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Man if I had 3 million extra dollars I’d move into “Bath Haus” strictly for the name sign my petition to keep science out of bodybuilding. Thanks.
there is truly no better music’m living in a real life black mirror episode where after I comment on certain ppls facebooks I immediately get 5… numbers in the US have not been seen since 2011’s edm domination, even with 2016s “Bushwick style techno” wav…’s actually only 4 good people in all of history and they exist solely on twitter. In fact the reason they are… @Rose_E_Kross 1 rules 1 droolz. It hurts when designers stoop that low.I only like their old stuff tbh just found out that comme des garcons did a collab with vetements and now im rly sad
damn i got 71 new likes and broke 1000 thanks to viewers like you! the fuck are these top secret progressive candidates that everyone seems to think are running?Hmm barnie sandlers hasn’t said anything about the L train huh? Very telling
damn this is better than asmr @HE_VALENCIA now we're talkin. once it hits 52 degrees them babies r gettin zipped right off @HE_VALENCIA do they come with the wrist guards and khakis or u gotta buy them separate?Hellllllllll yes, my man!
Every 5 minutes I get a new ig follow from a bad tattooer. Starting to get offended.I will only vote for the candidate that uses the kind of hot sauce that has a joke about burning your asshole on the label
Retweeted by Tante’s Inferno @olintechno @TortugaMinor the bouncers were prob too busy kicking guidos out to notice @Drownedxo Srsly, and some even leave the sound on too. My dnd is set to club hours, 10-4Mad annoying that I’m up 6-8 hours before everyone else and I have 4 convos to myself going on in the same text bef… @andrewryce @raihan_ I often do stand at that display all day
How do you say that “people are leaving New York in droves” and at the same time think New York NEEDS amazon to sta…
ya maybe i am a hoarder in a 1 br apt but you move me out to the burbs w this shit and im a minimalistJust bought around 8 hours of new traxx that’ll collect digi dust if not properly rinsed. Hit me on the hip. @djauspex They look so comfortableRecently without even realizing, I’ve gone from being a “how’s it goin” person to a “how ya doin” person. Idk how to feel.Go to Starbucks and tell them your name is “amazon Jeff Bezos” they can’t refuse
my sicilian brother lookin exhausted and green just like me. its nice to see pale sicilians, representation matters… feels as good as getting home from a long day at work and crackin open a youtubeBreaking: Khakis with Sneakers Superstore’s stock just plummeted with this amazon newsSo damn happy that the feeling of impending doom has subsided a bit with amazon deciding not coming here @abbyrosenquist So i would have to wear a track suit and chain over my track suit and chain?Woooow bad bunny is doin 2 concerts while I’m in PR. It was meant to be.Happy Valentine’s Day nerds.No one would even know @CeraKhin @noodsradio @low_jack_mob I keep goin back to this oneWow I just had a yellow cab driver that spoke to me from manhattan to Brooklyn. I can’t remember the last time that happened. In shock.
@beanerberlin idk anything about himlmao i just paid $7 for track snippets on bandcamp because i wasnt paying attention. nice. @beanerberlin tsvi. i had 3 of his records in my bandcamp and finally bought them. i dont really have to make music anymore @Joey2lanes thnxx @djauspex there was an era about 6 years ago that i would constantly hear the loops in tracks, usually tech house.… @Joey2lanes u got any more toon 2 sendi wish i had a tan rn but thats ok. still gonna have fun. you find a producer that’s making pretty much what you’ve been trying to do for yearsBeen thinking about this guy all day
Today’s gym playlist is strictly Roy Ayers. I don’t got time for that other music.Joe Rogan says tatz don’t hurt. He’s so sik.I’m surprised Bella Hadid didn’t win a GrammyIt’s called fashion @AnthonyParasole
Don’t you even think about calling af1 lows “downtowns” around me. Ever.i find it a bit PATHETIC that no troop veterans won a grammy last night. this is what you want liberls?Hey @residentadvisor can I do the 666th podcast? Thnx in advance. @Drownedxo I’m working the night shift as far as I’m concernedI just had to pull out the Shazam to find out what band I absolutely cannot stand the sound of. It’s Imagine Dragons.For the last 12 years or so I’ve been told that I’ll get used to waking up at 4:30am everyday. I feel like that sho… music makes me so anxious
for all booking inquiries, please contact: me thnxxalmost there... get it? n e wayz, getting my music together rn so thought i should post this. last day of fashion w… should have just started another band. thats basically all i really wanna do anyway.saves the day was the first band i ever saw live ( they were an opening act). i was around 11 and my parents took m… with la roux hair have no sense of spatial awarenessidk i guess its not cool to say but i love pads in music. sry.
play this but put it on mute @olintechno He’s got a bright future
@motiv_a @sheepshead__ Omg yes x1000000ight im gonna do this again, and every time i go back to Puerto Rico. Who's doin parties? ill be down there 3/8-3/1… @FutureTiming @beanerberlin Oh I’m down for madball puns ( or down by law I should say ) @beanerberlin @FutureTiming I think he did vocals for strifeSrsly wtf @erec_torset @HE_VALENCIA I second this. I bought them on rec when I needed something cheap and they’re way better than my old krk @AnthonyParasole @claywilson im just tryna get sponsored by nike, but im not athletic so ... @AnthonyParasole found this clip of u @_noncompliant_ thats so weird. i was always told as a youth dj that you HAD to mix out of the song playing. maybe its an american thing?just ordered myself a pair of cream colored terry sweat pants. feelin good rn.*airhorn airhorn airhorn* @motiv_a fart + fart= no fart. they cancel each other out @LMGM they chill u chill
@AnthonyParasole comin down to the wire @djauspex 😬Also Incase you were wondering I have 4 tracks for an ep that are very close to being totally done. Ya boys been we… @LMGM @midlandsound But I’m wasting all the good tracks on my 5 friends @beanerberlin Idk why I didn’t think of this I forgot to dj on my birthday this year, my only draw @beanerberlin Catch you there’m gonna start my tanning regimen today so if you see a slightly bronzed guido strollin through north Brooklyn DO… cannot wait til this ableton update. Gonna automate everything @mikeservito @FrankieFatGold Never 4get @mikeservito @FrankieFatGold What about when you show up and try to say hi to mike servito and get completely dismissed? U know me? @HE_VALENCIA Ooo I thought that’s what you were referencing. *spoiler* It’s 2 people that pretend to be smarter tha… @HE_VALENCIA I thought I liked killer mike until I heard his Rogan interview @ryan_deepclub Pic of Adam Levine? @ryan_deepclub Idk the aesthetic is triggering. Like Adam Levine having little tattoos that create these huge oddly… space between tattoos drives me up da wall. I can’t look at it. @rdotilano’m gonna move back to my parents house just so they can finally teach me how to do the hustle @aerielist Haven’t given up on it yet, the search continuesI swear my brain hits the same stride at the same time every year