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Elementary teacher and education enthusiast; Podcast host of "Time to Teach" TamiJ on Goodreads (let's follow each other).

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A3) It allows for Student voice and choice, which affects motivation and over all learning. #masterychat @LaneWalker2 Oh, absolutely. The academics can't be ignored, but nor should the other components. It takes all the… I've always taught to the whole child, so it really has changed anything for me. #masterychatA1) That we are including not just the academics, but teaching the WHOLE child: emotional, social, and mental. #masterychatGood evening #masterychat I'm Tami, an early elementary T teaching internationally in Mexico.
@mjjohnson1216 Yeah, it was a great discussion! #BookCampPD @JodyCarrington @mjjohnson1216 By the way, I loved your book so much! It's one of those that you can use immediatel… for the great chat, everyone! #BookCampPD
A6) Teachers also need to be checked on; schools need to make sure services are being provided to assist Ts with em… @TamicaCollard I love this! I think this should be the norm, not the exception. #BookCampPDA5) Perhaps assign mentors (these could be teachers, counselors, etc.) to check in on & connect with specific stude… I don't, but I fear that happens more than I would like to believe. Sometimes we only see the behaviors or the… @HeckAwesome Thank you! I was stuck at first, but then I really got into it! @SpEdTeachLove @HeckAwesome Awe, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @kekeplinger Those are such important skills. I think this should be part of every T's curriculum! #BookCampPD @timlriley Hi Tim!! How are you? #bookcamppdA3) I actually feel I am really strong in this area. I teach young Ss, so I teach strategies for emotional regulati… "Tell me more" is so open ended that it allows for almost anything. I think it also shows genuine interest, & a… @chattygaede Those positive notes make such a difference. Mine were always simple (written on post its), but the ki… I used to (during non-COVID times) leave little notes for students at the end of the day. "Thank you for being… #bookcamppd I'm Tami, an international T from California, teaching in Mexico since 2009. I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. @AnneLeBlanc2 @rickriordan @sarahscheerger @HeckAwesome @MrVelaTeaches Excellent! I am from California in the US, b… @TeacherRenee @HeckAwesome Thank you! @talldrinkowater @HeckAwesome I was having a fairy moment! @emilyfranESL @SIOPModel Woohoo! Congratulations!
@BSGSCSFoster Ah! What a fantastic way to display fiction!! Love this! @Isham_Literacy @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome @KathiSueSummers @specialtechie @markbrittmusic1 OMGosh, Kimberly! This is… @markbrittmusic1 @HeckAwesome Thanks, Mark!!! @KathiSueSummers @HeckAwesome This is amazing, and the coloring really brings it to life! @MetkoSra @HeckAwesome I love this, especially how it likes like some of the characters are coming out of the book! @SpEdTeachLove There is so much TRUTH in this fiction piece! @talldrinkowater Oh my gosh! This is fantastic! @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Thank you! Bubble letters have been my favorite thing lately! My paper is small, so I inclu… @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome Oh, I love the idea of making the theme the fictional characters from #doodleandchat Brilliant! @MandiTolenEDU @HeckAwesome Mandi, this is incredibly awesome! OMGosh!!! @MarielIsaacson @HeckAwesome Super cute using a book as a container!!! @Mrs_Persechini @HeckAwesome I love the people and the bubbles...My favorite is the one hanging from the letter! @mathwitz I am in love with this! @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome OMGosh! It's ADORBS! I really need a mascot. My student loves hedgehogs, so I might try to… @AnneLeBlanc2 @rickriordan @sarahscheerger @HeckAwesome I love this! Can you explain the "Explore Mexico"? I ask on… @TeacherRenee OMGosh! What a cute idea!! @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Wait! I could be a cat! It's adorable, either way! @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Soooo cute! I love the idea of the squirrel reading! (It is a squirrel, right??).#doodleandchat Today's topic really stretched me. My page was blank for quite some time! I finally decided to go w… @Mrs_Persechini @HeckAwesome Awe, thank you! I hadn't even realized that, but it does look like the whale is swimmi… @emilyfranESL You too!!! @emilyfranESL lol! I thought I was finally going to make it to #pd4uandme Have a nice week!
@timmerhod Oh my goodness, this is soooo true! #masterychatA3) There's frequent daily contact and a lot more transparency. I think there are some important lessons here! #masterychat @LauraMcConnel18 Yes!!!! #masterychat @acottos What do you use to edit? Are you just using Youtube, or something else? #masterychatA2) I will continue to use the new skills on Google Slides and Seesaw that I have learned; I will continue to utili… @TziriLamm So much! Oh my goodness, I can't get enough! #masterychat @MrB_EMSCats I'm obsessed! #masterychat @cathyrobey3 Yeah, it's like everyone has been pushed into an intense tech PD. I think a lot of good will come out of it. #masterychatA1) I have improved in what I can do in Google Slides. I have been into making a virtual classroom the past couple… #masterychat I'm Tami, an early elementary T from California, teaching in Mexico. I hope you all are well.
@VJean83 @HeckAwesome This is PRECIOUS and soooo inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Thanks! Yes, they really are hard! I was about to throw the towel in!#doodleandchat It turns out that curved lines are not my strong suit. I don't love this piece, but I am sending i… @HeckAwesome This is great and made my day! I have been known to get the coffee pot ready (I have a Nespresso machi…
This week and weekend has filled my heart!!! It is full of happiness and the deep and special reminder of how ridic…
Retweeted by Tami Jimenez @HeckAwesome I love how you put them all into a collage! @HeckAwesome Thank you, Carrie! @HeckAwesome It was wonderful to watch the two of you take on a new challenge and you did fantastic! I love this #doodleandchat family!
E99 I have been trying new things&making tweaks 2 my schedule for Ss, & I am finally pleased with what I have creat…
@KathiSueSummers @HeckAwesome Love it!!! @Isham_Literacy @HeckAwesome Awe, thanks Kimberly!What's better than #doodleandchat? Nothing except getting extra time with your favorite doodle friends for a doodle… me and Annabeth TODAY at 1:00pmCST when we take all the awesome and fun that doodling together is to Doodle Fe…
Retweeted by Tami Jimenez @talldrinkowater @HeckAwesome lol. I had to get those in! @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome Thanks! This was a tough one for me!!! @MandiTolenEDU Okay, this is just amazing! I love how you made the musical notes the containers. That is SOOOO creative! @talldrinkowater How clever to include the senses!!! @KathiSueSummers @HeckAwesome I love the musical notes with the hearts! What a great touch! @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Oh my goodness! This is absolutely adorable! @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome Your use of containers is fantastic here! Love this!! @SpEdTeachLove I love the idea of using the CD at the center! Great use of space and combo b/n sketches and words! @MarielIsaacson @HeckAwesome This is fantastic!Here is today's #doodleandchat I am also throwing in Wednesday's because I haven't done that yet. @HeckAwesome @BSGSCSFoster @HeckAwesome @Isham_Literacy @markbrittmusic1 @MoLewis1967 @LindaEdwardsi @MsDeFriese @MsHinksClass Did something happen? My power went out, and when I returned, I can no longer find the live chat. @DrKalumMckay Twitter definitely counts! #leadupchatA2) I am on a committee focused on coming up w/guidelines & protocols, & planning for our new future (for any and a… Offering virtual office hours. I want to do more of that even when we are back on campus. #leadupchatGood morning. I'm Tami, an early elementary T down from California, teaching internationally in Mexico. #leadupchatA4) Work on relationships, build trust, get families the resources they need, and aim for flexibility. We are in un… Personalize & differentiate, just like before. That part shouldn't change. #edugladiators @jillrt Yeah, I think having a mix probably works better so that students & families do not have an enormous amount… Again, I think we need to find out what families need, what issues/struggles they are dealing with, and then tr… In some places, they provided hotspots to those who needed it. In addition, it should be a mix of tech & low to… morning #edugladiators I'm Tami, an early elementary T from California, teaching in Mexico. I hope everyone is doing well.
A4) Much easier at this point! #masterychatA3) My immediate family is doing fine w/everything. It's more my husband dealing w/not being able to see his family… In the beginning it was taking up a lot of time, but I have figured out a schedule that works, & I am no longer… @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome This is awesome, especially with the polaroids as containers!A1) I miss real connections and sharing the learning space. I can't see what Ss r struggling w/, what they understa… evening, #masterychat I'm Tami, an early elementary T, teaching internationally in Mexico. @LindaEdwardsi @HeckAwesome @BSGSCSFoster Ah, I love this!!!
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