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Editor / Camera op / Writer / Host / Etc at Linus Media Group. Robotics enthusiast. Future supervillain. Cool frood. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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@Juest0 @colton_potter Nothing @PCreations9 @keeganisanxious @LinusTech That apple thing? Hell no. Get a mouse that's angled a bit. And has discreet buttons.
@colton_potter The original thumbnail was better
@TheA_Gamer554 What? Send pics
@WatfordJC @Pcnot1055 You guys. There are billions, literally, of these wild berries. Everywhere. I'll cut the clus… picker 2000 + buckey is a rousing success
2020 I mean, derpoh damn, dat ram. all that despite the jpeg compression, which it seems to have some built-in method for taking care of. has given me some impressive results so far. Look at those highlights! It's pulling details…
@zaibshaikh_exe already is. ALL_MULTIPLE_KEYBOARD_ASSIGNMENTS.ahkI can now put PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS onto my 2ND KEYBOARD! psApp := ComObjActive("Photoshop.Application") psApp.DoAction… I should also have a go-to-bed alarmForgot the pic of pathetic oreos of them are like this. @oreo Whose brilliant idea was this? The same guy responsible for Toblerone-gate? "JUST… @vanntzer You don't NEED it, but you really should have it..@Oreo you owe me some cream
@AayushBhatia06 all good if you like it, but FORCING it on ALL users is why it's a porbleemoh my god, finally, Windows search no longer includes worthless web results! Shoutouts to Steve42 on Floatplane… tiny Onion series is so much better than it has any right to be @TyrNG4 Yes they will.These pizzas used to have a big sign, "ALWAYS $5," and I thought, 'what about inflation?' Welp, I guess "always" is… used a modified version of my green spill killer, which retains some of the natural yellows on his skin and ha… arms seemed to be under-lit and far too red, so I used an HSL key with a very feathered mask to correct that. A…'m getting better at color correcting. Before/after.
another day well spent. @nofilmschool uh, don't you mean fps, not just "p" ? @FlorianvGierke @LinusTech haha i think we already did have i done... @_sxxov that'll work, but will ruin the anti-aliasing on the edges...omg @wright96d I have not
@EpicLPer yes, it's the latest video on my YT channel i think @MyNameIsSir_ at the moment? the L R CH1 CH2 icons on audio tracks that cannot be removed. but here's a ranked list:, you can use Show Mask, Black and white, and then use a track matte and ANOTHER LAYER in order to utili… premiere's Lumetri color controls really so limited? I just realized that the HSL key should be the FIRST item…
Why do I get so many scam calls in Mandarin? I DON'T SPEAK MANDARIN @karanssh "Just_0100" is part of the resulting filename, and was the only thing that was actually able to find the track.How is it that I can search for EXACTLY WHAT I WANT on apm, and it DOES NOT SHOW UP?? What kind of developer wouldn… me @videoax I actually manually put the <=> back on top of the existing one, to get the black outline back. There was… @videoax green matte, yes! Full screen, no. I deliberately did less than full screen in order to get larger logical…
@thomasjameswynn interesting to hear, as the right image is the more modified one. Basically his face lacked enough… are you OK?
Retweeted by Taran Quarantinovote!Which linus do you prefer? (vote in next tweet) forget how this happened, but it's quite cool looking. @fun_taril That it's called "warzone" is why this is weird. No wartime helicopter pilot is going to use the main ro… @ImClaux Haven't played it, but Doom is also ridiculous. Like, every time you kill an enemy, you have to wait throu…
There's a shot where a guy kneecaps another guy, then kicks him into a helicopter tail rotor. wtf??'ve gotten increasingly uncomfortable with games that so enthusiastically glorify violence like this: cannot believe this is my city’s news station...i cannot believe this is real
Retweeted by Taran Quarantino @heyplsbenice photoshop.
You could replace "mixed together" with "combined," but using "mixed" alone is problematic, as "mixing" in audio ca… try, Word, but my way IS more concise. Redundancy in explanation can be very important when teaching something. @zimbinator LUAmacros works with any keyboard @Swindyyyy yeah, it also might have been binaryThere's some sci-fi movie where a space crew sits around while a computer takes several seconds to "translate" a ti…
@Pcnot1055 yeah i started hating it so i switched back @PricklyAssassin nah I don't care @narto91 @pellegustavs CAR515_002_Original Renegade.mp3 @RaoulWeinrich @TheNesze CAR482_02_Wherever You Are.mp3Well that's a decent Onion title. guys, cold showers in the summer are GREAT. They don't have to be ALL the way cold. Just start hot and then kee… @kaankayis28 Twitter thinks your reply was offensive @navigate2468 No I wouldn't. Macros are binary. Levers are analog.Self portrait
@mmaxinelucille Hey did u know only hummingbirds can fly backwards
@Masters8_ @LinusTech It would be really tedious and not very visually interesting
@Blootrix @skate702 yeah, mine is built to connect with my existing huge .ahk file filled with lots of functions. I…
@Blootrix the closest I've gotten to a guide is this: I can make a tutorial, but it'll be w…'s your thursday going @Brandon_Y_Lee damn it Brandon, it's no more difficult to shoot, but you know who has to EDIT and RENDER that shit?… @JFJakester @SWinxyTheCat So: Yes, but also no. @OneSpikeMike Ok, so I'd still need a matte, so I'd still need to roto or track it, so I'd still have the same problem. @CDisillusion Wait, you can actually just skip frames while tracking points in ae? How? By stopping it as soon as i… @htmllars The replacement would still need to be tracked and scaled, so that accomplishes nothing. @OneSpikeMike That's a really interesting idea. Though I feel it would round off the edges of Linus in a bad way
Not a single one of these icons has gears that would actually mesh. Also 3 gears together won't move. @MelBeeBuzz If social media is making you upset, don't use it. Or don't follow those people. Or just add words like… @CDisillusion' this again ready: Device not ready. Why I hate calibration, exhibit 38. @CDisillusion His hands go in front of him all the time!!Haha fuck I just realized miss piggy is yoda HAHAHA
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the point is, I need at least one example that directly ties the NUMBER of (visible light) PHOTONS to a resulting s… digital photography, with a 1/60th sec exposure, how many PHOTONS is middle grey? Based…
welp. This is my life now. @erbloggt think about it. just a little.yes, I did temporarily forget the name for "hexagon" @hopgop1 stronglifts5x5oh no, my giant computer got bugs on it from a youtube video
@planedrop @Steggy @YouTube they know most people won't notice this sneaky thing until it's too late. @Steggy @YouTube "mid-roll ads will be turned on for all eligible existing videos and future video uploads, includi… no, the stocks are... up. @LookIntoTheMist it doesn't from what i recall @JPrzymusinski @ShrtCrctYT @Samsung this isn't a bad idea. wireless keyboard, mouse, and headset. Attach the mouse… @Nitro_orava THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT @james_strieb No gym got you down too, huh