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Tanya Saracho @TanyaSaracho Los Angeles, CA

Once a Playwright; Creator/EP/Showrunner of VIDA on @starz //Nacida en Sinaloa, México//Raised on the TX/Tamps Border//Nurtured by Chicago Theatre.//Now in LALA

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Michaela Coel’s ‘I May Destroy You’ Will Tear You Apart ⁦@vulture⁩ @everythingloria @davekellett You, Glo! Your love is getting me through!Although you long to break away from an ongoing routine, it’s ... More for Sagittarius countries banded together and trusted science and flattened the curve and resumed normal life and we are in l…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @merien1722 @lauramarlinghq @SakaraLife I know! Good night! 💤🌙 @LouHill7 Si pero es más padre preguntar, ¿no?😉 @stringy72 I need to actually go to sleep. Okei... off I go! 😴 @campmayhorn @lauramarlinghq It’s an energy bar! But in the video it does look a bit brownie-like... @edaserehs @lauramarlinghq No es chocolate, it was an energy bar from @SakaraLife @merien1722 @lauramarlinghq It was a @SakaraLife energy bar... but chocolate adjacent, sure. @carmencubacasts That’s true. I’m also as square. @mfernandezLA Do you! @stringy72 Have a good day at work! @theRealCTorres Veggie haggis from @HendersonsofEdi #wellVegan #yum @nayeli_ux_ Sí pero no sé sumar. Bueno, restar. ¿Sumar?What time is it in Edinburgh right now? I'm bad at math... maths... I can't, like subtract. @A_M_Sanchez @lauramarlinghq Omaiga, chips sound so good right now... (I'm on a diet currently... and salty potato… @spirographo @lauramarlinghq I don't know know if I can last another month... another week... [insert me tearing at my hair here] @maria_mealla @lauramarlinghq @gabehudson I don't know if LOVE is the word...I’m round. @DinoRay @TanyaSaracho Salu2
Retweeted by Tanya SarachoThese are unbelievable @PHOLKGIANT 😍😍😍 #milgracias 66: @TanyaSaracho #NewHollywoodPodcast
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @DinoRay This was such a fun one to do! #spilledallthe☕️This is endless... #lockdown #gettingrestless #Sagittarius #antsy 🎶 @lauramarlinghq
This is bad. ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @LumeCube Tightening it didn’t do anything to the legs... it seems defective. @AcostaIsLegend Oh, what a lovely thing to hear. I am so glad it was able to make an impact on you.An added measure of patience and focus is needed when you're a... More for Sagittarius
Feliz Día, mi Frida. about an unusual subject today will be both intriguin... More for Sagittarius all #professionals in the #film, #television, #theatre, #entertainment, and #arts world, join the #challenge to…
@mslawebb Me neither!Developing a higher regard for yourself is a healthy endeavor ... More for Sagittarius poor little cat won’t let me console him. He’s beside himself making a weird grumbling noise...My poor cats are so freaked out con estos pinches cuetes 💥 ... Remi won’t eat, he keeps making a weird growl and is…
@EvaSzigriszt I’ve seen it 27 times. It’s like a 3 tiered-tray of cupcakes. I’m crazy about it. @edgarribon @LumeCube I’m not quite sure yet... I have to test it out on a zoom..@LumeCube What am I doing wrong? I just opened my new cube and I’m trying to set it up but... This won’t stand up.… @TheaRodgers The Knightley version... @EvaSzigriszt Tis.... have you seen the new Emma?It's high time you stop feeling responsible for other people’s... More for Sagittarius @kala_guess I mean... @kala_guess @kala_guess After 27 viewings, I warrant I should give it a rest... lest I wear it out.No, YOU’re watching Pride and Prejudice on a Friday night... #regencyfetish
A certain family member may feel more like a burden than a ble... More for Sagittarius @LifeHappyAna @VIDA_STARZ 🤗
@ItsJoshFeldman @VIDA_STARZ @TheGreatHulu @HBO Nothing was ever good enough. My poor writers I think I put them thr… your energy into a bold creative project is strongly a... More for Sagittarius to the #VidaSTARZ fam 🥂 We got to show the Latinx experience like never before - and it was all because of yo…
Retweeted by Tanya SarachoWait, so now we are putting the title of the episode next to the title of the show? Coming up with episode titles s…
Tanya Saracho Talks Cementing the ‘Vida’ Bar as a LGBTQ Safe Space – ⁦@Variety⁩ @ilanacubana @danielleweisber Right?! Something was in the air yesterday! Such a Friday feeling! @briannajboyd 😔 @shaft226 @dailynrod Hahaha Yeah. Yesterday was so confusing....Fiscal responsibility is the name of the game again as Saturn,... More for Sagittarius🎻 Magnificent. @dailynrod No one corrected me today.YAAAYYYY! Congrats to all these writers!!!!!
Retweeted by Tanya SarachoWait, it’s not Friday?!
@nikogutierrez22 @theblcklst @NALIP_org @untitledlatinx @REMEZCLA @franklinleonard @thathagengrrl @dailynrod @lmv55 @everythingloria ✊🏽 @thatdarndeb @dalilaalirajah @HBO @normalpeople @BetterthingsFX @carmencubacasts Someone I knew and was messing wit… @thatdarndeb @dalilaalirajah @HBO @normalpeople @BetterthingsFX My friend @carmencubacasts Is the one who turned me… financial fortune could greatly improve now that Jupiter,... More for Sagittarius @dalilaalirajah #IMayDestroyYou on @hbo @normalpeople @BetterthingsFX #Homecoming ... I guess my show. It’s a new genre we should embrace. @nikogutierrez22 @theblcklst @NALIP_org @untitledlatinx @REMEZCLA @franklinleonard @thathagengrrl @dailynrod @lmv55 L.A. County beaches will close for the Fourth of July weekend due to alarming spike in coronavirus cases
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @nikogutierrez22 @theblcklst @NALIP_org @untitledlatinx @REMEZCLA @franklinleonard @thathagengrrl @dailynrod @lmv55 really hope we commit to these half-hour dramas. @nikogutierrez22 @theblcklst @NALIP_org @untitledlatinx @REMEZCLA @franklinleonard @thathagengrrl @dailynrod @lmv55 a look into the highly female Latinx Vida Writer’s Room, as we sit with @STARZ Vida’s screenwriters…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @SammyVillarroel We do. This industry needs to stop erasing us. @TanyaSaracho the best thing she said, “we exist, Latinx below the line workers. You just have to search a bit more…
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Decolonization, Collective Liberation, & Intersectional Solidarity This Saturday, July 4 Part 2 of a series on Ps…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @thetifflauren It’s poisoned us for decades... @nikogutierrez22 @theblcklst @NALIP_org @untitledlatinx @REMEZCLA @franklinleonard @thathagengrrl @dailynrod @lmv55 @LynPaolo @obijuanca @franklinleonard @everythingloria @NALIP_org @REMEZCLA @untitledlatinx So many congratulations! 👏🏽 @DominicColon @lilliamr @NALIP_org @untitledlatinx @REMEZCLA @everythingloria @franklinleonard @thathagengrrl It’s wonderful!¡Dale pues!“Access for Latinx creators in this industry has been a problem historically. This is a great entry point for a lot…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @VidaWriters panel for the @NALIP_org Summit today at 6:30pm!¡Ahoritita! RIGHT NOW! little retail therapy today could become cause for regret. T... More for Sagittarius @Tracy_Perez ¡Guapa! @mariadelpilarrr @ThemrCasting @STARZ @NALIP_org @VIDA_STARZ It was such a joy to work with you, querida!Breaking: Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered seven counties including Los Angeles to immediately close any bars and nightspo…
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@karenbethzabe @vientofuego @NALIP_org Siiii, muy orgullosa de ser Mochiteca.Thank you @TanyaSaracho for your years of continual support! We always appreciate your dedication in creating diver…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho @NALIP_org I love you @NALIP_org for everything you do for us! I stan hard!'Window is closing' for US to get coronavirus under control, Trump's HHS secretary warns @shesanfran @TheGreatHulu Right?!Grab your breakfast and join @STARZ Vida showrunner, Tanya Saracho (@TanyaSaracho), as she explains the importance…
Retweeted by Tanya Saracho“Because I went through denial, grief, anger, all the stages of grief, I am in acceptance now and grateful because…
Retweeted by Tanya SarachoHaving @STARZ Vida Showrunner @TanyaSaracho today's @NALIP_org Virtual Summit is awesome. For Tanya be a one of t…
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