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@avi_press @marcosvegaMoro 🥳🥳🥳 @erikrasHey, remember when I had to remove a super-awesome transparent analytics package (scarf-js) from all of my repos?… @thetalperry I could co-author it with you (and anyone else that wants to participate) and have it be one of the fi… @Brent_m_Clark BoomshakalakaI think the `enabled` option on the `useQuery` hook for `react-query` is my favorite new thing. I can use that hoo…
Retweeted by Tanner Linsley ⚛️ @thetalperry That would be fun. Do you want to write it? :) @jonstuebe Yep. That darn TS @jonstuebe That should just work. You'll get those array items as parameters in your `getPosts` function
@sunnysinghio @jaredpalmer Yep, something like that.Heads up!!! #ReactQuery docs are getting a facelift very soon! We'll be using the exact same approach as… @thetalperry Struggling in Redux and HOC/render-prop sadness just like everyone else.... 😂 @latteandcode Thanks for using it!If you are wondering whether you should use Redux-and-friends to manage your async/server state, this article makes… grid video on how to use #ReactQuery's useMutation hook in React Native! @sauravkhdoolia @housecor @kaybi_7 Nope. It has its own cache. It just works. @george_kalo7 Yes you can @nicktrabue The best guidance would be the react-query tests themselves. They use react-testing-library and strive to not test private API.Anyone know of any codemods or a cli that will remove typescript types and essentially "downgrade" TS to JS? I want…
@cabezonidas @nicktrabue People are starting to build generators that work with RQ. I hope to see some of them formalized.For some, #ReactQuery is becoming a nice replacement for Apollo client. If you're using Apollo full-stack, I proba… @Swizec 👋 @erikras 😂 Unfortunately, I cannot gift you [quality time with family, good food, and relaxation]. Besides... the p… @slmyers11 @rahil_313 😂 You bet!A really great article on #ReactQuery by Nicolás Santos! Even nature uses #ReactQuery new article by Nicolas Santos where he addresses two questions many #developers have about global state. Lea…
Retweeted by Tanner Linsley ⚛️3/4) I paid out our publishers. I am so grateful for those that were with me from the beginning.. @tannerlinsley
Retweeted by Tanner Linsley ⚛️ @housecor @kaybi_7 Yep. React Query would remove the need to store any of your async/server data in your own store. @gabe_ragland Thanks for sponsoring the #TanStack!
@elijahmanor Happy to set up a debug session with you later @harrysolovay @DavidWells or <div foo [bar] /> 🔽 <div foo={true} bar={bar} /> @harrysolovay @DavidWells I also want this: <div { foo, bar } /> 🔽 <div {...{ foo: foo, bar: bar }} /> @danilobrinu useMutation doesn't close over your mutation function, so whatever you've passed it at the time you ca… @danilobrinu Do you have some code I can see that gets your use case across? @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats Right. Private is the wrong word. Was mostly just riffing off of the thread. Roadmap i… @sebmck @dan_abramov @wycats I honestly don't have a problem with how private the react roadmap has been and I thin… @DavidWells @harrysolovay Jsx will get better too @harrysolovay @DavidWells Looks.... confusing @tweeres For 99% of async and server state, React Query is the source of truth. For anything that truly lives on th… more #ReactQuery Essentials lessons done last night! Starting to get out of the basics now and into the good stu… @ericclemmons I’m going to start doing them on the #TanStack discord. @ericclemmons So keep it expanded. 🤷‍♂️ @ericclemmons I would do this if it was some sort of tiny markdown editor that sat above each function that I could expand in my editor. 🤯
@SublimHQ @flybayer Good old javascript! It's a blend between a singleton and react-context. It's pretty neat actually. @smsibasish Still not sure. DM me with your ideas @erikras Now whenever I see this... I am kinda bitter. @harrysolovay ... I hate TS 😂 @arunoda @erikras Yep. It's going to take a big player who is willing to bet on something new and drastic.I recorded 5 more lessons last night for my upcoming "#ReactQuery Essentials" course! 🥳 Sign up for the #TanStack @harrysolovay keep it consistent. children @gndelia_ It’s missing a yellow ring though. PRs welcome. @harrysolovay Nah, objects show options don’t they? It does with all of the libraries I use? @harrysolovay @harrysolovay Why not use objects for "props"? @erikras And retweet this (or the original tweet)! If you ❤️ this tweet, but don't retweet it, then I probably won'… you: - own a business that uses OSS - work for a business that uses OSS - use OSS - develop OSS Stop what you'r… @rphlmr This is why useQuery exists :) @george_kalo7 Don’t worry nothing is changing @JoshOnThaTweet Nah. Just thinking out loud lol @flybayer I meant just the default way of doing things. Obvi, you could get at the caches. Don't worry, nothing is… would have been a much better idea to make queryCache only accessible via `useQueryCache()` @rauchg @gtaschetto @edcampo_ Nice! @gtaschetto @edcampo_ @rauchg Same way vercel uses swr in next. initialData from getServerSideProps @TourKick Yeah that would be nice, those who I want to opt in would be the ones that don’t. Large companies, succes… @JimmayVV @kentcdodds Not a large one. A few people weren't happy with it recently, raised concern and that concern was addressed. @TourKick Well, you're in luck. We don't use it any more.
My libraries (almost all of them) were also using Scarf until earlier today. My sentiments are similar. Scarf enabl… @edcampo_ just pass your data from getStaticProps/getServerSideProps down to `initialData` :)I've officially purchased! 🥳 You can already use it to sign up for my new NEWSLETTER! Woot… @10x_the @DavidKPiano Great point! That said, Most React devs I talk to aren’t wanting finer grained control over t… @nkSaraf98 @matfrana It just comes down to how much responsibility you want to give your hooks. For instance, I let… @G_Abud @NullishCoalesce You can start with a unique name and earn discoverability and seo, or you can start with a… @G_Abud @NullishCoalesce I get this concern. From the other perspective (mine), I now have a library that gets exce… @matfrana You can do it in the mutation config, or mutate(stuff, { onSuccess: () => {}}), or await. Which ever you want!
@erikras It does. It’s on the column object and in stateA guy on reddit reversed engineered #TikTok Here’s what he found on the data it collects on you It’s far worse th…
Retweeted by Tanner Linsley ⚛️ @codervandal Would love to see some pseudo code for what you’d like this to look like. @codervandal Just have them pass the options to useTable @benmonro Touché @alfred_toh_ Me too!!! @aweary Only if you commentate on every single tweet.PLEASE WRITE TYPES!!!! HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT THEM (x100, in public) Post Types: Finally, I knew they would… trying to convince me to use TS here missed my joke. 😂 That said, I will allow it. @SamSamskies @EricJho @recoiljs @kentcdodds Not only does he vouch for it... He was one of its early adopters and e… course... now that the types are done, there's not a Typescript user in sight. Let me try something here... "S… 2.x now has types! 🎉 A lot of great and talented people spent a good amount of time on them here. Take…
@myersdesu @benawad Yeah, hear hear! @marbiano3 @MichaelDeBoey93 @DavidKPiano Well, okay... if can convince me to do it without using lerna and just rollup, I’m in. @DavidKPiano Nope.Recently I've made a ton of refactoring changes to #ReactQuery to make it easier to understand as a code base inclu… @rphlmr Either should work. Just different patterns :) whatever you find more convenient. @grow_love @thesegunadebayo 😂 I love it. Awesome!!! @darren_furr @teachable Yep at night usually. @brodzko @teachable @FrontendMasters At night, usually. @brodzko @teachable @FrontendMasters For now this is going to be my own course, distributed via @teachable
@dimitrov2k @teachable Thanks!