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Boo Lee @tallialee Duval County, Flawda

the entrepreneurial creative 〰️ instagram @tallialeefiore 〰️ #itsabeautifuldaytobeblack (customer service 📧 📧

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@earringdealer @AriLennox @TheNuBamboo Love this so much!!! @_loveetrish Thank you 🤎
@tayvstae Hi! I’m sorry for the delay. Could you dm me your order number?
@xoParisWilliams celebs with big funds at that @Chief_Coco_ 🤝
need a mani/pedi🎯 @thepiscesfinest Woah happy birthday! 🤩niggas be green @vidademija Love that for us! @vidademija It was really good I had no idea they sold frozen dragonfruit in Publixbeen having a tough time lately + cooking for myself has been helping a little @DashRuns_Fast Thank you so much @Oddreyonna Thank you 🤎 @ceobarbi3 I hope that things improve for you 🤎 @MikeishaDache Thank you 🤎 @vidademija Thank you 🤎 @Mjy1_ Thank you love 🤎 @sansfilterDEE @OkSoMik Thank you both 🤎 I appreciate that
Pray for ya girl cause I’m overwhelmed. My mental health is suffering and that’s real life.
I’ve been pretty absent on socials to make sure I’m making the direct contact that wasn’t made before and get thing… going through hundreds of backed up emails that were not properly handled or just flat out disregarded. Every…
This girl really skated on me for 2 months not doing SHIT lol
Very much over being too nice.
look up “sonder” @tajiareed the pacific could neverAs a freelance creative, you are not required to offer everything to everyone. You make the rules. There’s nothing… @fuentleslie PREACHI have a real passion for developing cohesive branding like it’s my thing 😭 @GMarie36 Same to you! I try to keep in mind that a part of the beauty is within the process chileThis go round, as a freelance graphic designer, I’ll be focusing on brand design and aesthetic. I’ll be taking it s…
@brittscuit I would be happy to personally refund u, just get me your order # @Slowgrind247 @MasaiDaDon Ok just grab my flight for me baby k @offBeatttt_ 🥺🧊*** 3rd times a charm @MaKaylaMaShelle Happy birthday! @courtallisonn warming my hand back up! @Run_PhD Is! @AriJBlige me 2 u 🧊 sumn for ya @ 10Prayers and blessings to this brother. If you feel in your heart to donate...a dollar or 10...go for it. Duval Cr…
Retweeted by Boo Leethis really looks like a big ass Leo! @TheRealDrePapi Hope you’re wellalive
@assalamalaika aaahhh don’t make me cry! this whole thing has been a learning process i literally started from scra… girls take anything and just instantly upgrade itShirts are up for grabs for one more week unless they sell out before thenSo. After this month, we’ll close. I’ll be handling order-related stuff and once I can put together a solid team to… thing is that the vision for IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE BLACK is waaaay more than just merchandise. And I’ll nev… this is our last month for IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE BLACK retail. For now. We’re still here! Not going anywher… you like me just say that. You ain’t gotta indirectly harass me. @Slowgrind247 👀 @CourtneeDidit we’ll chat 👀God already equipped me with everything I’ll ever needBack in my graphic design bag.If something is bothering you, why spend time trying to act like it doesn’t when you could be figuring out WHY it’s… @REDSEASHAWTY I usually sum it up to them having severe “ego issues” but this — this is way more specific and on point wow @Kola_p1 Don’t you ever accept anything lessWoo me. I need the romance and the consistency. I don’t take hints I need you to spell it out and make it clear. @CreoleBabyBritt girl one dayI just got some picture mail of IABDTBB in Japan 🤩 @__miralaluna stilllll going out, not much longer before they’re all sent! I know it’s been a minute so I appreciat… to experience this still at my big age @xborisr @JusticeTierney I love boffa yallcatching up on weekend dms but please let’s keep order-related conversations in the email, my personal dm is personalhope everyone had a great weekend
the way this gold pairs to our skin 🤩😍😍😍😍
@missrph_ that tooI feel a full out breakdown coming at any moment now.Texas friends- TAKE YOUR ELECTRIC BILLS OFF AUTO-PAY. My billing cycle just started this week and it’s already 8 TI…
Retweeted by Boo Leemental health, personal life, and how much sleep you get are irreverent in the transactions between business owners… @ImTheReasonWhy Love it
@plurfectbitch ?????I guess Florida wanted to Florida today and be 85 degrees @BigCashh $TheTalliaLee 👀who paying for my cut @le_bruleur I believe he’s wearing 2X @lyssasowavey I’ll start by reaching out via dm @MiyukiNia hey @LilCountDaDon What is the problem?? @YensInterlude ahhh better things to come!Open for an amazing surprise 🥺😍
Retweeted by Boo Lee @myluvisblind 😌🤫
@itsjustNOTaylor Now you done took me backmug shot he has no bond @Mr__Marquinhos @myluvisblind Or I designed it this way baby. Watch out na @AyeeeItsLisa Sis I’m sorry you had to find out this way 🥺 but they are gone @PropanePapii 🤎 @veeeveees_ I’m sorry but I have bad news ☹️ @900Glo I’m sorry to tell you this.. @_zaydevon I’m sorry 😖Y’all Leo done did his big one please come get y’all nephewI am so hungry Lord @goldboner_ @SavageXFenty now why would I do that!Hello! I am hiring a copywriter here at HBO Max!
Retweeted by Boo Lee @LaBellaJmarie @SavageXFenty this gif 💀bitch u gone get a lil of everything on my page, don’t confine me