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⚛️ Open Sourcerer, Speaker, Builder ❤️ Javascript, React 💼 Co-Founder @nozzleio 🛠 #ReactTable #ReactCharts #ReactQuery, previously @ReactStaticJS, @ChartJS

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I finally got accepted into the Github Sponsors program! @okbel @iamcherta My pleasure. Thanks for considering it! @okbel @iamcherta @vincentriemer I almost always use the term minzipped and refer people to bundlephobia. It’s been nice! @brian_d_vaughn Just the sheer number of nodes? @brian_d_vaughn curious why canvas? Did you run into perf issues with svg?
@Swizec I release a new open source library. Success! Dopamine! Addiction! @okbel @iamcherta Creator of React Query here. Let me know if there's any questions I can answer for you. @DavidWells 📪👍 @cakemakerjake ☝️That url hash is not embedding right, make sure to copy and paste the whole thing. Another thing…, I (the entity of Nozzle) would like to say thank you for creating me! 👊 It looks like I will be tracking a…
Retweeted by Tanner LinsleyThanks for using it! It's a fun and very powerful library. If you are using it commercially or at your company, co… @cakemakerjake *If* the implementer is following spec, the abort controller's cancel signal should indeed cancel th… @cakemakerjake Take look at the docs in that link. Some fetch libraries include a way to actually cancel the request. Hence the feature 😊 @mjackson Try rescripts. I am usually very skeptical of toolkit wrappers, but rescripts has been fantastic TBH
New React Query Feature 🎉 If you have queries that make high-bandwidth requests, you can now wire up request cance… @erikras I think it’s Wedekind. Right @EmmaWedekind? @erikras No, udaman! @erikras Fixed! @timneutkens @rauchg Might be helpful for other library devs working on libraries locally with Next.js examples've got it! To solve npm-linking with CRA, use Rescripts + webpack alias: To solve npm-l… @dan_abramov Yeah, that's my last-ditch effort that usually works. I just have so many libraries... lol. It gets old quick. @acemarke Yeah, I tried that one. Didn't have much luck. I've been able to solve this problem with rescript + CRA (… @jdetle Oh man. That's so true. Dynamic UI lighting. @ryanflorence Oh yes. Would love that. Can't wait for the day when screens can simulate texture.I'm trying to use an `npm link`-ed react library I maintain in a Next.js project and without surprise am getting a… @jamonholmgren @NoomCoach has been nice. I enjoy the simple UII immediately want to use this UI. It already feels so tactile. is a good day 😊 @LauriePoulter End of this year hopefully. It won’t change much. @swyx 😂🤷‍♂️🤘 @swyx Can I join?Fortnite Duos?
@spences10 Sans. But make sure you display it with mono spacing. @acemarke I use yarn still 🤷‍♂️ @donysukardi @DavidWells @PostCSS I honestly love rescripts.
@erikras @ReactEurope lol yeah I suppose so. @erikras @ReactEurope It’s just a few hooks and utility functions. @erikras @ReactEurope I’m as surprised as you are. Did you look at the source?
@mtiller @ee0pdt Ooooo. That’s fancy! @ryanflorence Come on come on come on let me show you what’s it’s all about. @mtiller @ee0pdt Really? Where can I read more about that? @Mwood230 @codewithtaylor @apollographql 😊
@HasuraHQ uses React Table! Neat 😃 #TanStack @ee0pdt 💯% Agreed. @tiagofernandez Okie Dokie! I'll look into this. Could you please file an umbrella issue for this feature in the repo? @leighb4rnes 😅 @horsplain_ts @horse_ts Haha. It’s a thread! See previous tweets in thread. Funny how this looks like a stand-alone tweet though. @FlaccidBiscuits @acemarke No. There will always be js. But typescript (or typed JS in general) will continue to gr… @erikras Thanks! @erikras You can link to this thread. @erikras Create an issue, too. That will help me track it better. @erikras Okay. I'll put it on my TODO list. Ping me if/when it becomes urgent and I could bump it. @erikras You wanna tackle a PR? I could get to it, but for a few days... @erikras The formatter should be resolved here: using the datum's specific axis @erikras Ah, I see what needs to be done. You do need access to which axis is being used, or even better, `secondar… @erikras Beyond that, you could technically supply your own tooltip renderer: `tooltip={{ render: MyTooltipRenderer… @erikras @erikras What about using the axis's `format` option? @jaredpalmer @natfriedman Agreed. It's laggy (by days it seems sometimes?) and doesn't seem to follow any pattern.…, it would be unfair for me to say all of that without also recognizing so many great TS devs out there that… crucial to remember our roots. If you want to help the world migrate to TS (which you should), then approach t… easy to change/delete/reason about, it's not safe to use unless it's rewritten to TS. I get it. You want that w… is now somehow extremely unstable and should be rewritten or otherwise removed/abandoned. They feel it's their d… haven't moved to Typescript yet. I have plans to get there eventually as the ecosystem as a whole moves in that d… @jlongster @kentcdodds I built a useDatePicker component for @nozzleio that does this. As with many hooks that don'… @tiagofernandez Support for real network cancellation tokens is coming soon. Usually you don’t need this though un… @tiagofernandez To be more technical, it cancels their usage and side effects. @tiagofernandez Yes @_ynotdraw @intelligibabble @ryanflorence I also call them prop-getters/functions. In fact, I prefer that they are… @kristijansedlak, I was wondering you would be willing to let be use future versions of the react-routes mom package name?
@JimTheDev It's just running babel's preset-env: @acemarke 😂Yeah. Good times there! @acemarke You were always supportive, Mark. :) And honestly, some of the critics of yesterday would probably not ev… took me back to my Jumpstate days. Jumpstate was 100% ahead of its time and quite frankly got a lot of bad bee… any one needs inspiration on how to be a fantastic open source contributor/citizen, feel free to check out this… @thebigredgeek And if you add a useEffect data fetcher in that lazily-loaded code, you are now 4 steps (renderNewRo… @thebigredgeek If you have a route that is matched via a rendered component like <Route>, then the code for that ro… @JulieBr33723357 @CsharpCorner Also worth mentioning, React Table v7 is almost stable and worth checking out if you… @montogeek Why redux?📖 Returned from a 2 year church mission 📀 Released an Album 👨‍💻 Started my career in coding 🤵 Got married 🐙 Got inv… night, I won 2 fortnite matches in a row.🤔😄 I wonder what @ryanflorence and @mjackson are cooking up over at React Training on this subject... @mfpiccolo Totally. This is what I hope happens. I think @dan_abramov has eluded somewhere that the React team is i… @ReactStaticJS Either way, know that my skeptical/inquisitive tone here is not negative. I'm just so darn curious a… @mfpiccolo Oh for sure. A fully-auto intersection-obersever/hover preloader was one of the first things I built into @ReactStaticJS.One takeaway from building @ReactStaticJS was learning that a lot of devs hesitate when faced with the decision to… you aren't doing any component lazy loading, if your navigation transitions are near immediate/synchronous, and… I'm super excited about Suspense, I'll be honest that I'm very very curious still about the changes that are… of defining data fetchers up front with routes, I do what @DavidKPiano would possibly cringe at and just "p… all of that context, I feel like it would be extremely annoying or costly to move away from a "rendered route… I find really strange is how related this pattern is to my good ol' @ReactStaticJS library, Next.js or even… if there was a way to extract router matchers and their data fetchers at build time? Could that information be…'m having a hard time imagining a router for react capable of the fetch-as-you-render suspense pattern that doesn'… @cesarj2212 ☹️ @ralex1993 😂😴Fortnite now. @zettersten 👋😁 @brunowinck @lintonye You can do virtualization with react-table. You can even use react-virtualized or react-windo…