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TANUKI @tanukimusic Scotland, UK

Music producer and DJ 🎶 Music for Konami (DDR & DRS), Square Enix, Capcom, Neowiz MUCA, Dear☆Stage, etc. 📧

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@Snesei likewise man, hope we can properly chill next year at some point @Snesei this was such a fun gig but goddam the mixer completely ruined some of our sets lmao, I'm craving this atmosphere again so badly 😭 @Aiobahn us 🤝 sony @hoshimiya_toto やったー!! @Lennyyy445 ワクチンを接種するまで俺は健康上の問題のために家にいなければなりません 😅 そっちも今安全に過ごせることを願う!I hope you are staying safe! 🙏 @zanelowe Sometimes, but usually I'm tired of it after producing the tune, so I'd only "listen" to it at a club whe…
@shirobon definitely on my to-do list :D @ujicosnail goddam what a groove @valhalladsp Legends 🙏 @JakePeriphery Same here, they had so much potential too... I guess the minimal amount of album releases on them is… @jmart___0526 if you're into sony's stuff I'd def recommend this book if you don't have it already! it's perfect in… @misskittymelon frfr there are so many amazing minidisc designs from the early 2000s @GRRLmusic this goes so hard wtfMy uni joining in on this is the last thing I thought I’d see on their insta @dotphase they were so good! easily my favourite media format before mp3 players were a thing. going from carrying… @seabaud yeah seriously! sony design has always been consistently amazing/pretty ahead of their time imo, even the… @seabaud yeah albums were hard to come across, tho I had a walkman MZ-N710 and I just made my own minidiscs so it w… were minidiscs just so perfect @programmable me and jebus on the 1s and 2s hold tite holy krew @sennzai うおービッグハッピーバースデー!! @JAKAZiD mochi-tothe-ron my friend 💖 and thanking you very much I'm glad you liked it! :D @theguymango Ayyy thanks so much dude! Really appreciate the support 🙏🙏🙏からミックスのトラックリストをアップしたー!ラジオ|「Otaquest Radio」 EPISODE 4 アーカイブ公開中📻 海外に配信する日本のオタク、ポップカルチャーメディアOTAQUESTによるマンスリーミックスショー。 今月は TANUKI @tanukimusic…
Retweeted by TANUKI @Lennyyy445 Happy birthday るなちゃん!!良い一日を〜! @DaleNorth Hell yeah man, huge congrats
@MattPeriphery lost it at the jimmy neutron bit, amazing @carleyjpn @blockfmjp Hahaha thank you very much! Hope you enjoyed the mix :) @iRis_s_azuki ビッグお疲れ様です!ライブが見えなかったのが残念ですけど、これからも活動を楽しみにしてるよ! @programmable very nice and good, and also nice of you to say that, glad you liked it man :) @indexmusic_ Balls and walls (????) thank you my friend :D @technicatemusic my mans thanking you very much, I hope you're having a little bop of your head a bit xoxそろそろ始まる!ラジオ|今夜19時から「Otaquest Radio」 EPISODE 4 海外に配信する日本のオタク、ポップカルチャーメディアOTAQUESTによるマンスリーミックスショー。 今月は TANUKI @tanukimusic が登…
Retweeted by TANUKI @JAKAZiD I'm never going to be able to see the word logarithm now without thinking of this exact image thank you lmaogonna be absolutely logarithmic
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Tomorrow @0uttaS1TE Yeah seriously, not like things are all of a sudden going to be all rosy now I guess, but thank fuck som… feeling of relief seeing the POTUS account with a new pfp @ZpookyBooky Honestly I used £13 Sony headphones for the first 3~ years of producing and thought they were perfectl… thx too @tanukimusic
Retweeted by TANUKI @greendudd Thank YOU, I really appreciate your support! 🙌🙌🙌 @voltra @tisoki @KRANEmusic This is exactly why I've always preferred headphones and feel more "safe" with them as… @DaleNorth @KorgUSA bloody hell they have come out absolutely swinging this yearalso don't piss into the toilet今日19:00時からで出てますYO! 色んなジャンルミックスをしてます! #blockfm @zekk_wa_zetku 天使の声みたいだね〜〜〜 @SmaiART Oh wow this is amazingNew DJ mix full of all my favourite tunes this Thursday for @otaquest's radio show on @blockfmjp! Tune into…
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@carleyjpn Let's goooo 🙌New DJ mix full of all my favourite tunes this Thursday for @otaquest's radio show on @blockfmjp! Tune into… thinking a lot lately and have come to the conclusion that the only 2 things certain in life are: 1. Death 2. Bob's your uncle @panic Buncha legends so you are, will email now! Thanks a lot~ @dj_regret I hope you will like it! :) Pictureの方急に売り切れてびっくりしたw @indexmusic_ Yasssss I'm glad it's more of a regular thing now, that's what I like to hear :) Just need to recover… @dj_regret 本当にありがとうございます!! Thanks so much man! 🙏 Pictureの方無くなってごめんね😭Pictureの方無くなってたので普通のvinyl買いました_(:3 」∠)_
Retweeted by TANUKI6 left Radio returns to @blockfmjp this week with a special DJ mix from @tanukimusic! Tune in this Thursday, 19:…
Retweeted by TANUKI @indexmusic_ argghhhh I'm bloody swamped with uni stuff so I won't be able to play for at least a couple weeks at t…早くまたこれになりたい @armcannon Fr I can’t wait to see it in person haha @indexmusic_ Ahhh shidd sorry, was doing uni work today so stayed off to concentrate lol, will check today thanks for letting me know!!このリリースに皆さんのサポートをしてくれて本当にありがとうございます!🙌 今残り20個だけです 👾 wow, #1 in the @Bandcamp charts... insane! 🤯 Thanks so much!!! 30~ vinyl left if you still want to grab one be…
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@mrk_rbnsn happy birthday man :) @LinusTech @manscaped are you telling me my Balls have been Tech all this time and I'm now only just finding out @MereNoTilde @Bandcamp @NeoncityRecords Really glad you like it, thanks so much! Tis muchly appreciated :) @maxionaire_ @Bandcamp @NeoncityRecords for you, my man a documentary on baroque era art and learned an insult from back then was "your teeth protrude from your f… @indexmusic_ @NeoncityRecords Oh yeah I forgot you still don't have that LOL, you're a ledge n a halrf so you are 💖 @SpiderKick_BiLL @Bandcamp @NeoncityRecords Thanks so much! It's surreal to see when this happens hahaOh wow, #1 in the @Bandcamp charts... insane! 🤯 Thanks so much!!! 30~ vinyl left if you still want to grab one be… @indexmusic_ @NeoncityRecords mike you beautiful lad, I'm sending cowbo kissy faces to you rn but you can't see it… @GonZo_tAlkS @NeoncityRecords Thanks so much for the support dude, so kind of you! I'm very hyped to see how it tur…
Around 100 coloured vinyl left—picture discs and tapes are completely sold out now 🤯 Thank you all so much for the…
Retweeted by TANUKI @zicoUwU I appreciate ya dude, thanks a lot for supporting! @Fella_Jimbo @NeoncityRecords You a real one for that, honestly thanks so much! Hope you like em when they arrive! :)I JUST copped the picture disc yesterday, and then the mailman came with this Thank you for the music UwU…
Retweeted by TANUKIAround 100 coloured vinyl left—picture discs and tapes are completely sold out now 🤯 Thank you all so much for the… @Kiirajp @NeoncityRecords Thank YOU for the support! Tis very much appreciated dude :)📢 お知らせ 📢 「Hiragana Title」のビニールはリリースしましたー! こちらから売ります: 是非是非チェックして下さい! よろしくお願いします 🙌
Retweeted by TANUKI📢 ⚠️ OUT NOW ⚠️ 📢 ✨ HIRAGANA TITLE - VINYL RELEASE ✨ Coloured & picture discs available from @NeoncityRecords!…
Retweeted by TANUKI📢 お知らせ 📢 「Hiragana Title」のビニールはリリースしましたー! こちらから売ります: 是非是非チェックして下さい! よろしくお願いします 🙌 @clouds finally someone said it @SUPERFLAT1990 hecc ye @allusernametkn @NeoncityRecords Ayyyy thanks so much! I appreciate it :) @JAKAZiD @PkerUNO my mainest mans, big thanks!! doing a big blowy cowbo kissy face right back at you rn 😘😘
@mangin_jindo @AwTroon @macglen4 @jjs999jjs @ev_exi I only know Japanese haha @Tom_Bath_ @NeoncityRecords Thanks so much for your support, I appreciate it a lot! And like yourself I can't wait… @PkerUNO @JAKAZiD I hope he does because I want some!! @mangin_jindo @AwTroon @macglen4 @jjs999jjs my fellow weegie @ev_exiPICTURE DISCS HAVE SOLD OUT 😮 14 tapes left and some coloured vinyl too!… @smilingdemon @NeoncityRecords Art by the amazing @ecstaticpsd :) @PkerUNO @NeoncityRecords Thanks so much dude, your support is really appreciated!! I hope you'll like it :) @fibrealex @Panicpopdesu my mans 🙏🙏🙏 thanks so much for your support!! @ArcienMusic @NeoncityRecords KIRBY STOP Y OU MIGHT HURT YOURSELGF @curael88 @NeoncityRecords It's definitely something that's a possibility, been thinking of something like this in… @curael88 @NeoncityRecords Right back atchu 🙏