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shoutout @PowerCoEJ & @FIPVOTENOLA for doin’ the necessary work in our community to make sure everyone’s voices are…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @alwaystireddd__ lmk if it's worth watching, been debatingMy interview with the strikers at N7 bistro, for @EaterNOLA. A key "ask" the strikers made of the community was for…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherSix Transgender Women Have Been Killed in the Past 23 Days |
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @AntoinePierce been following u for awhile, i don’t think i’ve heard your stance on the issue with the residents of…
@GyenzT omg drag her @Brennan_Guevara always wanted to do one, ready for the review!Salud! Congratulations to the people of Bolivia. You’ve struck a blow at US imperialism when many thought it was im…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mothermy friend released an ep today, go listen & support independent artists 🖤 #NowPlayingWelcome, readers, to the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. This is the ANTIGRAVITY voter education guide, a co…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherIt is total stinking bullshit that Cantrell is concerned about "conflicts of interest" within the Civil Service Com…
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already seeing ppl say bolivians "voted out fascism." that is not what happened. u dont need to know much abt the s…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherWhen we fight, we win! The Bolivian people fought this battle IN THE STREETS first and foremost. Long live socialis…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @MilesofBrian i couldn’t get thru the first episode
just got to florida and passed thru a big trump parade, get me the fuck out of hereAll workers deserve safety, dignity & LIVING wages!!! | 9.25 & 10.25 are still not a living wage! Museum of imperia…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mothera few ppl on our flight heading to orlando for sfam tonight 🖤
LOUISIANA: EARLY VOTING STARTS TODAY!! #POLLUP now thru oct 27th & make ur voices heard! tag us in ur early voting…
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our new beat “pain” dropping via @ADBCRecords on halloween heaters 3 on 10.23🎃
Retweeted by fairy $quad motheri cleaned out my closet for like the fourth time this year and it’s finally for real bare to only the things i actu… @GyenzT does it still exist?!this is what BRPD did to my grandma’s house at 6am this morning while she & her grandchildren were sleeping. They t…
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@elbowpunches @H0thead_ @iCroswell one of my fav series!! i love how it all connects
this show was so good
Thread/ ABOLITION FOR THE PEOPLE: The Movement For a Future Without Policing & Prisons The collection of 30 essay…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherFall Sale: 25% off entire order 🍁 Use Code: woke 🔽 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 🎃💀🎃💀🎃💀🎃💀🎃💀🎃
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherCALL TO ACTION #BlackLivesMatter #FreeThemAll #AbolishIce #AbolishTheMilitary #AbolishThePolice #FreeCameroonians
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherfk christopher columbus
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@iCroswell @Thetenorplayer this is so good 😂 happy birthday 🖤my window unit has gone out mid-storm, lovely
until we go from being anti-police, to being anti the ruling class of capitalists that pay their salary and provide…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mothersfam x esemde jerseys available now⚽️ shop:
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherBreaking from Wisconsin : Alvin Cole's mother has been arrested . Police apparently broke her arm. Other family me…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @ayywtf 100000%
our first jerseys drop tomorrow at 12pm central time, snag one while u can⚽️🤝 link:
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherRSVP to for our monthly forum #Elections_2020 #WorkingClass #Socialism
Retweeted by fairy $quad motheri feel stuck not being able to shed these parts of me that no longer suit me, i don't feel connected anymore to any…’m sorry this is so funny
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @utahmads thankful that new orleans organizing has been continuously strong and intentfulbecause all of our liberation is tied to each other, none of us are free until we are all freestrange feeling to come home from actions in the street to see ppl crowding bars&restaurants as if there isn’t a wa…
@iCroswell @BASSIKlife coming with the heat, they must have really good taste 🤪 @AOC ok now let’s talk about how the fbi murdered fred hampton#POLLUP & TAKE ACTION IN THE ELECTION TO WIN VIP 4 LIFE! teamed up w @FIPVOTENOLA & @powercoej to encourage busine…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @TessaPaisa should ask any of the men there if they’re so against abortions why they just don’t get a vasectomy and that’ll shut them upSolidarity with our incarcerated siblings. #COVID19 COVID in prisons, jails, concentration camps and unsafe jobs is…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @jademgaines i do this too no shame lol
yo! i just dropped my first official merch line, pre-sale is available now!
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #AbolishIce #AbolishThePolice #ForcedSterilization #CloseTheCamps
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherNew Orleans People’s Assembly 7 Days of action! 1250 Poydras St 6 PM #SayHerName #GordonPlaza #AbolishIce
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherall remixes of “bubblegum” by us, @eazybakedbeats, & @gspacebass are due tomorrow, livestream to pick the winner is…
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bonus pic: (had to hit em w the little league shot)😂
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @iCroswell we love to hear itincredibly excited to announce our first jerseys drop this friday. the magnolia in the badge represents both of our…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherHey #NewOrleans Twitter, especially #midcitynola and #bayoustjohn can you please spread the word and help me find t…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherlost files // my last flow sesh during @sfam_official’s @Electric_Hawk stream
my sister and i should not be allowed to decor shop together, coming back from texas with more halloween stuff 😌
new merch next week⚽️ *merch from last drop being shipped monday*
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @Skyla_Isabell @pearsybeats tell her i miss her
esp when ur dealing with ur own shit trying to stay mentally healthyhaving a parent who suffers from mental illness and can’t help themselves is hard af like what do u even do, 12 years of a cycle is toughHis name was #RonaldGreene. His family was told by Lousiana State Troopers he died in a car accident. He was beat,…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mothera lot of us were introduced to the bass music world with cookie monsta and he was a part of our earliest show memories, rest easy2:30 am @sfam_official | @WakaanOfficial
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @pearsybeats @jhoerny1 lmao he would tho 😂 @iCroswell don’t apologize, let’s see that shit 👑my therapist about to get an earful next week i may need to add an extra hour
A teenage TikTok-er pointed out that there were no ASL interpreters at the debate last night, which means ~600,000…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherupdated our spotify playlist for the first time in a hit minute. tunes from @gspacebass, @thookfam,…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherhappy halloween🎃
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherout tomorrow - figure it out
Retweeted by fairy $quad motheri’ve been on zoom calls since 9am, my social tank is out of juice for the day @ImTooFast_ we can still be friends but i’ll always tell you you’re wrong sir
TODAY >> I asked a Big Pharma CEO to justify why his company raised the price of a lifesaving cancer drug by over $…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherI know “radical” was thrown around a lot last night. Fighting for a new society where Black people and our comrades…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherBRAND NEW ALL ORIGINAL UNRELEASED MIXTAPE COMING 10/7 All completely new tracks none repeated from past mixtapes…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherred or blue isn’t gonna lead us to the revolution and liberation for all so stop putting all your eggs in the electoral politics basketwatching everyone get so worked up over the debate is entertaining, no one should be surprised. y’all stop being so… @ancienthistory0 america missed their chance, yang 2024 @AndrewJStone lmao we at home forever now
yes i did just make the 1.5 hr drive into houston and back during rush hour to get vegan chinese bc today was rough
got about a week to turn in ur remixes of “bubblegum” can’t wait to listen w the boiz @eazybakedbeats & @gspacebass ::)
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherreal talk from the 🐐
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a woman just rolled up next to me in all black with a bernie 2020 sticker next to me w my yang 2020 sticker, we bot… things i love more than solo roaming the streets of an unfamiliar city
@alchemyygoddess i been wanting to come in for sushi @alchemyygoddess look* @alchemyygoddess yeah those like kinda sadName any other job where you don't immediately lose your job after this kind of behavior. Go ahead. I'll wait
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @alchemyygoddess been wanting to go for that deal but doesn’t sound too worth it. i like their food but it’s pretty… consume marvel movies and rich tantalizing celebrity music videos to escape the plainness of everyday life. we p…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mother @_blurrdvznmusic @eazybakedbeats @sfam_official @gspacebass this fire @eazybakedbeats @sfam_official @gspacebass - bubblegum remix idea ?
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherroad trip with my pup today!! just going to houston to house sit / dog sit for my sister for a week but excited to… glass has been shattered
@DevParker16 kingyoo who tryna remix bubblegum👀 submit ur remix to @AudiusProject by october 6 & we’ll be picking a winner live via…
Retweeted by fairy $quad mothermentally, we're here
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherProtestors in Denver have now been in jail for SEVEN DAYS in degrading conditions without being allowed bail or the…
Retweeted by fairy $quad motherthis whole thread .
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