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Writer: New York Magazine, NY Times, GQ, LA Times, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Billboard, Longreads, Blender (RIP). Co-author of “I Want My MTV.” #resist duh

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A far better mayor than Giuliani.
@fortyphobic At least three, right?LOL I'm reminded of another reason I don't promote my band: zero engagement. @SteveKandell TMII infrequently promote my band on social because there are a million better acts I'd rather talk about, but if you… @PObbard @jack_hamilton How much harm did Elvis Costello’s opprobrium do to Ronstadt’s critical reputation? @SteveKandell But not the underwear?
@ogiovetti So why didn't you go? @gatica1813 @JohnFetterman @ogiovetti Conservatory student working out the Cage piece that takes five years to change chords? @ogiovetti Congrats, Phil Glass is your new neighbor.
@mehpatrol Pretty soon, that cake won't need a guardian. @t1m DOA should definitely be in. Men Without Hats and Jane Siberry too. Not to mention Tegan and Sara, though mayb… your holiday travel plans now, writes @DrLeanaWen: "Americans still have a small window of opportunity to…
Retweeted by Rob Tannenbaum @Pauseandplay The order is a little puzzling.1978 Guy Lombardo Oscar Peterson 1979 Hank Snow 1980 Paul Anka 1981 Joni Mitchell 1982 Neil Young 1983 Glenn G… @mcbridesworld Oh thanks, now I’m humiliated in front of every musician you’ve played with, which is all of them. @eddiebrannan Probably where “If I Had A Rocket Launcher” came from.Hint: it’s not Martha & the Muffins. @thejoesumner No wonder they won’t give us an edit button.For extra credit, what’s the correct pronunciation of CMHoF member Bruce Cockburn’s surname? @PSR1973 Good guess, hoser. @natechinen What is it specifically about the year?LOL *inducted* @davidlfear Yes! (Gretzky. If you’re from up there, shame on you.)When the Canadian Music Hall of Fame began in 1978, they indicted two musicians. Name them. @motormouthmedia
@Bbl_Astrophyscs Spike Owen? @Bbl_Astrophyscs Mike Lamb? @Bbl_Astrophyscs Ruben Sierra?
@RVAwonk I was just gonna check on you. Congrats! You and @Avi_Bueno made a real beauty. xo to you guys.It's a great time to subscribe to your local newspaper. They're all offering huge discounts fo #CyberMonday. Turn d…
Retweeted by Rob Tannenbaum @Casey Congrats on not being one of the 20 million people who died in WW 1, or one of the tens of thousands who wer… @MikeTanier If I called all those run plays on 2nd and 10, I’d lie about it too.
@GigiLevangie I’ll be sure to pocket a few vials of it.Chugged the whole bottle. Start your timers.Cherry then grape, or grape then cherry? Vote now! @GigiLevangie Seems like a good thing to listen to while I do my colonoscopy prep.I have an R.E.M. joke, but you like my early R.E.M. jokes better. won’t convince me that, anywhere in the pantheon of pop music, there’s a more poetic lyric than “up jump the bo… @ianmnoone Nothing about that is surprising.I have a Morrissey joke, but it’s racist because it’s a joke told by Morrissey.
I have a Goo Goo Dolls joke, but it's just a lame version of a Replacements joke. @SethCotlar (Reads finite statistics from experts): Only sheeple believe this, the source has ulterior motives! (R… have an indie rock joke, but you wouldn’t get it. @sarapekow I have an Ambien joke, but I don’t remember if I told it already.I have a Philip Glass joke. I have a Philip Glass joke. I have a Philip Glass joke. I have a Philip Glass joke. I h… @kayhanley I got a good five minute laugh from that one.I have a John Cage joke but it’s silent.
@markyarm @Pukehammer @PSTAFF0RD I WARNED YOU, Mark. @Pukehammer @PSTAFF0RD "Eric Clapton" + "bag of cocaine," but I warned you.Welp, if Rock & Roll Hall of Fame epidemiologists Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are opposed to a lockdown, who are… @BCDreyer Everyone knows the big discounts are at Bonwit Teller. @Redpainter1 Just another Thursday, Red.
@jordangerous The whole point is to drink and eat until your body gives out and you have to crawl to your bed, whic… @etannenbaum94 I’m gonna have to ask to see your stuffing recipes, because there’s evidently a lack of sausage in them. @jordangerous THANK YOU @maggieserota Hadn’t heard about it until now. @kayhanley Those glasses were 40 years ahead of their time. @icterid Could your mother have survived what your daughters put you through?Sometimes you’re thankful for the people who are no longer in your life. @mlaforge1964 @StevenACohen2 @GaryTaffet @Mets Not according to the Red Sox fan I was sitting next to when it happened... @StevenACohen2 @GaryTaffet @Mets Steve, can you commission a definitive data model to prove or disprove Mookie’s cl…
@ohJuliatweets Age and pastries. @russbengtson Everything will be size 10, yeah? @annkpowers @KPmusik Hi Ann, happy Thanksgiving to you all. I'd be very interested to hear your answer to the question I asked! @phileil Thanks, Phil. Same to you!I don't hold you responsible for this, @KPmusik.At what point this year did you realize you'd hit your own emotional COVID wall? For me, it was this morning, when… @jajadams19 This seems unwise. @creepychief For a second, I thought we were at the same school... The identical problem will happen with Xmas brea… way to understand human behavior during COVID is by invoking Diffusion of Responsibility, a phenomenon in which… @creepychief That’s good, but it’s not foolproof. @magicbeans Listen, I’m well past my breaking point with COVID Life, and we’ve been remote since March, so we would… @Toure I’ve met Hendrix, I’d remember him.The disgust in the email was evident. We revere educators, except when their well-being requires us to make small s… son’s school reopened in Sept with an option to choose remote or in-person, and they have done a great job of ke… @bowiesongs I saw the Providence show on this tour. The band was menacing, and I don’t mean the music they played.…
@pkafka Maybe copy editors and photo editors too?? @nyctaper The German TV show where, he says in the liner notes, he debuted “Two Little Hitlers”? @TGroman I think it’s on at least one streaming service.
If you’re pretty sure you already know who was the greatest live band of all time, listen to the three Elvis Costel… @marceelias Even the Jets think that’s an embarrassing losing streak.It's not a war on Christmas; it's a war on COVID and death. I'm no expert, but I think Jesus would say that's a good war to fight.I'm not paying $200 to eat outside of a restaurant inside a tool shed that's right next to a bike lane.
Retweeted by Rob Tannenbaum @jmkliegman Two changes going in opposite directions: publications ask writers to publish several things a day whil… @jmkliegman Yeah, that’s too much copy for two people. In case it wasn’t clear, I was not trying to pick on SI, but… just turned up in my feed. Possibly related??? @RPBradley1 There are 3 or 4 similar incomplete sentences, as well as pacing and structure problems an editor could’ve fixed.Also, writers need to proofread themselves before they hit send. Don’t rely on spellcheck to save you. @gluckstadt <turns off the computer, goes back to sleep> @Adam___Green WurdeI’m not trying to single out the writer of this Sports Illustrated piece, but I will point out this mangled sentenc… @AmazinAvenue Attn: @RealKevinNash @Spanky_McMuffin Band or character? @crash_the_dog You won’t get an argument from me. @ivecomeunstrung Yup. My list grows.Also the Mandolorian (sp.?).God save the peen. @magicbeans Yeah, same.