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Editor / Camera op / Writer / Host / Etc at Linus Media Group. Robotics enthusiast. Future supervillain. Cool frood. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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@omerkaragoz doin more tech quickie these days, and sometimes Tech linked. still editing full time. Also editing a big project right meow @EposVox well what is it then? This was C200 log footage btw.hmmm. Chroma subsampling strikes again. I don't think there's any way to fix this, is there?
@SirPlazasta just for know what really grinds my gears? Badly photoshopped images on shutterstock @CoreyJennings absolutelyOkay, so it SAYS 0.1 but the REAL increments are 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. So 0.1 is the same as 1. 1.4 is the same as 2. etc. This is stuuuuuuupid!!guuuuys! In Resolve, why is the 3d qualifier key's denoise 0.1 so different from 0.0?? I want like, 0.04 but it onl… @FAB1150 @IIHEXiTII Yeah also literally all of color correction could be described as "adjusting the RGB" so it's not helpful to say that. @CDisillusion @JennyENicholson My crowning achievement was when my parents visited me while I worked at Chipotle. I… @SethTheBoy @thomasgoward Stop terrorizing me @orismology @lovemac15 Yeah I've considered a white screen instead of green. But we do put stuff behind the host al… @IIHEXiTII Your comment is so bizarre, I just have to respond. What are you talking about? CMYK is used for printing. Like, ink. @thunderer413 @LinusTech @linusgsebastian I put the link in the trello card. I say.... Blame @jmart604!it makes his hoodie look kinda orange because it turned all the green noise into orange, which I didn't want to hap… getting the key matte, I'm turning this green screen into an... orange screen, so that when he moves his hand…
@worsteditorever someone explain the joke plz10/10 @chuck_fk it's not a premiere bug, it's an issue with the file itself.
FYI if you ever have this error where mix-pre files won't import properly, or have the "over 100 mb" error, You can… once got an email from a guy asking for a free 2080 so he could game with his friends. I told him that there are… @Jon_the_Hun HAH if it slowed down, it'd become illegal! This could be the plot of a boring movie!!I must have waited for a 3, maybe 4 kilometer long train today. Almost comical, as there was a section of flat/empt…
I turned on our new TV and it immediately started playing a movie with 120hz motion smoothing. Reader, I screamed
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@SirPlazasta only if that's being pressed by a macro. This is for me to press myself. single button is best.i now have shortcuts for converting between LAB and RGB color modes in Photoshop because of course I do crashed today when I tried to open a weird .eps and it made me realize how rarely that happens! Good work @photoshop !Huh I actually liked rewind 2019 @Plasma_06 So you can enable audio time units to get less-than-a-frame precision, but I rarely bother. If it's not… sync.
@ALuxannaR But like... be careful. you dunno what odd effects it'll have. like you can't use camera raw adjustments… @EposVox saving jpegs is a painsRGB (left) and LAB (right) Lab retains sooo much more detail. I'm never working in sRGB again... color yields so much better results it's not even funny. (Photoshop) @EkkoYT No, but you can keep asking me questions here @albertocasanova Well. You could lock ALL other tracks. @EkkoYT Here's what you do. add a msgbox anywhere where you think things are going wrong. In fact I already have se… @KannaHayabusa Black bars are the new not black bars. @EkkoYT I have no script to replace it. Whatever is still there on github, is the last version of that script. It d…
@Machado17M Absolutely. When you disable instead of delete, it's non-destructive. you can bring it back instantly i… u drink too much water and you can hear it sloshing around @sordnotsword Nah I don't think so @Pharlumy Basically, each video layer is a different camera, and each audio layer is a different mic. Much simpler/… Don't ask...
@leachyboy77 Amazon/eBay. Yeah you gotta be real careful. They don't make em anymore. That's why I bought 2. Open t…
@lyft Your automated responses are totally missing the mark. @techloreistaken which version are you on currently? @_the_Quietman The head has weight against which gravity pulls. Stand, lean back and look up at the ceiling. Do it… @TerranceMcCann no. try itA thought occurs. My front-of-neck muscles aren't as strong as they would be if I were shorter. I rarely have to look UP at stuff. @ssrgrxce2 haha no. jk(not really)
This was a fascinating watch. @JohnRomeroWSU The only real way to "automate" cooking is to hire a personal chef. @JohnRomeroWSU It's called a microwave @TabularElf Well, it is a specific type of pain. In the stomach. It's not pleasant. My mom just gets headaches. So she claims.Good thing hunger is kinda painful or I would forget to eat like all the time. Still do. @Gokul309 Yeah kinda. I spread my legs like that to become shorter. Just instinct. Justine didn't have any apple bo…
@DGruwier yeah! I know about that but have never done it. blend modes can be awesome. @StrongBadActual I still think we've never seen the outside of Strong Bad's house. I didn't know it was 2 stories!
Found a cool way to quickly spot differences between two versions of a video. Layer them together, turn on continuo…'ve truly hit rock bottom. No clean socks. I have to re-wear socks from yesterday.Oh noo I have a dead pixel! Here's a screenshot. @ItzLcyx "easy" when you already know how to do all that stuffCampbell's chicken soup is tasty, but has so few calories (80/can) that even after eating 4 can's worth in 1 sittin…
@ItzLcyx sounds like a lotta work to solve a problem I already solved with QMK, though. @Dimitry49 @Adobe hahahahacats lol @NetHistorian Yeah I have my autosave set to go every 3 minutes, with 70 revisions. Also, keep the legacy titler wi… @NetHistorian hey make more videos @cantcatchthis24 idk. Like 10, 15 bucks. There's 100 pills so that's 100 cups of coffee. No prescription needed. Fo… this footage to cover a jump cut today
@atlas220 I do that now. Flossing is more important actually. But I can still feel how bad it is for my teeth. The… @AvesMHL 2 more tips just for you: From the wrench, you can turn off “show markers” in the program (and source) mo… out, coffee is bad for my teeth, so now I just pop half of one of these bad boys. More logical. Less satisfyi… you can remove the super annoying "next row field" thing in Premiere where hitting ENTER to confirm the new nam… like how salt improves most foodsI had a dream last night about finding a bag of these in the back of a cupboard and I was real excited. Haven't had… @Bluetr00p Thanks! I'll check it out when I can @albertocasanova Probably @YouTube I've said "Don't recommend posts from this channel" multiple times for multiple channels. I don't want to…
@pressreset @latenitefilms @LinusTech sooooooooo, I'd have to program it myself in Extendscript? bleh. @pressreset @latenitefilms @LinusTech what the heck? How does this interface with Premiere exactly? the API?
@OwenQuinlan7 Nom nom nom @psyburchylde long hours, low pay. You're a cog in a machine, and your job has already been outsourced to another country. @psyburchylde Thanks! I try to pay it all forward by sharing my knowledge and experience online. @psyburchylde you can learn some more about me here: @psyburchylde 2/2 I do have other aspirations, like building a treehouse (done) seeing a solar eclipse (done) learn… @psyburchylde After deciding NOT to be an animator, I went to BCIT for TV/broadcast. Editing was most appealing of…
@psyburchylde well, ask your most burning question @cgpgrey One great thing about credits in movies and stuff, is that you can look up the names and find and talk to… guys, upvote my super nitpicky comment so that @cgpgrey('s animator) will see it and cease this affront to natu… @twatter_mouth radmini
@psyburchylde Speaking of honey... @corey_statler @LinusTech Glad to be of service @banderaivvi Thanks! Will fix soonventuallyGuys I'm out of syrup. Does honey make a good replacement? For pancakes. @Aprime @AdobeCare Yeah but it's already on Uservoice without many votes. If they even did plan to change this, it'll be months or years.
@james_strieb uh... meow? @AdobeCare @Aprime No need. I found a solution. Manually editing the .txt file. Works perfectly.