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TANUKI @tanukimusic Scotland, UK

Music producer and DJ 🎶 Music for Konami (DDR & DRS), Square Enix, Capcom, Neowiz MUCA, Dear☆Stage, etc. ENG/日本語. 📧 :

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@daehruoyserehw perfect name for a cat comprised shibuya-kei cover band @ShibuyaNasu Yup, I feel as though UX these days seems to abstract things more than it does make them obvious for the userGood afternoon @mk_muzic ありがとう、買った!(外国の住所を使って出来なかったので新宿でCoCo壱番屋の住所を使用した) @marty_friedman The day has finally come, so hyped! 🙏
@vioriie this is stunning tbh @feedme Always amazes me how these things with Analytical Engine looking innards manage to warp sound @Hideika_ I appreciate it! @paulbensonsucks @rainyxstar Exactly yeah... I feel like Twitter is becoming less like Twitter, which is unfortunate @PkerUNO honestly same @rainyxstar Yeah I realised a few mins ago, further proof this is a terrible UI/UX design choice imo... I've been u… @CDPPie I thought that was supposed to be the case, but it's live now for everything it seems (on webtwit at least)Only being able to RT through quoting is honestly such a bad idea, I have no idea why they thought this would "enha… a terrible time to be an artist. Exposure will decrease dramatically now, guaranteed. to hydrate to... Evian approved future funk much new Spor material this year I feel spoiled
@JAKAZiD @stuart_foy LOL I won't be able to do thigh rubs and suchlike if that happens so I will make sure I'm there next time! @SleeplessTV_ @Hideki_Naganuma I'm going to guess you haven't looked at the type of accounts he's following. @stuart_foy fuck hahaha I wish I could but I have too much uni stuff to try get through this week unfortunately (no… @stuart_foy WAIT A SEC... ! I need to join you guys next time lmao @stuart_foy tfw you're on twitter dot com @shemusic @Hideki_Naganuma I'm hoping he means "teen" as in 18+, but regardless, he's an old geezer and just should… @Hideki_Naganuma This is an easy unfollow for me @killthenoise you just got me excited for halloween all of a sudden @abeIette come join the dark side @hoshimiya_toto とても素敵アルバム・・・お疲れさまです! リリースして楽しみにしてる!😁 @hoshimiya_toto 最高! @DropboxSupport DM'd now, thank you! @DropboxSupport 4/4 I now need to select that folder and make sure to manually choose "local" through smart sync AF… @DropboxSupport 3/? Now when I select a folder to sync back onto my device with selective sync, it instead decides… @DropboxSupport 2/? Selective sync would always work perfectly as expected; whereby I select a folder to sync back… @DropboxSupport 1/? Thanks for getting back! I've been using dropbox for 10 years now, so I know the changes that h… @yz_43 とても原始だけど、完璧w
ロボット工学の主な目的が発見された @DropboxSupport Why is this now a thing—syncing folders back onto my machine makes them online-only?! Having to go… @jasonGRIN @ernieball @LukeHolland Beast
@Snesei currently getting stuck into the oop side of things and, same lol @nanobii I say, you may be on to something, chum... all jesting aside, it is nothing more than an attempt to partak… @nanobii I concur @nanobii reading a book, as seen from my POV (point of view) - circa 2018 @JAKAZiD @MEGAREXjp the fancy pants were EXTREMELY on for this one weren't they 💁‍♀️⚠ NEW MUSIC! ⚠ my new song "Party Starter" features on the forthcoming album BeyondCORE EvangeliX 02, out October…
Retweeted by TANUKI @amarganoche lmao goddam... you know it's serious when you start whipping out the kashiras and suchlike... I hope y… @amarganoche ffs LOL I'm a disgrace for not knowing that........ having proper shouganai moment rn smdh 😭😭😭 @Aethral This is fucking sick @amarganoche all this time I had no idea ochanomizu was actually in england 🤯 @the_Meji would highly recommend, does the job nicely and then some @tokimandee congrats on the move bud!
@PkerUNO "it's not the size of it, but how it sounds" or however that phrase goes @kojotek_dx I see you have eyes like a hawk, nicely spottedmy new gear @JakePeriphery Been using the HM Mirra 2 for almost 5 years now, sat in the thing every day since then (other than… @DirtyLoops YESSSSSS LET'S GOpleased to inform everyone that sex is finally banned. we've evolved past the need for copulation and suchlike thin… @PkerUNO @TheMidnightLA @amazonmusic Phew, Smoke edition of the LP was still in stock... thank you for pointing this out to me haha @PkerUNO @TheMidnightLA @amazonmusic Ohhh I just realised it comes with the LP/tape! That's an easy cop then :) @TheMidnightLA @amazonmusic Unfortunate it's only on Amazon's streaming service for now, but excited for it to drop on others! @puniden @fkaorism @sayohimebou @oriik_internet @dirtyandroids YABAI YO🤩 @nanobii 上手 moment @ax___rm well that fucking blows, I'm really sorry to hear that
@HZshizuku So excited for the release! @natsuki02 omg congratulations!!!
@_hyleo @JAKAZiD holy shit LOLお昼のチラ見にお願いします!🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ 今回の動画は僕の好きな譜面! [HTTP]Hyper Twist Twist Play !!! @YouTubeより
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@hikarustation I say yolo that sliderReally hope the ARM Macs are out by next month, assuming that’s when Big Sur will get released, an ARM MBP 13” is t… @hopeful_magic maybe the best thing announced lmaothat foldable magsafe charger holy shit…! this will be perfect for travelling (if that ever becomes a thing again)when apple says apps I can’t help but think of one of the best tweets breaks in apple presentations makes me happy @GDDR6X was thinking this the other day, how ironic it is we have these ultra high dpi displays now being used just… @ujicosnail Indeed @S2TB_korsk ファッキンびっくりした @M_Minoshima 幸せBloody hell this has absolutely made my night / week / month / year 🤯
@S2TB_korsk @S2TB_korsk えっちだね @bodyocean Hell yes, I am SO excited to hear what you guys do with this project :D @synthionmusic prof sounds like an absolute soggy quiche good lord lmaoif this doesn't get released tomorrow @synthionmusic Biologically it's impossible to hear the difference… are you engineering the audio to a hollywood bl… @CableguysTweets @morganpage Silly me, I thought this was a new version hence the tweet (I already have 6), but sti… @CableguysTweets @morganpage Been using VS since 4 was released! Will this upgrade run standalone as well as within… @monogotz @nanobii @toshimu_rar イベントがめちゃくちゃ楽しかった!!!It was great to party with you bro, hope to see you again in early 2021~早く戻りたい 😭
@mishaperiphery I was expecting smoke on the water but this is great too @Crunchyroll @Crunchyroll_PT @Crunchyroll_fr @crunchyroll_la @Crunchyroll_it @crunchyroll_es @Crunchyroll_de @vrpxDE Thanks a lot for the kind words!📢 OUT NOW 📢 ✨ Hiragana Title ✨ 💾 FREE DOWNLOAD 💾 My last Future Funk EP in the trilogy… I hope you enjoy it!…
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@CuteMichiyo Thanks a lot! 😭 Very much looking forward to Christmas break haha @lnu_wanwanwan he is 神様 🙏 @lnu_wanwanwan bach? @LaszloEDM is that....... a big......... LASZLONGUS 😳 @CDPPie It makes my brain feel very small tbh but it's fun haha @CDPPie Computer science :) @radiodario That means a lot thank you!! Hope you like what's to come in future too after the Hiragana Title stuff,… has been draining me the past couple weeks, but today I will listen to new music releases I haven't mana… wait for @tanukimusic next physical release - is that happening?
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