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Tam Demic @tamaravh Brooks, Alberta

Nothing can flatten her curves.

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An #art #library in what was once an abandoned Chicago bank
Retweeted by Tam DemicAt this point, 40% of librarians would put the Pigeon in charge of everything because it can’t really get any worse
Retweeted by Tam DemicJ.K. Rowling to Release New Fairytale ‘The Ickabog’ for Free: Harry Potter Author Will Serialize Children’s Book On…
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reading the lightning thief for the first time
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Vennesla Library and Culture House, Vennesla, Norway by Helen & Hard
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@liliannedems Ugh. I typed “Khloe” I swear. 🤣 @liliannedems Woah! I had to do a triple take. That is NOT Chloe Kardashian.been making coffee at home instead of getting starbucks for two months which according to economists should’ve made…
Retweeted by Tam DemicButter chicken coma.
Birthday Present. you @yycARTS for sharing our new online series on your blog! #MusicEducation
Retweeted by Tam Demic @DrunkestLibrary Have you seen “The Toys That Made Us” on Netflix? AMAZING story about TMNT creation! @DrunkestLibrary Personally, I’m waiting for you to live tweet the entire 80’s TMNT cartoon series.God damn it, he still has my books!!! 😡Damn, this was really good.
Library inventory is payback for all the times I said “That’s a Future-Me problem.” 😅'll always be easier to judge & criticise others than to actually do better for ourselves it'll always be easier…
Retweeted by Tam Demicwe used to live in villages & communities where the opinions & acceptance of others had a direct impact on our surv…
Retweeted by Tam DemicWell this is an exciting treat for tonight!
Not-So Secret Dream: Learn how to sword fight with Highlander’s Adrian Paul: @zendarthemag Do you ever miss the days when your piglet was tiny?Check out this collection of free eBooks in multiple languages for children about the Coronavirus / COVID-19:
Retweeted by Tam Demicimagine a future where a person's weight can't be used to humiliate them
Retweeted by Tam DemicLately my life has just been a series of sittin’ by the strain’ window. “your friendships are being tested rn, find out who your friends really are” crowd are demons actually. We’re i…
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@Library_Curious It’s the best job ever. Good luck!Wanna know why I’m so chill during this pandemic? Because I’m too busy drinking water and peeing. 😅 Supply Run #zombiesrun we are, in every reality
Retweeted by Tam DemicPlans for tonight: Binge watch “A Football Life” while eating lava cake. @Todd_Spence I . . . uhhhh . . . might be a 4. 😅Lol The squee at the end!!! von Heyl “Poetry Machine #3
I kinda DO want a Snuggie . . . can’t do plane crash stories. Too close for me. 😔“The director of a play is nailed to words.” —Arthur Miller
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A good 30% of my left leg is now crisscrossed with KT tape. :/ #kneeproblemsI definitely have “Babooshka” stuck in my head now.Okay, I think I’m into Kate Bush . . .Fresh made pasta instead! 😊 @JoyceCarolOates has a Masterclass. 😃❤️😁 damn, I’d kill for some BBQ right about now.Responded to a distress call to rescue a Netrophil agent's daughter #zombiesrun
2020 @TeamJuJu Whatcha makin’?
Found new clues at one of Moonchild's bunkers while under her spell #zombiesrun by Erté @xoxolibrarian Same. @SeattleMonorail @MoPOPSeattle Sky Church. ❤️ @anne_theriault Why are those people critiquing YOUR swimming? That’s very weird of them. @LouGarza86 “Art for art’s sake is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of truth, art for the sake of the good and bea…
This is Anxious-Avoidant attachment life. You gotta dig deep to understand why you do it, recognize when you’re doi… Duty #zombiesrun didn’t write this, but I could have. @brynn5xox I saw a meme that was something like this.Just realized that I haven’t had a hug since March 11th.At least nine women and girls killed in domestic homicides in Canada during pandemic Wrap, Juno Calypso else bawling uncontrollably while watching videos of grandparents hugging their grandkids through sheets of plastic? 😭😭😭 @doctorow @_atariatlas A personal fav.#CurrentMood, Gerard Razzia if you who said the pandemic was the second coming of Jesus? How ya feelin’ now? 😏
Yeah. I live in the blue bar. :/ @GNJohnson1978 I know two people who have had it done and we’re very happy afterwards. Just focus hard on that phys… @GNJohnson1978 No, not yet. I’m overweight and haven’t worked out in awhile. Bad knees run in the family though. I know it’s coming . . .Traversed a crumbling, zom infested, library to pick up some light reading #zombiesrun @itsSHANGELA Thanks, Shangela. I needed to hear this today. ❤️Come on y’all! We’ve got this. Don’t give up hope. Keep yourself safe. And consider the safety of others. I love u…
Retweeted by Tam Demic @Laurajk32 Great artwork! Where’d you get that deck?Today’s Facebook fashion ad tells me that I should buy this dress. I mean, I WANT to look like a contestant on Dan… Google Sites: 2 hours Making a Google Site: 10 minutesKnee pain life: Pain killers, kt tape, and rub A535. 10 minute leg sstretch, 20 minutes RICE, 1 hour work. Repeat. 😔 don’t love this guy, but this topic really spoke to me:
Thank goodness my friends helped to get me back on track this morning. ❤️When anxiety attacks: today don’t know the struggle of jamming a Discman in your shorts pocket
Retweeted by Tam DemicMy Facebook feed is full of nothing but wine ninjas.
@70s_party 🤢🤮近所鳥ロック画面(自分用) 個人で楽しむ範囲だったら使っていいよ
Retweeted by Tam DemicHappy Mother’s Day!
This book has 1327 pages. 😱 But, I’m self isolating so what else have I got to do? 🤷🏻‍♀️I’ve just started The Letters of Sylvia Plath Volume 1: 1940-1956 by Sylvia Plath discover vital clues about S-Type Zoms #zombiesrun loss is just body rebranding. If you’re still rotten inside, I’m out.🤣😂🤣 Gets me every time. . . .
If you know me, you know my love of faux fur and vintage inspired coats. Found this beauty today. Wonder if I can h… @baraGodzilla But can it really be for girls if it’s not pink? 🙄Today's #FrankLloydWrightFridays illustration is by Alfonso Mannella—"I truly love the Guggenheim and its location…
Retweeted by Tam Demic @DrunkestLibrary @M_Carson2020 Noooo! Can you get tested?Minchiate (Tarot) Playing Card, 17th century #museumarchive #openaccess
Retweeted by Tam Demic*Insert Pandemic Sourdough Starter Joke Here* cheese deal chats with my Mom. #CheeseDeal“Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.” - Albert CamusCelebration, Sam Francis