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Tamara Vineberg @TamaraVineberg Edmonton, Alberta

Connector, PR pro, #yegfoodie, #craftbeer enthusiast, native Montrealer and proud Reform Jew. My camera is always with me and tweets are my own.

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Just saw a blood test being done under the Quebec system. The testing room is spacious and quiet. #healthcare @jewpoker She said I don’t care who this is for and then tore off a piece.Then she took a bite of @jewpoker’s donut!Just gave my mom her treat from @CremyPatisserie and her comment was amazing! She ate the whole thing! @habanerogal I wish but tomorrow is back to errands.Aren’t these pretty breads from @CremyPatisserie? my omelette at Ben and Florentine but loved seeing my friend of 30 years more! met the most interesting person at @CremyPatisserie today. She poses Barbies for Instagram. Follow her at semibeg… @dinnerwithjulie @wanderwoman10 I made it to @CremyPatisserie in Montreal!
@DynamitePR @yegsheens @dirklancer It is heaven wrapped into a delicious pizza dough ball. Imagine this dough ball in the middl…"You get the impression that, as a pedestrian, you don't matter as you travel through a city." @RobinMazumder on ho…
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @dirklancer ball of deliciousness is pizza dough from Pendelli’s in Montreal.
@apaulagetics You have to go here! @apaulagetics Nope @Arbitral I’m surprised to see that I am in the majority who don’t wear it. @CTVYEGBuzz @citadeltheatre @jewpoker @yegsheens I’m planning to bring back two dozen! Imagine a flaky pastry surrounding mashed potato. @yegsheens Thank you!Someone please rescue me. I’m trapped at a Montreal McDonald’s in the play room with screaming kids. I’m trying to… @Prairies My mom and I shared. ☺️ @focuscom Yes, I am!Enjoyed my smoked meat and potato knishes at Snowdon Deli. latest for the Toronto Star: Cineplex pre-show host Tanner Zipchen speaks out on his unexpected termination (for…
Retweeted by Tamara VinebergShe’s been my Montreal date since Wednesday. #mom out this great deal on my 2016 Mazda3 Sport GS on @autoTRADER_ca. Available immediately.
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @yegsheens We had to eat lunch in the car today because the snow prevented my mom opening her passenger door. @yegsheens It’s been tough at time’s getting my mom around.As I drive around Montreal, I am silently yelling zipper merge to the drivers. We have been well trained in #yeg.#EditorValentines My pen is red. I have a blue one, too. Which I use depends On whether I am writing for me Or editing for you.
Retweeted by Tamara VinebergEnded today with a great visit with @lchodan and a beer. Those of you may remember her from her @edmontonjournal da…
@jewpoker What a day! Off to have a beer now. Fill you in later. @ChattyGirlMedia @Wildsau I’m with Ashley!Haven't decided where to go for the #ValentinesDay dinner? Come to us. #yeg #yegfood #yegeats #
Retweeted by Tamara VinebergRoses are red, violets are blue. Kids’ pain should be well-managed in the ED and at home too. #AcademicValentines
Retweeted by Tamara VinebergThe Yangtze egg roll is worth every bite even if I have to eat it in the car. @bariweiss Thank you for picking up my daughter @StecykSarah from the airport for @BBYOInsider! She just texted me that she met you.My current view. just don’t think how hard it is to get around in a wheelchair in the winter! For the person pushing the whee… lesson #101. When your baseball team gets caught cheating, admit to all it it and apologize over and over again…
Retweeted by Tamara VinebergGrief comes in small spurts and unexpected places. Memories hit in familiar spaces. @EliseReiter @MarathonSouvlak More food pictures to come!
I’m seeing The Song of Names in a movie theatre in Montreal and I am the only one in the theatre. It’s so quiet wai… @Mandoline79 I have no idea who they are. @DanicaDErickson @MarathonSouvlak It was!The lunch at @MarathonSouvlak is a deal. I skipped the salad because I knew I couldn’t finish it. I could only eat… of Montreal restaurants: they pack you in like sardines, the wait staff are skilled in balancing five… never realized how much grief you have for the years your child sheds. The stages of them that you'll never get b…
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @habanerogal @HansenSpirits Wow! You really stocked up! @DynamitePR @batonrougefood I’m planning to have Chalet BBQ!New event: @TerryFlynn looks at facts vs fiction, why trust in credible sources of information is constantly challe…
Retweeted by Tamara VinebergFirst meal in Montreal is at @batonrougefood for the fall off the bone ribs!
In a French neighbourhood and I am struggling with the language. @EliseReiter Thanks!Arrived in Montreal and started my visit in traffic to Anjou. @phunphunphun Thank you! And they aren’t that spoiled. @Wildsau @oodle_noodle Good to know! @Wendy I am excited!They don’t want me to leave town. @Wendy In Laval, north of Montreal. @Wendy I’m going to his concert in August!
Here's another great story for #WomeninScience Day: Meet Ashley Radomski, who recently graduated with a graduate de…
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @MaximumJill I sit on the @DriveHappy_ab board and we do need more board members! @cspotweet I'm just being a concerned Jewish mom. 😊 @tracey_anderson @Headspace Sorry to hear this. @cspotweet Shouldn't you be snuggled in bed resting? @RuckingNMauling @michaelschayer @LADonutman Yes, I am. Born and raised there. @michaelschayer @RuckingNMauling @LADonutman Well, I prefer Snowdon Deli and plan to visit when I am in Montreal this week. @boosterjuice @Bellagio I don't see it on the website.
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @habanerogal @ChattyGirlMedia @HansenSpirits Have you tasted it yet? @habanerogal @FuzzyWuzzyTO Why is it sad? @ChattyGirlMedia @HansenSpirits I spotted @habanerogal! @slav_metalurges @JulieRohrYEG This is so lovely and warms my heart on this winter’s day. @yegsheens Thank you! @LADonutman @michaelschayer Is that Montreal smoked meat?Eleven years ago my life changed. I went to my first tweetup in #yeg and met wonderful people!Lesson from tonight’s class: Facts are stronger than authority.
Dear friends, Please avoid diets that: ▪️Shame you ▪️Emphasize willpower ▪️Eliminate healthy foods ▪️Eliminate p…
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @bauxoffice The Tunnels of Moose Jaw, Riding Mountain National Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park near BrooksLooks like I am heading into winter on Wednesday. @Mandoline79 I really connected with it. If you ever want to chat in person about it, let me know. @Mandoline79 In case you didn’t see this... @wick8world That's a challenging project! You can count me as one. 😊 @SkipTheDishes My favourite is mint chocolate chip!#SpoonTimeCraving some quality spoon time?🥄 Here’s your chance to win $500 in Skip Credits to make things EXTRA cheesy this…
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg @allsystemsjo @shop124street has great food options. A walk in the River Valley. One of the farmer's markets. @Mandoline79 They sure are! @e_j_hay_ Did you have a vegetable to use up?Spinach and mushroom quiche is done! Now I can go to bed. #yegfood @TeaganPhoto It’s pretty easy to make! @MetsaWest @jewpoker needs meals while I am in Montreal this week. @KristiSainchuk Thanks!Who makes a quiche at 8 p.m. on Sunday to use up a bag of spinach? #yegfood
@maxwellander @theleanover @contessabessa would know! @apaulagetics @jewpoker @sugared_spiced @dirklancer Still wondering what kind of cake it is.🏰 CONTEST 🏰 Castles, kegs & casks—oh my! It's an exclusive adults-only night with @silverskatefest, @IceCastles
Retweeted by Tamara Vineberg.@jewpoker and I walked into @sugared_spiced and saw the perfect cake already made for us. Plus, it was paid for. U… is so true and never talked about.