att wanna play games! @philryanscott @ATT Oh I don’t want att then if they can’t do they job!!!!!!!Protect Armando at all costs!!!! #90DayFiance @GwenCIarke A 4year old trailblazer jk jk lol it wasn’t fair though! Lol
@ScottieBeam I wonder what it’s like too.I’m sick to my stomach. can not believe. Today. In 2020. An NYC Pride March is being attacked by police as I type this. To say I am angry is an understatement. @JoeMichaelII GAY RIGHTS! ❤️I will always have your back. Happy Pride. 🌈Let it out. I walk into the gas station so no guys talk to me
Retweeted by ragamuffinMe after writing yet another anti-racism soliloquy: teacher promised to let me hold the flag after I begged her...and then gave the job to a white girl. They teach… @YouTube, are you guys racists or something? What’s going on over there? LolAt my Pre-K graduation, I sat during the national anthem. When I was in kindergarten, I changed my name. Ask Mommy… @takeyourzoloft ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lmaooooo @vardaanarora Lmaooooooo!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @vardaanarora Something funny? (Lmfao!)If Ziwe asks if you have Black friends, don’t name me until the cashapp clears. @JanieFierce I love this.
I miss Tinsley. :(Saving this reaction picture for the next time I need to help a B get a Blue’s Clue toxic masculinity on Jersey Shore is the stuff of legend. Unreal. LolllllllllOh my god I always forget Pauly and Jwoww got together. Also the men in the house are such misogynists. It’s, like,…’m still shocked that Ronnie ended up pulling the robbery on The Situation and falling for Sammi. Top 5 reality TV plot two brain cells bumping into each other to form a thought
Retweeted by ragamuffin @moodollas @victoriasanusi This is my dream relationship lol @JanieFierce It’s getting weird. *NeNe voice* @nischelleturner Congrats! 🎉 @thebeautyof_FA You’re right. We live in a capitalist society and money talks. Going for the purses is incredibly powerful.I am ready to help allies learn and do better, but on one condition. You need to set me up with someone. I’m really… @chescaleigh @fijianintheuk I hope you can work this out, without calling the police. I’ll think of some ways to help in the meantime. @fijianintheuk @chescaleigh She said she does not want to call them. Do you have anything else to contribute to the… insinuated that I was ratchet this week. To everyone who knows me, is this even remotely accurate!? Even if…!!! this is unreal. 😭😭😭😭 is the most exciting thing I have seen ALL FREAKING MONTH. @jacksonisaacson I had to make sure this was not all in my head. It wasn’t all in my head at all. @jacksonisaacson We went to an area away from Jacob Riis...really wish we just went to Riis.Today at the r*ckaways, a man kicked a can at me, a civilian was wearing a scary c*p shirt about defending his brot… truly admire Ziwe and all the work she is doing.
Anyways I’m done with y’all today. I’m going to the beach and gonna try and finish a book I started in winter, lol!This is not my first rodeo. I have been actively trying to help my community since I’m 15 years old. I turn 31 next…, Lord, forgive me for cussing I do that a lot! 😬This is for my precious God son and my future baby, lord willing. I demand safety, love, and protection for my chil… mean the black box didn’t fend off racism?
Retweeted by ragamuffinA white public school teacher gave me insider knowledge on “safety agents,” how they are negatively impacting her c… friend’s boyfriend always answers all my legal questions. My white male friend demonstrated with me to ensure my… experienced three instances of male intimidation today. I will never be quiet. The partriarchy can suck it.🖕🏿No justice. No peace. No justice. No peace. No justice. No peace. No justice. No peace.
@AmbassadorBIGz DM’ing you. @NineDaves Yep, same.Still experiencing microaggressions! Happened today! Just in case you were all wondering!I’ve been asked if my two daytime emmy awards are “real” after graduating college with a mountain of student loan d… @thebeautyof_FA It’s too much 😢Woke up with my heart beating in my throat. Grieving Elijah all over again.I just watched Ramona throw a wine glass at Kristin’s face and my jaw is on the floor.
@willganss Hey luv!!!!! 🤣❤️Soulmate, where the fuck are you at?! They treating me wrong out here. 😰I need one million dollars :( @feistyfrank LMFAO!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ragamuffin @jansportnyc Thank you.Stop memeing Black trauma.
Retweeted by ragamuffin @thebeautyof_FA Curse these ugly bitches out if you want to. I do it and Jesus still loves me. lol! @kendramorous Is she taking new patients??Do any Black women or LGBTQ in New York City need a room??? Lower East Side. DM for info.Heheheeeee @daakota I haven’t slobbed on any knobs in a while but I think I could contribute some hot takes on sexual racism 🤷🏾‍♀️Are there any black owned planets I can move to
Retweeted by ragamuffinCity Girls got me blocked on bumble. challenge Alex Cooper to get a Black woman as a guest co-host for Call Her Daddy. I’m free.Wig secured like the money in our safeHey, lol.
they made a Karen Huger fancam😭😫
Retweeted by ragamuffin @kendramorous And that’s on, what?! Loving ourselves and enjoying the summertime!Nobody: Me: this why ion like people
Retweeted by ragamuffin @marcjmazauskas LOL THIS GIF HAHAHAH @marcjmazauskas Hold on, you know I love me some 50Cynt nowI don’t know who needs to hear this, but I am not the one today, tomorrow, or any other day. If you want to act a f… don’t we ever talk about getting Shamea a peach?
Happy Father’s Day to myself.
Thank you to everybody who gave me money yesterday. I feel like a real-life bad bitch.