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Elementary teacher and education enthusiast; Podcast host of "Time to Teach"

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#STEM + #Reading = The Daily STEM The latest issue has news on #Robots & Whales, info about @RubeGoldberg machines,…
Retweeted by Tami Jimenez @emilyfranESL It sure is! @GregSederberg @DrCaliGrit @BiscottiNicole @raspberryberet3 @DarrinPeppard @bethhill2829 @noasbobs @bbray27 @emilyfranESL That is the sweetest! You are so loved by your students.Day of the Dead exhibit in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, Mexico. week's Day of The Dead Exhibit in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco Mexico. @steve_hanke Not minimizing the tragedy,that area is congested w/ cartels and is a very dangerous area.Violence has… @Ms_A_Yeh I use Seesaw in my classroom & have recently been thinking it could be a great PD told for adults too. I… today's episode, I discuss how I am incorporating Science Workshop in my classroom this year. Science Workshop i…
#edugladiators I must check out early. I am off to work on report cards...and my life! Have an amazing weekend!A3) I take time for me! Exercise, get enough sleep, read every day! #EduGladiator @Tellez2u Love it! I hope to work with ELLs when I return to the states. I have been teaching in Mexico for 11 years now. #edugladiatorsA2) I will always be in education. I will always push myself to the next level. I am never okay with the status quo. #edugladiators @Latimer1Kristi Thank you and same to you!A1) Motivating factor: Our work as educators is changing the world. Knowing that I can impact positive change is hu… morning, #edugladiators Happy Saturday to all. @CarlaMeyrink At the end of the 6 weeks, does a new cycle begin? #pd4uandme @LiaGyore I do not know who Fullan is. Bob Marzano is an education researcher. We are working on strategies that sp… @Tellez2u What a great way to conduct a PLC!! You are giving me ideas! #pd4uandmeWe also have coaches who frequently offer workshops. I consider all of that to be a PLC. I think the idea behind PL… have monthly PLC meetings. We are in year 2 of a 2-year Marzano PLC on instructional & learning strategies. #pd4uandme @specialtechie @teresagross625 Happy birthday!!! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 Wow! I bet! I'm ready for some fall weather. It still feels like summer here! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 Good morning! I hope the week treated you well. :) #satchat @specialtechie I'm excited about today's topic! #pd4uandmeGood morning #pd4uandme I am Tami, an international T from California, teaching down in Mexico.This looks like this will be a good one! @vmarkman2 @Sheila_SouleVT @3_DLeadership @msfrenchteach @ladylanguage411 We were discussing how some Ss r not comfortable dis… @3_DLeadership @Sheila_SouleVT @msfrenchteach @ladylanguage411 Is this comment to me? If so, which assertion? #satchat @3_DLeadership @msfrenchteach @ladylanguage411 Yes! Being comfortable doesn't grow us. That's something I always tell my Ss. #satchat @msfrenchteach @ladylanguage411 I also feel it's an important skill (collaborating w/others). Additionally, it's ok… @mossteachlead Same! Simple yet effective. #satchatA4) I use Seesaw, which is a great way for Ss to express themselves & participate. #satchatA4) I have a student who is selectively mute (only speaks at home). I have her participate by writing her answers down. #satchat @3_DLeadership If the focus is outward,visible actions, I can see that(being talkative in some situations while qui…'m an introvert and always say I am slow at everything, &take a lot of time to think. Someone recently rephrased t… I think of someone who needs time to think and re-energize away from a group or crowd of people. I do not think… hope you can join us in the morning! @pd4uandme #pd4uandme 11/9/19 from 8:30-9:00 am EST. Our topic: Building pr…
Retweeted by Tami Jimenez @HeckAwesome @mospillman @Isham_Literacy @LindaEdwardsi @KathiSueSummers @KMillerSAIL @MrsLedford6Eng @MsDeFriese
@JoshRBuckley Thank you! Good luck to you as well! #masterychat @teacherxatli Thanks. What time is the chat?I'm bailing out early #MasteryChat friends. Report card season is in full force & I have work to do. Duty calls. Until next time.A3) Today in writing workshop all my Ss did was read through their old writings to see what they r doing well, & wh… I intentionally give my Ss puzzles & challenges that require them to collaborate and figure out together. These… Key ingredients: teach Ss how to reflect ; use proficiency scales & rubrics so Ss have a way to measure their… Simply put, more learning occurs when Ss feel empowered& have the tools & strategies to be in charge of their learning. #masterychatHello #Masterychat I'm Tami, an international T from California, down in Mexico. I teach lower elementary. @HeckAwesome @mospillman @Isham_Literacy @LindaEdwardsi @KathiSueSummers @KMillerSAIL @MrsLedford6Eng @MsDeFriese @GtanakaTanaka 😥
A2: My square squad is my #PLN on #edutwitter and #FCPSsbts. I have made so many wonderful connections because of t…
Retweeted by Tami Jimenez @teacherxatli Can anyone join? What time?
How beautiful is this song? Hermosa cancion, voz de angel:
#doodleandchat Here are my "C" doodles from today. I used a mix of English & Spanish words. @BSGSCSFoster @HeckAwesome Those are so awesome! @me1odystacy @PrincipalPaul Such a great point! If the actions don't align w/the greater goals, then there will not… Innovation in education is necessary b/c what always worked, or what used to work, doesn't hack it in an ever-changing world. #LeadUpChat @QuyenTaylor68 @SteinbrinkLaura @emilyfranESL Thank you!!!A1) Leaders can be vulnerable & visible around their own new attempts & endeavors. This can help normalize risk tak… @emilyfranESL @carlameyrink Exactly! Thanks for this suggestion. I am going to buy it for her. I think she will rea… @SteinbrinkLaura @emilyfranESL Altar at my school. This year's altar was in memory of our carpenter who tragically… @emilyfranESL @carlameyrink It's been hard for my daughter.Especially since my husband's familyRfrom a small pueblo… @specialtechie I look forward to that ! As a plc facilitator, I am always looking to improve & make the PLCs more impactful. #pd4uandme @emilyfranESL @carlameyrink I feel like my daughter would like it too (at least based on the title).She struggles w… @emilyfranESL @carlameyrink I've read "Como Agua Para Chocolate" in my book club. Fantastic read!!!! I'll need to c… @teresagross625 I know we should never judge a book by its cover. But that cover is GORGEOUS!!! #PD4uandme @MrsHipgrave Wow!! That's impressive!! #PD4uandme @SteinbrinkLaura Wow! What an awesome idea! My Ss r young, 5 & 6. Does that age work for you? #pd4uandme @MrsHipgrave Wow! What an amazing learning experience for all of you! #PD4uandme @SteinbrinkLaura I love this!!!!! I will share once my school publishes the pics. I didn't take pics on my device b… @emilyfranESL I didn't take any on my personal device b/c my school always posts on our site. I will share them out… @GruntledChalkie Boo! Yes, much too late for coffee. #pd4uandme @msfrenchteach Yes! And it's usually unintentional on our part. It's so great that we r having these conversations… @GruntledChalkie You're looking for coffee! :) #pd4uandmeGood morning my #pd4uandme friends! Today is my favorite day of the year: Dia de los Muertos. We have a beautiful a… @3_DLeadership @SusZanti5 In other words, part of my literacy instruction includes read alouds & shared reading. I… @3_DLeadership @SusZanti5 I understand & agree. I was not trying to imply that it should be taught from a book. I w… @3_DLeadership @SusZanti5 I live in Mexico.We do not have sufficient access to books, especially ones in which many… @3_DLeadership @SusZanti5 Sorry. Which statement? #satchat @SusZanti5 So true! The challenge when you teach outside of the US (I am from the US but live & teach in Mexico) is… @msfrenchteach I try to be more mindful of that as well! I teach in Mexico, so I have Ss who are Mexican, but I als… @pammoran @thomascmurray Can you tell us more about the discussions happening in these photos? #Satchat @Call_Me_Doyle @thomascmurray If we all did that, this world would be such a better place! #Satchat @DrJacieMaslyk Yes! When I am on recess duty, I never just stand. I walk around. It's good for monitoring, and good… I take self care pretty seriously. I get to bed early (8:30...some nights a little later), focus on eating most… de los Muertos! A wonderful observance and tradition down here in Mexico (also my favorite day of the year). Pl… Really get to know them; try to embed their interests into what we do (ex: I have one kiddo obsessed w/bats so… @thomascmurray This really says it all! This is what we need to keep at the forefront of our minds. #SatchatA1) I try to give my Ss choices as much as possible. This happens by them choosing their own reading books; choosin… @HeckAwesome Good morning!!!!! I hope your week was a good one! :)Good morning #satchat Tami down in Mexico reporting in. I teach lower elementary.Another "can't miss" chat! has quickly become one of my favorite Saturday morning events!
A7) It's prevalent in all aspects of our life. We're probably mostly unaware just how embedded our culture is. I th… I feel I can improve, but tomorrow, for example, we are celebrating & learning about fall holidays/observances… Or when one tries to teach or highlight cultures that they themselves r not well educated on. #MasterychatA3) I think it's good that Ss r exposed to the other cultures around them. I think challenges can be making people… #Masterychat I'm joining a little late tonight!
In today's episode I examine some of the ways I keep up w/ student progress&data. It's important2track student prog…
@emilyfranESL Ah, thank you!! That means a lot to me! Thanks for having me!! #pd4uandmeA2) I don't think bias is being particularly tackled at my school, though we have had conversations surrounding it. #edugladiatorsA1) I have a lot of diversity in my classroom. Being sensitive, respresenting everyone, embracing our differences a…