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Paul Thomas @tallpaul75 London and Hertfordshire

Music nut, freelance navigator/consultant on all things digital & social, Gooner & doting Dad too. Addictions to Xbox, Haribo, good coffee. My own boss! Whoop!

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@sharonodea I always have the best luck posting them to Twitter and having a direct conversation. In fact, made a f… interesting listen on my run this lunchtime. I’ve waited for an in depth discussion of the Manchester City C…
Brief thoughts on #socialmedia in the workplace and what employers should be doing to ensure their employees unders…
This just floored me. But in a good way. We all need someone to believe in us and show us the way. Just ❤️…
Retweeted by Paul Thomas“Stating that organic reach is dead is a lazy excuse for your content not performing well.” YES! Love this analysis…
Retweeted by Paul Thomas
Running from Potten End into Hemel Hempstead, no traffic behind me and set the speed clock off! 5, then 7, then 8 m…
Happy Valentine’s Day to my #comms, social media and PR pals 😍
Retweeted by Paul Thomas @IoICNews Well, I remember Jennifer Rush being at No1 for what seemed like months at the time but HL was in Back To… @how_IC_it @helendeverell @sharonodea @comms2point0 @theICcrowd @IoICNews Great call!50 minutes @SkyHelpTeam30 minutes and counting.“I’m updating your marketing preferences and contact details, then we can get started.” I started a conversation w… a more sensible (and great!) Love and Communication by Cat Power bit of Friday fun! The convergence of #internalcomms and #marketing /PR seems to be a hot topic, so let your fel…
@techpixiejoy @TechPixies All your work!! I need to talk to you too...can we find 20 mins do you think?Well done @TechPixies and @techpixiejoy !
@annkempster Blinis even!! @annkempster And Binis? @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music A-Punk is the first track on the iPod plugged into my car. Every time it resets - A-Punk!…
#1917 - Flippin’ ‘Eck! minutes to do some admin before my first meeting of the day and.... Whoop and indeed, di-doo!!! @IoICNews 1000s of @BurtonsBiscuits Jammie Dodgers to engage employees to use our ESN, Jam. “Don’t be a Jammie Dodg…
If your charity works with young people this is an essential read ✅24% of 3-4 year olds have their own tablet ✅20%…
Retweeted by Paul Thomas @ColeMoreton I’d be happy to have a call with you to find out more.
@zoeamar @gary_rae @ThirdSectorLab Ah, happy birthday to you!!
@WanDilliams I believe there’s a new batch on the 1st of the month for the next couple of months. Got a lot on Blu-… all your plans for the weekend. First batch of Studio Ghibli films are up on Netflix. Starting with Castle I… @PaulSummerhill Just back from park run and I’m not smiling that broadly! 😂 Well done - great to hear about your journey to 100 miles!
End of everything today. Football transfers, January tax scramble, legislative bollocks that won’t stop me being Eu… for the playlist this evening and a great excuse tonight revisit this fine @AmberArcades album! everyone loves a music recommendation too, so shout out to @avibuffalo who I thought had long disappeared… loves a book recommendation, so sharing Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, by…😳😬 and 👏🏻 out my latest article: Building the business case for digital investment and why you probably already have it…’m on this episode, but don’t let that stop you listening. It’s about how your friends and family become an essent…
Loving this beer from @Beer52HQ @NinkasiBrewing Noire Just what’s needed to go with tonight’s just… HT @CerysHearsey @delia_p “Let’s chunk it up” meaning, I have no clue what’s going on, so let’s restate it in terms a 3 year old wou… @delia_p “Please copy in X on your reply” (because I have no intention of doing this work and somebody else will pr…
@zoeamar @Simonablake @Rosie_Ferg @rosylight Think that’s the recorder I might buy... 🤓 🤣 Look forward to listening!
My own two pennies is that good communicators will always be valued in any profession, but as businesses vie for em… interesting to see those in the role debating internal communications as a profession and a great thread.
@Laura_SBerry @LauraGeeksOut Cool - look forward to it. We can talk work and I’ll wear a Batman tshirt. @Laura_SBerry @LauraGeeksOut With both of you. @LauraGeeksOut @Laura_SBerry Half an hour @Laura_SBerry @LauraGeeksOut It’s a tough one. I keep wondering if I should have an account for my business, but as… @Laura_SBerry @LauraGeeksOut Half of you responded, half of you didn’t 🤣I love this. One of those subtle melodies that washes over you at first and then you find yourself humming over and… @Laura_SBerry @LauraGeeksOut Interested to see how this change pans out for you - I have exactly the same inner dis… spoiler alert, but that moment of disappointment, remembering how ‘his’ institution failed him and the unive… Once Upon A Time In Hollywood last night. Admittedly, I was tired when I started and I appreciate it looked… @michael_taggart The article mentions Homeland - just caught up with the penultimate season of that over Christmas… @michael_taggart Any good? Do I need to re-prioritise it?Notwithstanding the communication of these changes of course. I can see exactly where the disgruntlement comes from… the danger I suppose. A quick look in anyone’s loft will reveal obsolete cables and unsupported formats - I… @JaneLambertECG 😊
@Tweetinggoddess Yep and really finding that on LinkedIn which has really come into its own and is a very supportive environment. @Tweetinggoddess It’s less how to use it, more how to shift my use towards supporting my business growth without lo… @Tweetinggoddess @DamianCorbet @katyhowell @savvysocialDT I help businesses with change and strategy for our digita… @DamianCorbet Only one episode up and released weekly - go on, jump in, then we can discuss it. Halfway through fin… this is a keeper - great Americana, reimagining and reinterpreting traditional songs - The Roving a bit of a… @agsocialmedia Tant pis! @how_IC_it Nice - no link to your actual name then, nor me!? Years later I like to link it to successful Antoines -…, that was a good start! Friday lunch break treat for the next 8 weeks or so.Picard over my lunch break? Please, and thank you! @CerysHearsey Ha ha. That’s a lot. If I called each out in a classroom would you respond to them all? I must have h…! Love this - extra house points for the lad’s ingenuity!! you did French, German or Spanish* at school and were given, in my case, a French name for the classroom, post i… flip side is that LinkedIn, which never really helped me as an employee, is now my focus...I'm making that work… Twitter as a person, figured out how it could work as an employee, helped lots of others to do the same. N… @Kathryn_events Oh dear...well, glad you're back and what a claim to fame :)
@JaneHorridge @BOBcatdigital @WSAcomms Looking good!
What a game! Exhausted. #COYG @gunnerblog Yep, the Martinelli one 😜 @tomdefraine @charitychap @zoeamar obvs. 👍🏻 @chrisdymond That’s not good, especially for a system built on flexibility and choice. Not a customer and this sort…, yuck! Also, in the world of Employee Advocacy and engagement, I came across ‘workforce alignment’! Adding both… objective for 2020 is to grow my business locally, as well as through my existing network, so I’ve recently sign…
@streedles You’re not edging across West London are you?? 😬 Not our day, but close at the top of the league. We’ll… out at Meadow Park for @ArsenalWFC vs @ChelseaFCW - what a day! Coats and scarves off by half-time!
@LNWRailway Is this right? Over £20 to get to London and back on a Saturday? I can drive to St Albans and get a ret… event - Run2ParkRun. For all those, including me, who regularly jog/sprint to the last two minutes of the brief…
@SimonHeath1 Just been followed by vinyl offers. Shhh...they’re listening!! @sbrownehr @SimonHeath1 Ah ha!! Not only can we connect on a professional level, but we can empathise over bathroom… @SimonHeath1 Streaming...I am a digital human 😜 But those albums that really click join my rapidly expanding vinyl… @SimonHeath1 My noise cancelling headphones and an album I’ve been meaning to reconnect with for ages. (Yes, still albums!) @SimonHeath1 @sbrownehr Done. Bring back #ff 😀Booo!! 😭 Thrill kill: should Netflix cancel David Fincher's Mindhunter? | Television & radio | The Guardian @JaneHorridge @HollyDawsonMK @Bidwells @FirstBaseUrban @AreaWorkplaces @EveJDrakard @Pam_Gosal @JulesAuthor Ah than…
When you’re knee-deep into a proposal and you almost miss the school run, or more accurately when you live 5 minute…
Oh my word, Mindhunter season 2 on Netflix. So good. @LouiseDytham Of course. I was thinking more “who do I know on this train” rather than complete strangers. Like if… @JaneLambertECG Yes, all good and looking forward to working with a great bunch again @JaneLambertECG MK tomorrow. Should come and see you at some point! @JaneLambertECG Really strange. Being the guest, being offered a coffee. Bumping into the CEO on the way out. Yes, all a bit odd. 😳And yes, next time I’ll bring an umbrella. These legs were made for walking.You’re on the train home, it’s raining. You know there will be someone who has parked at the station and will be go… The other side of the gates.
@LondonKirsty One More Croissant For The Road by @FelicityCloake - I have experience envy. Would love to do the jou…!!!!!!