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@DoubleO7akaTheC @TAMU_SHS Results are expected by Monday, January 27, 2020, and will be communicated by… questions about the possible coronavirus case at Texas A&M? Find information about preventative actions you ca… @_alinav0 Gig 'em, Alina! 👍
@BrazosCoHD @TAMU_SHS Classes will continue as scheduled. @BrazosCoHD says the health risk to campus is low. #tamuTexas A&M confirms possible case of coronavirus: #tamu [fi-zish-uh-neer] - noun A doctor with an engineering degree Looking to transform healthcare, Texas A… @aggielandmeme Howdy! We're sorry about that. Could you let us know which dorm you're in so we can share that with… veterans struggling with PTSD, simple tasks can feel like insurmountable obstacles. At @TAMULawSchool's Family… Open: The Math Learning Center at #TAMU Need some help in your MATH or STAT classes? Get assistance for free…’s a great day in Aggieland! What a wonderful building!
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityThere's nothing sweeter than being an Aggie! 👍🥧 #NationalPieDay @falloutstudio @EmilyCrawley10 Congratulations, Emily! Good luck and enjoy your time in Aggieland! @DrBenEvans We hope they enjoyed their time in Texas!
A study conducted by @AgriLifeTODAY shows insect leaf-wounding in plants triggers a stress response that produces h… are now open!!! Come visit us today Wednesday, Jan. 22 and Thursday, Jan. 23 from 10 am-4:30 pm @ the Mail Servi…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityThe new Student Services Building officially opens today! 👍 The innovative building is the new home of @TAMUDSA,…✈️ Want to be one of the 5,000 Aggies who studies, interns, or volunteers abroad each year? See where your Aggie…
@maryloubliss Congrats & Gig 'em! 👍 @stretch_lex Congratulations on ordering your Ring! 👍Missed MSC Open House? 😕 You can still find the right organization for you! 😄 See the 1,000+ student orgs at #TAMU @tia_mechelle Congratulations! 👍#BTHO90Hours before it completely BTHO me 🤪 #PutAnAggieRingOnIt 💍✨
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityThe new @TAMUdental Clinic and Education Building in Dallas will help Aggies serve 40% more patients each year — up… Dean of @TAMUGeosciences is currently leading an international team of scientists aboard the @TheJR research ve… you know: A former student's Aggie Ring was lost during WWII and found in Morotai, Indonesia? 🇮🇩💍🇺🇸's career fair season in Aggieland! Borrow professional attire from the #TAMU Career Closet to put your best foot… the end of the lecture period last week, a student came up to me, shook my hand, and simply said, “thank you for…
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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech is one of history's greatest speeches — a masterful use of rh…, Ags: Texas A&M will be closed tomorrow in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. #MLKDay #tamu
MSC Open House is today from 1-5 p.m.! Learn how to get involved at #TAMU in one of the 1,000+ student organization…
@hallie_edwards Congratulations & Gig ‘em! May you two have a lifetime of happiness together! ❤️Enjoy your long weekend! You earned it. #tamu @Jenkins16Faith But you made it 🤗Week One: Done ✔️
Welcome to all of the students attending the 32nd annual Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference at #TAMU and the community are invited to join @AggieDiversity in the 24th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March o…, Ags! Texas A&M will be closed on Monday, Jan. 20 for #MLKDay. #tamuRINGING in the new year ;) I love you, @TAMU
Retweeted by Texas A&M University @StephEVBrown Gig 'em, Stephanie! We're glad you're part of the Aggie Family.The 2010s were by far the hottest decade ever recorded, according to @NASA & @NOAA. A @TAMUGeosciences climate sci…, Ags: Today is the last day to add/drop courses for the spring semester. #tamu @mackenzietaylrr Howdy! Bus 15 doesn’t go by PEAP.Students and student organizations look for potential new matches at this semester’s MSC Open House.
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@fabianacsaa Gig 'em! Welcome to the Aggie Family! 👍MSC Open House is Sunday! Learn about our 1,000+ student organizations and how you can get involved at #TAMU. 👍 Fi… are open for the @TAMU 2020 Parents of the Year! Let us know why your parent(s) deserve this special ti…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityLocal officers from @TAMUPolice, @CSTXPolice, @BryanPolice, & @BrazosCoSheriff teamed up to raise $13,477 and aware… @izzyjacobs13 @Aggiebound Welcome to the Aggie Family! 👍Three ways the United States will change over the next decade, according to a #TAMU expert: • Our population is gr…! @AllyMWatt is the highest drafted Aggie in history. 1st Round | 6th Overall Pick | @TheNCCourage
Retweeted by Texas A&M University @skologinczak @SSC_TAMU Howdy! Thank you for letting us know. We'll pass this along to Texas A&M Facilities immedia… vets take center stage in @natgeo's newest show, “Dr. T, Lone Star Vet!" 🐢🦘🦔 The show follows two former… the start of a new semester have you feeling down, stressed, or anxious? Aggie volunteers at @TAMU_CAPS Helpl…’s to 4 first days of school that lead to many late nights studying, the best friends I could ask for, and amaz…
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@ashleybannwart Gig 'em, Ashley! Have a great final semester. 👍 p.s. Very impressive holding on to the same pen for all four years!👍🐶 Be aware & considerate of your fellow Aggies with service animals on campus with advice from @TAMUDisability:… @jerimccrary_ Thanks for letting us know. We've passed this along to facilities. @jerimccrary_ Howdy! We're sorry about that. Could you let us know which classroom you're in so we can pass it alon… we welcome the Aggies back for the spring semester, we’re applauding @TAMU for being named a Diversity Champion…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityEvery ten years, astrophysicists conduct a survey that sets scientific priorities for the field. 🌠 This year, an A… em from @BigBendNPS @AggieNetwork
Retweeted by Texas A&M University @_GabbieAyala Howdy! We're sorry about that. Could you let us know which buildings/classrooms you're in so we can p…“Dr. King, the civil rights movement and its leaders should still inspire us toward action for the betterment of ou… @Yazmeen___ Thank you for sharing this! We’ll make sure @TAMULiberalArts knows. 👍 @Timeria_ No, there’s no class for MLK Day.
what did we do? THAT. a BIG thank you to everyone that came out and supported @MSC_WBAC 13th Annual MLK Breakfast…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityTexas A&M's online programs rose in the latest @usnews rankings! #tamu #️⃣7️⃣ Master's in @TAMUEngineering #️⃣8️⃣… writer @seann_thomas welcomes Aggies to @tamu with some advice and events going on around campus this semes…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityDid you know emergency contacts & important campus phone numbers are on the back of your Student ID? 🤔 #tamu year's @usnews rankings were released today and we are ranked in the Top 10 across the board! Read more about…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityKentaro Iio ’19 skipped his own graduation ceremony to run a marathon... in Antarctica! 🏃‍♂️ The recent… it's on 🔥 BTHO lsu | #GigEm
Retweeted by Texas A&M University @lizearth Aggieland misses you! ❤️One month away from @AggieBaseball! 👍⚾️ #GigEm are so happy to have you back, Ags! 🙌We hope you have a great semester! 👍
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityDay ✌️ You've got this 👍 @gregorytamu2020 That sounds about right. Have a great last first day! 👍 @OakleyMartinez Whoop! Have a great semester! @joeura @TAMUQ Thanks for serving our Aggies in Qatar! 👍
Tomorrow, @MSC_WBAC is hosting the 13th annual MLK Breakfast to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!… @zach_langenberg @AggieNetwork Congrats & Gig 'em! 👍New semester, new you! Achieve your goals in 2020 by: • Prioritizing your goals • Making good habits • Setting sma… @Hi_imGrapeJuice Welcome to the Aggie Family! Have a great first day!Welcome back to Aggieland! 👋 A note from #PresYoung reflecting on 2019 and celebrating the start of a new semester… @Trevino810Jon Good luck, Jonathan! Have a great semester!Welcome back cadets for the start of the spring semester! After a tremendous fall semester, we look forward to what…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityWelcome back, Aggies! Have a great first day of classes. 👍 #Spring2020 #TAMU
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityCome take your first day of class photo! And don't forget to send it to your mom 😉 📍 MSC, 12th Man Hallway 🕰 9AM-3…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityNeed some help navigating Aggieland? 👍🗺 Use the #TAMU interactive map: first day of spring semester, Aggies! Don't forget, WE'VE MOVED! We're in the new Student Services Building o…
Retweeted by Texas A&M University @SalArmyBCS You are correct! Thanks for the heads up.Save these dates for Spring 2020! #tamu Jan. 20: MLK Day March 9-13: Spring Break March 28: @TheBigEventTAMU April… semester means a 2nd Bienvenidos A Aggieland! Join HPC for an event of cultural exchange, FREE food and a…
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityWelcome back, Aggies! This semester is a blank slate and you've got what it takes. Gig 'em! 👍's a big day! Sleep well, Ags. 👍 #tamu
CC, the world's first cloned cat, recently turned 18 years old! She made history when she was born at Texas A&M and…
Road warrior mentality. ⚔️🛡️ 📝 Largest conference road win since beating UGA by 34 on 1/16/16 #GigEm
Retweeted by Texas A&M UniversityWe've missed you, Aggies! The spring semester starts soon. #tamu 64th birthday to Texas country & Americana legend and Aggie, @robertearlkeen '78! travels to everyone returning to Aggieland this weekend! See you soon! 🚙✈️ #tamu