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She/her. Making music as #SweatyLamarr. Creator of #WIWatchedW microreviews and currently, slowly writing two books.

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@been_herde @WrittenByHanna SHE TAGGED LOUBOUTIN @hayve90 Yes, we agree. And as women we know the mental and physical effects of a serious medical decision. We supp… @stanhatheway The idea of he and Julie Andrews in a lavender marriage? Give us the threequel.Thank you, @StephenAtHome.
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @loladaytona I love you too honey. Bad night. Hoping tomorrow is better.had my first-ever panic attack at midnight tonight and the only thing that has made me feel safe is the random reco… @loladaytona I’m sorry what @loladaytona Honestly if you can find a slightly jokey way to do it, I’d fucking go for it. Make it low stakes but yeah, why not. @akaCallie Thank you honey!! ❤️❤️ @motelsiren so uh can I have one or @silkyfines Thank you. It’s autofiction so it’s taking on this additional layer of difficulty, and I wrote so much… feel like my entire novel is falling apart and everyone’s reaction will be “I DON’T CARE.” Please uh, help? @TonjaStidhum @WrittenByHanna Jesus has left us behind. That set of footprints in the sand is just ours now. We deserve it. @TonjaStidhum @WrittenByHanna I’m sorry the WHO days @meganissleepy I will talk about how sexually attracted I am to Peter Dinklage. I can discuss that divorced from the (shit)show. @meganissleepy I am going to respectfully opt out of the Game of Thrones segment. @meganissleepy I absolutely want to do a tight 15 about the significant cultural impact of Nicki’s verse on Monster. @meganissleepy You and me, doing I Love the 2010’s in 15 years. Let’s manifest!! @meganissleepy I present my costume for the #Halloween that will never be... The Ring...master
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @meganissleepy your mind is too powerfulwhat are the odds this also involves the moon
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @crushsong I mean it’s my company so I’m biased but if you check it out I’d love to know what you think!
@crushsong Can I ask what you think of Fubo’s?I fucking hate these idiots lmao when I’m here: fisher forever
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @dreamoforgonon @DorindaMedley PLEASE TELL ME YOU STOLE THE FISH.Alright this is my official “writing the novel” thread. Today’s update: I have crossed the 100-page mark and I feel… @sarathofkhan I’m so sorry. Some of us see it. I wish it was more. It is a faith that guides so many kind and good people.nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early astronaut: moon's haunted nasa employee: what? astronaut: *loading…
Retweeted by Sweaty LamarrMy dominatrix name shall be “Domme de Louise”
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @intelfrog @Palitato Yes! In this case I was using this guy’s verbiage but anyone with a uterus who is an ally for… up that hill to make a deal with God, anyone need anything?
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @sour_mamba I hate you for this lmaoI can’t say the OP will believe me. But you all know I overshare to death and so if I had ever had one, you would k… if you’re a girl who supports abortion but has never had an abortion. I’ll go first. @thetolerantweft t-shirt drop when @painaukait Honey wait until you read this fucking book. 😂 It’s a MeToo story. This was the best of it. @sarathofkhan Yeah did you not remember to take those home ever??? And then I had to mail the undies bac… @painaukait The company didn’t have an HR team to tend to termination activities so it wasn’t a policied effort....… @sarathofkhan Honestly it’s a really funny memory for me! I didn’t touch them; they were in a bag. And my good atti… I’m writing about the time my boss asked me to clean out the desk of an employee who had been fired and I fou… am very small and i have no money so you can imagine the kind of stress i’m under~ but for real i have so many…
Retweeted by Sweaty LamarrI want every celebrity who is taking the time to write a little “we stan Crisp Rat” post to donate 50,000 dollars t…
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @chuckawalla4 If you count that dude’s neck he wasn’t bald. 👀 @loladaytona I WAS WAITING. YEAHHHHH @zack_akers You almost have to see the supreme confidence it takes to do THIS and still flame these people for “giv… fucking asshole pays more in taxes to China than he does to the country he governs @ericaisabelles
@ericaisabelles that this song is more relevant by the fucking day @texanforbernie Oh man; thank you! I have a lot of ideas I need to fit into one song. It’s an editing game!I am really struggling with the last song for my album. Ugh!! @GlibGirl @Kristen_Arnett @melissabroder @jesmimi @TayariJones I’m writing a book inspired by these, let’s stay in… @ericaisabelles @iamsamkeller HOPE’S COOKIES IN THE BACK. GET THE LEMON COOLERS. @Kristen_Arnett Carrie Fisher’s Surrender the Pink, @melissabroder’s The Pisces, @jesmimi’s Sing, Unburied, Sing, a… @noabournexo Muting her was like snorting 19 crushed up Xannies. Could not recommend more. @YFYFanthology BROsome of you are not ready for this conversation @natblogs You will only feel bad that you don’t have Max Greenfield’s comedic timing.The Biden guy is white. The shit the other guy is supporting doesn't impact his rights and livelihood. This shit d…
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @biancajaggers hiiii I need itI have to say: the only good boyfriends I’ve ever had were bald dudes, or dudes with giant receding spots. Stay swe… @who_lia_p me, a Cancer, liking this post by you, a Cancer - we are too on the nose hereBREAKING: Aurora becomes first city in Colorado to ban no-knock warrants by police. Vote was 7-3 in favor.
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @UD880 @tiffanytownsend @AliMortell @MsTaraDowdell My brother, Trenton is the state capital??? It’s a city???my favorite landmark in all of New Jersey: The Bridge of Passive Aggression! honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, consider donating to @_IllumiNatives, an organization aimed at increasing Nati…
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr😊
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarrhave been sitting with the fact that mark was in another cult immediately before he joined nxivm BECAUSE HE THOUGHT…
Retweeted by Sweaty LamarrENSORCEL OSCAR WHEN eating and being served at a restaurant in a tent is okay, but living in one because you have nowhere else to go…
Retweeted by Sweaty LamarrLisa Montgomery: A Victim of Incest, Child Prostitution and Rape Faces Execution One horror begets another.
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @Verydissapoint I’d follow either account! @thewordunheard Kennett Square?I had a man do one of the worst things a man has ever done to me today and not even watching My Cousin Vinny with m…
For those unclear about Bolivia situation: 1. Bolivia democratically elected socialists 2. US wanted Bolivia's lit…
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @dreamoforgonon I’m so sorry for your loss.and this is how people rewrite history. Reagan’s election was a pivotal moment in white evangelicals and Republican…
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarris McConaughey the most prestige himbo? @meganissleepy I wish I had his ass. EVERY DAY I WILL PRAY.aww I just talked to the Straight Man in Heels on Instagram 🥺🥺 he’s so niceaggressively stupid would let him pour orange juice on me while we made love I’m not sorry @poetastrologers is this a menstrual thing because I am PMSingYou know what, person on facebook, I did need to hear this
Retweeted by Sweaty LamarrIm an adult, I am not ashamed of responding fast and double texting. I want to talk to you.
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarr @thewordunheard My man is STILL hot. I would watch a sextape of him and Mary Steenburgen filmed THIS’s just the most realistic husband...does not understand....Ted Danson’s physical appeal....I’m getting a divorce @murderbydeath 😂 That movie sucks ass but I’d suggest holding out until you get to Skimbleshanks’ scene. @murderbydeath How much money do I have to pitch into the Kickstarter for Adam to do a cover of Memory because I’ve… @loladaytona Oh god yeah. The voice??
@lafergs I miss you too!! @lafergs I’ll do it from afar!! 🥺❤️I have found my new favorite account. He is EATING the girlies UP!!!!!
Retweeted by Sweaty Lamarrabout to blackout with rage that Taio Cruz is releasing new music and I can’t go out and dance to it AT ALLwould be cool if liberals tried saying “UNIONIZE” as often as they said “VOTE”
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