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talie @TalieDelemere Always sunny in Londonalphia

❤️escape rooms & board games. Pat butcher is my earring envy. Opinions entirely mine. She/Her

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the guy who made up the line "I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network conne…
Retweeted by talieI just booked myself a hotel stay in London because I have a day off work next week and honestly I'm so excited. I'…
Home alone 2 me get this straight: against the expert advice of everyone and anyone credible, Donald Trump paid $3 million f…
Retweeted by talieYour twenties now extend to 32 to cover time lost to covid
Retweeted by talie @Kelly_Jackson88 @Pinklilycat @asda Yeah I have a pal who works in Asda and a woman coughed in her face when she as…
@Royal_Greenwich hi there, contacted a few times in regards to a refund for our notice of our wedding which was can… @boohoo_cshelp @nadinesaloud The delivery code wasn't working for me either even with next day. It also has the cod… the #Jamaica50 flight @ukhomeoffice! Absolutely horrendous to do this to Black families. Pr*ti P*tel needs t…
Retweeted by talie @StephanieYeboah Do you think they really had the products? I've never from PLT but seen so many tweet about it and… do people read the Daily Mail, a toxic gossip rag reporting zero actual news, and then complain that it is fill…
Retweeted by talie @jasondobrien @ladbible I read it's because he'd been promised continuing work if he didn't kick up a fuss at the t… @StephanieYeboah Absolutely nothing in stock though haha? Or wasn't at 2am when I was mindlessly scrolling lol @KatyGilroyBlog @joanieclothing Is this an aff link?? I wanna get this but would be good if you got anything for it!
Not me crying at Buffy's class protector umbrella at midnight on a work nightFor the first time ever, Bexley is suddenly full of people denying they live in Kent!
Retweeted by talie @charliejburness All jobs that require assisting others can absolutely have a day. What would be your first thing?… @morshyyyy Have you seen stardust?I spat a malteaser out laughing at this and I don't even know why. Send help @StaceMichelle Imagine the pure joy of just tipping roast hot food on their headsI want The Purge but a version where social media managers are allowed one day to reply to all the rude shit that g… batman thread has got me wondering what's your fave Nolan film? I'm always torn between prestige and interstellar… @charliejburness @TomBradley11 @morshyyyy @notgavin I now just want to rewatch them all again, thanks for deciding…'s so many people I've never met on my twitter than have genuinely got me so much without knowing. That's why… @charliejburness @TomBradley11 @morshyyyy @notgavin Sometimes you just need a cry in 2020. ❤️Thanks! It might also… @Morth1 It's so draining Megan 😭 I just want to be drunk with a person that doesn't live in the same place as me lol @TomBradley11 @morshyyyy @charliejburness @notgavin Omg I went away for a cry and came back to this. Honestly thou… @DavidBedwell I'm sorry to hear that, it's not a sentiment I'd really want anyone to relate to. Just feels a bit hollow doesn't it?Each Tier will send one boy and one girl to a specially designed arena and...
Retweeted by talie @notgavin @morshyyyy @charliejburness Maybe I just like football stadiums being torn apart. Who knows. @rebekkarnold I had to 👀 @rebekkarnold Any and all androids buying a house up north for £20 and bringing it back to London
Retweeted by talie @xpectopatronerd I like sp*ders! Not in like I want them to crawl all over me but I've held tarantulas and the sort… @StaceMichelle Stacey I hate it 😭 I look like the bottom of a pizza @xpectopatronerd Haha! I genuinely find it interesting how our brains process different things. I cried when I was… though before this year I was quite a confident person, now I find myself just a jellyfish human. I'm not muc… though, Mads Mikkelsen and Jude law make the cutest couple.It's really weird that I am deathly terrified of mice yet find Pikachu so adorable @SophLouiseHall Do you think the inner pika is wearing a mask? @SophLouiseHall Apparently there was a dance performance at the parade 😭As if I'm jealous of Pikachu because he's in New York and I'm not government everytime they set us against each other rather than them @morshyyyy @notgavin @charliejburness I also prefer rises 👀It's official
Retweeted by talieDunno who made this but it kinda sums up the dumbass tier system perfectly
Retweeted by talieevery boyband's 1st single: *is a generic pop love song that becomes a hit because every teenage girl can believe i…
Retweeted by talieOh my god 🤣 just had my new passport photos taken and if my head was any rounder a moon would be orbiting it. I'm s…'ll preface my not that bad as compared to what it could be. Obviously. Flippant statementAs someone who lives in London I agree, it's not fair London as a whole gets tier 2, but not all the boroughs are s… @joshGlen_ @spaziwan Equally there's some places in London much lower than this. It's a sweeping result which isn't… putting on make up for passport pictures like I don't look like waynetta slob anytime in an airport the fact we're all treating Tier 2 like we've won an award.
Retweeted by talieLove how the government just love stirring up shit between the north and the south. Not even sure how Manchester or… @rebekkarnold @rhiannaoliviab I don't understand any of it. Should be on a council basis. It says London is growing… @phat_cupcake Blows my mind. Similar to London. 32 boroughs here yet all the same..and Manchester is huge! @ReubenRatski @Jossyjos1 @loveholidays Thanks for the update. So frustrating!! Glad you got yours sorted @loveholidays @AirMalta It's now been over eight months since our flights were cancelled and still no refund. This… @ReubenRatski @Jossyjos1 @loveholidays Any luck? My holiday was from early April and still don't have a flight refund.Here wtf!!! Mind x-factor had the category for 25’s and over. I used to think that was old. They actual bastards, how dare they 😂😭
Retweeted by talie @holyeef is actually exceptional irony of utter fannies knowing nothing about periods.
@TheChosenPun @KatyGilroyBlog Do Greece and then do the cruise in 22?Fair enough = I disagree with everything you just said but I don’t have the energy or time to argue.
Retweeted by talieTabloids: “So much for Meghan and Harry wanting privacy🙄”. ..To be clear, they never wanted privacy, they wanted yo…
Retweeted by talie @xpectopatronerd I did think after maybe Monday was the smarter option🧐 @xpectopatronerd I'm not working any Fridays in December haha @Gwilymlee Lockdown been kind ;) happy birthday!
@rebekkarnold With a toffee apple 😂😂unpopular opinion perhaps but i do not want any media to integrate, analyze, or even passively include covid. i don…
Retweeted by talieMe being really sensible and not mixing with all my old family members but in reality just not having any old famil… the passport office keep telling you to send your passport to them but you already have and you can see they'v… @xpectopatronerd Simone as it is also my friend's name lol. There were bonus baby ones but they didn't seem to enjo… @xpectopatronerd We did this for my friend's bday in may. Solidly recommend @KatyGilroyBlog I think your council area is a much better idea. Especially when you say there's a river (same down… @KatyGilroyBlog I'm in London and when we went into higher tiers there were 6 active cases in my area but like 400… it’s 11/24 and 24-11=13 so I’ve got an announcement 🤓 You haven’t seen this film before ✨ folklore: the long p…
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Retweeted by talieHow did zoom even become the goto? I remember using it in my last office job and everyone being like wtf is zoom? to find out what tier you're in.
Retweeted by talie @fayebelinexo It's the whole 'close your eyes' part. I feel so bad for her hahaI've seen a lot of slagging on the whole sports thing, and whilst I think it's unnecessary, in a 50k seated stadium…, next summer, on my plane laughing at the anti-vaxxers having to cram into Skegness @morshyyyy Yeah she was in close with the Kennedy brothers (affairs etc...) So there's a lot of 🧐 surrounding her deathMe mixing together the Pfizer, Moderna AND AstraZeneca vaccines together
Retweeted by talie @morshyyyy Less of a crime and more conspiracy but would be a crime if true, Marilyn Monroe's death, don't believe…
I've never been team angel but boy does it break my heart every time Buffy has to impale him. @RachelFairfiel1 @Kelly_Jackson88 I'm super pro the vaccine btw! It was just what I read in terms of why it can be made quicker @RachelFairfiel1 @Kelly_Jackson88 Also I read that because most of us would naturally recover from covid if we were… @Kelly_Jackson88 Inject it in me nowwwww @SophLouiseHall Not sure if it's a good sign or a bad one that I know this gen z ref.Coming out of a national lockdown and heading straight into Tier 3
Retweeted by talieplease stop telling us how easy you’d find it to give up Christmas for “just one year” and how you can’t understand…
Retweeted by talieI once had a pal do me proper dirty and her reason was so she could get married and kids on a timeline lol @KatyGilroyBlog Nearly every single episode of supernatural haha @KatyGilroyBlog Rosebud motel in Schitt's CreekThis is why we need more people from working-class backgrounds at the higher levels of the arts. If I heard snobber…
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