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Violinist🎻, singer🎤 and mom to son Michael 👑 and daughter Orianthi🎸! Great love for Music in every form! L.O.V.E.

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@LibrarianGIRL85 @Eckhardsson Cuteness overload!! 🥰🥰#waderobsonisafraud them both ❤❤ more I think about it, the more I realize that Wade R. is just a male Amber H. Caught in so many proven lies bu…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @tajjackson3 Yes #mjfam ! @tajjackson3 is a fighter, like us. Never will give up. Taj, look at al this, this mj fan… Robson, This you? 👇🏾 Here’s a thread from text messages between Wade R. And Me exactly 11 years ago today. I a…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @ThrillerNightss @SiaFurlerAddict What on earth was that??? ears!!!! #MJFam
@amybruni 😁😁 Jackson’s vocal arrangement, harmonies and backup vocals; a thread
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #MJFam en #win de nieuwe Wave 1 #streaming #microfoon van @elgatogaming voor het opnemen van nog betere #streams
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @Sia That’s terrible @Sia. 🤦🏽‍♂️ You have NO IDEA who my family is and obviously NO CLUE how me or my family suppor…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Talk badly about me all you want but don’t spew negativity about my family and think it’s not going to get a reacti…
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Made screenshot, will NOT retweet this article!! #MJFam
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Made screenshot, will NOT retweet this article!! #MJFam low can you go... ugh... Anything, anything...anything for money!! @PopBase No thanks....Omg this is so obvious!! 🤮🤮🤑🤑🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢 This is appalling!!!!!! @bol_com_games Wooow jaaa voor mijn zoon!!!! 😁😁Het is feest! 🎉 #PSPlus bestaat namelijk 10 jaar! Daarom mogen wij #PSPlus abonnementen voor 12 maanden in zowel N…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @StarlightSun777 @PolarizeChanges @steqhann @Sia my fathers message of love and peace speaks for itself. nothing ca…
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Coz ya'll been good boys & girls lately. We're giving away a copy of #DoubleDragon #KunioKun Retro Brawler Bundle t…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Wowww. Smh and lol at the hypocrisy.
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@GameManiaNLD Sorry...deze Boomer is nog steeds obsessed met Overblood.... ik treur na al die jaren nog om Beepo! Rip!
Dear #mjfam here is the long anticipated german Michael Jackson doc asking the questions that weren't asked. Find o…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @StevePasquale Again; please, watch this before saying anything further, please...this is a… @StevePasquale Promise to watch and to come back afterwards. Please do. @heallafdn I did I did!!!! #fingerscrossed @OriTheGame I came upon this game drawn by the name. We call our daughter Ori, short for Orianthi. She adores the l…𝑮𝑰𝑽𝑬𝑨𝑾𝑨𝒀 𝑻𝑰𝑴𝑬! Our #OriSpiritWeek grand finale: We are giving away this Ori journal, signed by the creators of Moon…
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Blessing your tl with Michael’s laugh ❤️
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Hey Twitter fam. We 💜 our community! To celebrate Spirit Week, we are gifting out Xbox/Win10 Codes of Ori and the W…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑beautiful gifts from fans at Forest Lawn today ❤️
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @orianthi    #Orianthi #THISISIT        #MichaelJackson I,ll never forget this scene. And, Living in people,s hear…
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Thank you Michael thank you Michael, thank you Michael, thank you Michael! #11YearsWithOutMichaelJackson
Remembering #MichaelJackson today on the 11th anniversary of his passing (June 25, 2009) | Explore his musical lega…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑RIP MICHAEL: We're remembering the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died 11 years ago today.
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfo…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑More tributes in sunflowers. Thank you @peacelovemjj for sharing these photos with those who can't be at Forest La…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑#11YearsWithOutMichaelJackson years ago the news broke at night in the Netherlands...I cried myself to sleep that night. Following day I was a… years ago today the world lost the greatest entertainer of all time. Although his talent was a gift from God, hi…
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@Honeytania20 Had to look you up today... stay safe and be well! 🌻11 years ago today, it was our last night in preparation for #MichaelJackson’s “This Is It” tour. Rehearsing to cre…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @Castro1021 @ScufGaming My son!!! 😍Voor zijn 11e sterfdag vraag ik jullie de documentaire van Danny Wu te kijken; Square One. Gratis op YouTube. RIP… @ThatEricAlper @michaeljackson !! @heallafdn @ethika @princemjjjaxon Yey!!!🥰🥰His last performance during the This is it rehearsals with the lovely @orianthi Oh, how I miss him.. Rest in peace… out to #MJFam What is the original hashtag for the 25th?#11yearswithoutmichaeljackson miss you.... #michaeljacksonforever what I got myself to get through the anniversary! A never used Captain EO pin. Miss you MJ!… @BoyGeorge Don't! Change your mindset about it. Use it as a tool, a voice, comfort, support, care and love. Block t…
@ParisJackson This one hits home for me... Congrats on your EP! I love it! 🌻💛
Talk about SENsational! Performances from #TheJackson5 in 1969 premiere tonight at 8PM ET on YouTube, the same time…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑A message from our founder ⁦@princemjjjaxon⁩. #ifyoubelieveityoucanachieveit Let us know what your dreams and…
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Yay! My documentary about Wade is up again! Please share this one... Thank you for your patience!
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Yay! The documentary about Wade is up again! There were some issues which made me do a new upload, which gave me he…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑#GenZ This Boomer has regained some faith in the future!! My son turns 18 this summer, this is a smart generation d… #GenZ ! Absolutely well played. 😁👍
@Hag73 @VVroeger #MichaelJackson uiteraard!! Om This is It te doen!Stunning!!!!! 😍😍 #parisjackson @ParisJackson @offthehoe Whhuuuuttt!! This is incredible! I akways see her dad when I look at here beautiful face, omg she IS her… this week 25 years ago. Re-listening to this amazing album this weekend. It’s a body of work deserving of…
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@Viola_TC @lois_laniee Waaaayyy beyond that even. Jackson 5 era!! @YNB #SquareOneMJ is taking off!! A big thank you to YOU for having MJ's back since day one 😍 #MJFAM #michaeljacksonvindicatedThank you Mr.@harrisonfunk , #MichaelJackson tribute billboard project now is first implemented today in a big subw…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Forgive our frankness, but this planet sucks.
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑#nee #spoedwet #covid19 celebrate the launch of @NintendoAmerica’s Indie World account, we’re giving out 15 Indie Game Starter Packs, wh…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @bol_com_games Ik zou deze heel graag voor mijn zoon winnen!! Gun het hem zo na deze lastige maanden, zou een mooie oppepper zijn! 🤞🤞
@whoisitbad Seen!!!!! Can't choose.I just finished this amazing documentary. I cried, hard. I literally don't have words I don't know how to discribe…
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Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Check out this little interview of Pez Jax [Spanish] regarding his brand new book "The Story of History" available…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Planet Earth~ Michael Jackson #planetearth #MJFam #MichaelJackson #SquareOneMJ and learn !!! #mj #documentary #innocent
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @corneklijn Fantastisch hoe #SquareOneMJ eindelijk gezien en gewaardeerd wordt! Jij ook nog bedankt voor het ontva… is back in the Rainbow Lotus Room on MONSTERS OF ROCK® Radio! Tune in today at 3pm PST. @orianthi
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑I'd love to make #FactsDanReedIgnored trend and swarm it with all the facts of Square One! Afterall he did do exten…
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1/ I’m new to Twitter, I’ve never posted, I’m not interested in followers, likes or retweets. I’m here to keep trac…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Watch Square One available worldwide on Amazon Prime. Currently the #1 Documentary film in the U.S…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @ayexmjj & Gabriel Glenn are @thesoundflowers. Their self-titled debut EP arrives June 23:…
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Sixteen11 Media is delighted to release The Story of HIStory. This book tells the fascinating full story of how Mi…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @McDonaldsNL Time to put the statue back in Best, the Netherlands???? #HIStory25 #michaeljacksonvindicated @MrTroy_ 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑Are you watching the hottest documentary in America right now on Amazon @PrimeVideo? Discover how Evan Chandler’s g…
Retweeted by Tanja Simone 👑 @ZiggoWebcare Gedaan!!!! Dank voor de reactie.
@ZiggoWebcare waarom...waarom zijn al mijn opnames verdwenen van mijn box? Was 95% vol!!!! Alles weg!! WAAROM? En… @tajjackson3 Hope you consider to ask her @Aphrodite_Jones for your documentary 😁 If you have the time #mjfam pls w… @Viola_TC Oh my word 😂🤣😂🤣😂