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Tanya X. Short @tanyaxshort Montreal, Canada

Captain of @kitfoxgames. Co-founder & co-director of @pixellesmtl. Short fiction author. She/her. Be full of love. Put in the effort.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020) code is still valid!)Need some reading? Here, have 20% off Procedural Storytelling in Game Design! Use the code PSG20 with my compliment…
Retweeted by Tanya X. Shortmy personal game design style (whether in content tools or spreadsheets) is to wade in, make a giant mess, and then… @jukiokallio congrats! amazing picture 🥰
@alanwdang never had this used on me professionally... sounds infuriating. @gillianmsmith that'd be perfect!looking to ask some questions from someone in a Chinese-speaking (ideally China-based) non-binary/trans/queer commu… @StonedFox0 Sure, email me if you like! tho the project I was working on when I drafted that article (there's a GDC… @ElioHoHo @pulsemeat my eggs!! @michelmcbride The new "swiss water" method of making decaf beans doesn't taste bad! It's missing a little somethin…
@aNuChallenger absolutely <3 @aNuChallenger also our babies were born exactly 7 days apart 😍 happy half-birthday to them both. @aNuChallenger Congrats Shawn! :DPushed game live on Steam and Itch, which feels surreal. We've…
Retweeted by Tanya X. Short @simplyundrea Thanks for the thought, Undrea :)
@alanwdang pfft the normal "speaking muscle" for civilized species in the galaxy, obvs. weird to use the same word… @lazerwalker same! for me, I think there's a few components: - iced tends to be drunk faster and alone/not with foo… @Silent0siris you do have special qualifications for Antics @Silent0siris Hiiii Steven :) we miss you too. did you hear the DCC campaign ended last fall? Brent's considering d… @Silent0siris @MOOMANiBE haha no way, he sleeps 13-15 hours a day like a champ @martinpi @unormal @catacalypto looks like you want non-fiction? in that case I'd say 1791 and The Third Chimpanzee… @CodeLumpN oh jesus, true, ugh @MOOMANiBE dark? no, sleep is important, a battle worth fighting. but the circles themselves... for me I gave up at… @MLDibbs yepppp we look like those tall skinny aliens with super-jointed limbs, for sure
aliens: did you know humans use the SAME orifice for talking AND eating? just. how. their words get all garbled wit… smart thread about D&D- and game writing in general!
Retweeted by Tanya X. Short @DevRelCallum @KitfoxGames Haha we don't really have scouts/are not actively scouting... and I don't really enjoy l…
@allymcleangames 36 isn't old, yet webcams didn't exist till I was in graduate school... though as a teen I DID hav…
@catacalypto True Mutuals @AeornFlippout ancient Greeks be like "lol my dad called Socrates THAT QUESTIONS GUY, can you even believe, what a dork" @catacalypto ah. so now, at last, I understand the cardinal sin of envy. fascinating. @AeornFlippout Stuff My Dad Says is timeless :') @failnaut i think you mean you tired sonicworking from home once a week: ahh I will wear pajamas while I work, as a treat, how cozy working from home every… @catacalypto tarot narrative design cutting humorApparently not only is Final Fantasy (1) buggy and weird, but the strategy guide lies about it hahaha. A good threa…
@michelmcbride (but to be fair I think most deals in the $1m+ tend to be like that... unfortunately..) @CaptScarlett @MrPope so beautiful! <3 @michelmcbride not terrible, but also depends on the initial recoup terms... they only mention after recoup terms.… I will do a design thread critiquing a (hilariously?) poorly-executed children's book in my apartment. and…
@jonnadraws could definitely imagine my baby doing this. help. @NathanGelman Onion is amazing. but you can't help hoping your kid turns into more of a Sour Cream type, you know? @ryanqnorth no you will not hover. you will lie on the sidewalk. don't worry, you are napping and not dead. yet.steven universe is a fun and heartwarming show until the creeping horror sets in as you realize your child strongly resembles Onionnormally people sort of care about protecting others from spoilers... Animal Crossing seems immune to this cultural… @Ekanaut that's perfect! here's hoping you don't end up with 9 branches at the end of it haha
I wrote about QA workers in Montreal being pressured to come into work in unsafe conditions during the pandemic whi…
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Our game Fit For A King is an @igfnews Honorable Mention and on sale for 30% off on Steam in celebration of the awa…
Retweeted by Tanya X. ShortI can’t imagine being a billionaire today and not giving away half your personal fortune to people in need today E…
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@dgrey0 Montreal schools and daycares/nurseries all closed already, from last Friday and Monday respectively. No id… @bitmOO haha I'm enjoying it, thanks for the link! reminds me of Chromeo, which is an old favorite @lazerwalker I keep getting restless and thinking "oh I'll just pop down for a coffee"........... aghAnyone #wfh want to do a #SocialDistancing Fancy Friday? Dress up, whatever that means to you! Your fanciest pjs, t…
Retweeted by Tanya X. Short @thatJaneNg the last two laptops I bought (one personal, one for the company) had this problem! two different brand… @larsiusprime I know there's an ebook format but no idea about its specifics or compatibilities!
STEM helps find a vaccine, but arts & soft sciences help us: - demand distribution beyond just rich people - demand… bc you're working from home doesn't mean you need to send 200 emails, people. do your normal work too. geez. @IonSwitz There absolutely are treatments (respirator/ventilator) that are more effective when applied earlier... b… @____ness No worries! A few weeks, at least.Ch28 "Creating Tools for Procedural Storytelling" by @emshort: The majority of procedural storytelling systems requ… "Things You Can Do With Twitterbots" by @v21: It's easier to generate something meaningful and interesting if… "Tarot as Procedural Storytelling" by @catacalypto: The number of cards suggests an enormously boggling range… "Dialog" by @despair: Characters that seem to understand and remark on the state of the world add a lot to th… "Generating Personalities in The Shrouded Isle" by Jongwoo Kim: Unfortunately, players moved past the moral qu… "Plot Generators" by @ADAMATOMIC: Think of the way a good film montage connects two previously unrelated imag… "Procedural Characters in State of Decay 2" by Undead Labs: one of the main purposes of the system was to make… "Maximizing the Impact of Generated Personalities" by me: 1 define the player's interpretation process 2 perso… "Procedural Storytelling in Dungeons & Dragons" by @Silent0siris: game master Moves [...] are not concrete eve… @ali_heston haha hey cheers :) very kind of you to say!Ch19 "Beyond Fun in Frostpunk" by Marta Fijak & Jakub Stokalski: The city-building genre is focused on soulless opt…
Ch18 "Dirty Procedural Narrative in We Happy Few" by @craftyscreen: Fortunately, people are extremely good at makin… "Generating in the Real World" by @lazerwalker: what is the subjective player experience of crossing the bound… "Procedural Descriptions in Voyageur" by @NotBrunoAgain: Procedural generation is, effectively, a way of getti… "Generating Histories" by @ptychomancer: historical accounts are used to promote certain cultural narratives t… "Heavily Authored Dynamic Storytelling in Church in the Darkness" by @RichardRouseIII: Players will play a gam… 13 "Emergent Narrative in Dwarf Fortress" by @Bay12Games: A straightforward & effective method is to produce an… "Amplifying Themes and Emotions in Systems" by @danctheduck: most players are not trained to watch for the emo… "Memorable Stories from Simple Rules in Curious Expedition" by @riadd: Initially, our written text featured a… "Dramatic Play in The Sims" by Daniel Kline: dramatic gameplay [is] - taking on a role - making that role pers… @Basil4224 Heya I thought it did, but not totally sure tbh, sorry!Ch9 "Uncanny Text" by @bravemule: The separation between static and procedural became so minor over development [of… "Curated Narrative in Duskers" by @MisfitsAttic and Benjamin Hill: In our minds, the player story was king, esp… "Designing for Narrative Momentum" by @joningold: we give our players the freedom [...] to do entirely unproduc… "Retrospective: Murder on the Zinderneuf (1983)" by Digital Antiquarian: The mystery may change, but the settin… "Ethical Procedural Generation" by @mtrc: A procedural generator encodes a lot of different ideas and knowledge… "Adapting Content to Player Choices" by @JurieHorneman: The more dimensions of context a piece of adaptive cont… "Generated Right in the Feels" by @disco_jill: if players are not moved to their core, is it really innovation… "Keeping Procedural Generation Simple" by @tinysubversions: start as simple as you can, test it to see if it wo… "Getting Started with Generators" by @GalaxyKate: Any advice will depend on what kind of generator you want to… some reading? Here, have 20% off Procedural Storytelling in Game Design! Use the code PSG20 with my compliment… @pouwilli NO WAY @ginahara_ (and then someone in a plague mask goes around killing them? 🤔) @CheerfulGoth 🙏🤩 @NonTrotski oh no I love god sims hahaAlthough I'll admit I'm also scarred by being an MMO developer during World of Warcraft's heyday and arguing passio… people asking why I don't like these changes... lack of structure and tasks/rewards was the unique flavor of An…
NO NO NOOOOOO ANIMAL CROSSING WHYYY :( this is a betrayal!!!! (I'm still probably going to buy it bc it's probably…
If you work at a workplace where there is a high risk of virus transmission and you and your coworkers feel like ma…
Retweeted by Tanya X. Short @Seemo yessss cheesy Saleem is a good Saleem