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Joined Twitter 12/31/20 in dis discord call likeim boutta cum @AntTastesHoney @spambwor i knew you'd get it @ohitsZac @lethalsnowman you @notjoelbtw black history month finally oversydney sweeney, megan fox, jessica alba, ariana granda, margot robbie, sarah synder, adele, amber heard, scarlett j… @storfanie ugh @RiftalTV @RiftalTV @m9rrow okit's getting unethical. @Potatoster okay. @nosammh u rightcan we bring swag back @Potatoster you gotta stop man🤣😂😭😭
@nosammh I am @chromaatical @ArchieMcW Get his ass chromie @29planets I am not having fun 29planets. @naomikix @shish3223 thats just a lie @notjoelbtw @nosammh @solarcello @KodingDev_ wwwhat the @FCLmao just sigh @FCLmao sigh @29planets GONNA BE MARCH TMR WTF @PaintClown_ he washes his face with his own grease and leftover monster @yodering @AntTastesHoney So true @n4vihed Racist behavior people stop being racist it’s not that hard @AntTastesHoney What does that mean @smhlaurie View bobbing makes my head hurt @AntTastesHoney I don’t get it @Aimbotify @krter_ @vrxgon @Simon_Hypixel @iTz_Frozen @LadyBleu_ @shish3223 @naomikix Fr @spambwor Wrong emojis my bad @HarryButAverage I think that would be swag @spambwor 😈🤞🏾 @m9rrow no im using it on @steejenstyle lolzskieshow that work @Scottposts 🖐️ @mcblockdaily @verified @HarryButAverage what do you mean by that
@_sophtie My bad @steejenstyle it was so goodNEW VIDEO PREMIERING IN 20 MINUTES GO GO GO GO
Retweeted by Zack @andreaisdumb ***need me summa THIS @CoastIand if you delete the vod it don't matter @TalentLacking idk eat? @TalentLacking you should um @CoastIand idk music? @yakithemself oh @yakithemself I’m sowwy @yakithemself Oh it’s a good morning now🥰 @chromaatical ly2 chromie hope you have a good Saturday :) @chromaatical GmMy fatass thought these were crewmates 🤣😂😭😭 @PlNKMOUSE i can't take this rn @PlNKMOUSE tapwib effect @nosammh @chromaatical @PlNKMOUSE this made me just frown @nosammh @chromaatical @PlNKMOUSE imma be on my deathbed laughing at the short intern and calling him lethalsnowmantf goin on in the steejen stream @pifzl booooowondering if her giggles are swag @PaintClown_ nah it's a genuine thing @emtrascabin yea @PlNKMOUSE simply just serotonin @PlNKMOUSE It just got out of my head dude STOP
Lacking them cognitive thinking skills @lethalsnowman @sus_images @uwudree @yodering @stupidboredeli whats that supposed to mean @uwudree @yodering @stupidboredeli i ain't gaslighting anyone @stupidboredeli @yodering @uwudree hey elijah @PlNKMOUSE WHYYYYY @fuckapk @m9rrow Very weird feller @chitego_ @GlockVerySwag My bad @2fpisanerd Nope don’t @GlockVerySwag that nigga must have committed serious blood crimes there's no other explanation for that shit @GlockVerySwag HE IS DEAD HE IS JUST DEAD VRO @LIWILL55 how do u check this @storfanie @2fpisanerd Guys stop please it’s not funny stop liking it’s it’s not cool guys @storfanie @2fpisanerd Can you guys stop liking this @storfanie @2fpisanerd StopFatigued @rantblade WHAT @nosammh oh Ok @nosammh 😈 @TaejuuTTV Very real @rantblade same @yodering hey beautiful @queerfemboy No it cannot @GEVidsTweet You are asking for allot @GEVidsTweet So? @GEVidsTweet hiiii :3 @GEVidsTweet will hamood go to the buddy bench @steejenstyle @uwudree @stupidboredeli kiss my bottocks @OrangeSliced @uwudree @stupidboredeli yea