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Tara Wilcoxon @TaraWilcoxon Strongsville, Ohio

INFJ, cats, “Seinfeld”, horror movies (and other genres), etc. (Cover photo: The northern nights in Alaska by Elizabeth M. Ruggiero, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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@neilbelieves @JohnnyEAwesome Hi! How are you doing? @TheCinemaTicket @EmilyMarie82 @MagicalOverload Sense of humor @ThatEricAlper “Let It Go” 😃 @Guinness__Time @MagicalOverload What kind of reaction? @MagicalOverload I haven’t received mine yet, but hopefully soon. @canadianTML 😄 @WhiskeyPhantom So taxing! 😃 @ZingaraZingara Thank you! 💛 @LeopardJoy 😊 Aww! Thank you! @bernieshanders Thank you! @kevincameronart I’m sorry. 🙁 @bennihalking @CaptainQuint @BrownsBummer @Sifu_Morgan @88Wahoo “George, you’re sapping my strength.” @CaptainQuint @bennihalking @BrownsBummer @Sifu_Morgan @88Wahoo “Yes, okay?!” “Oh! Well that’s kind of a meal!” @nyactor @Maryroe1974 “Haiku Tunnel”.... one of my brothers introduced me to it and it is so funny! @bennihalking @BrownsBummer @Sifu_Morgan @CaptainQuint @88Wahoo “Turkey jerky...? Go on, have a pull!”Have a peaceful, drama-free Friday, everyone! @bennihalking @BrownsBummer @Sifu_Morgan @CaptainQuint @88Wahoo “Dudes ‘round here are a dime a dozen.” @AC4Biden @gregorydubose @RoobsC With mustard... @gregorydubose @RoobsC If you slice it in the middle it fries better. 😀 @slothrop420 If they’re crispy and flavorful, then no. We’re not ready.I’m a little new to streaming, but I’m catching up (don’t judge). I recently added HBOMax to my Firestick. Me: “Oo… @senexy27 Silverman’s @houseofchaos18 Going to the movies @Richard45560422 @crazyguyaidan 😂 @strombo @EricJJohnson79 Happy Anniversary! ❤️🍾🥂 @EricJJohnson79 😃 It had to be done. @heyitsrobbie Lestat is my final answer. @sunshinevan79 @LouDPhillips @carolynlawrence @AMaria_Delsante @TheAaronClayton @michaeldineen58 @CherylR8386 @carolynlawrence ❤️ @ZingaraZingara I melted.I was on my way down the hall, in back of my neighbor who I thought had a kid in her arms. I glanced up and made e… @EricJJohnson79 I saw this on Pinterest and thought you’d get a chuckle out of it. Have a great night, Friday and w…
@kerri_HD It was intense, I knew something gruesome was gonna happen. 👍🏻😃 @crazyguyaidan “The Money Pit” @Surflovinggoth I have a lot of horror movies! @canadianTML ❤️🎶 @bernieshanders “I was a monkey.” @smithliz29 @Seinfeldism1 “Everyone’s doing something, we’re doing nothing!” @ChuckysSideGirl I wouldn’t put tannis root in it, though, but probably lavender.“Get crazy with the cheese whiz...” @neilbelieves Everyone was amazing in it! @StarfireLounge We love you, Sir. There’s not a damned thing you can do about it. 😜 @heyitsrobbie That question took me off guard. @TheCinemaTicket @Seinfeldism1 “I found it on the road!” @CineStarFilms The first one and Pinhead. @EmilyMarie82 Happy #ThirstyThursdays ! @RealMMyers78 “Candyman”....sorry Michael. @Seinfeldism1 “Now you see? This should be the show!” @JonColo33 Sweet! 👍🏻👍🏻 @RegalMovies “A Quiet Place 2” @canadianTML I have, yes! @kevincameronart I’ve got a few sets! @MagicalOverload Putting management on a pedestal as if they can do no wrong.... @LouDPhillips @canadianTML Oh there you go! 😃👍🏻 @ChuckysSideGirl Rosemary Woodhouse’s necklace from “Rosemary’s Baby” @ScreamsBehind “Flight 7500” @iamcdn79 “WellIfeelI’mtalkingalittlefastbutit’sveryhardtonotice.” all need to know, every single, fricken fracken one of you, that you’re fabulous and you’re all in my will. I d… @RealHughJackman 😃☕️ @theCKBuchanan “Fright Night” @StarfireLounge I hope it goes swiftly and smoothly! 🍀 @thatboydave2015 Enjoy your long weekend, Sir! Stay safe. 💛 @Seinfeldism1 “I really think we’re hitting it off! Get it?” @EricJJohnson79 @CW_Smallville That is impressive! 💛👍🏻👍🏻 @Sifu_Morgan @ThatEricAlper @CaptainQuint 😄 @EricJJohnson79 Good morning! Have a fun, safe and peaceful Thursday! @rrcrazy Good morning!#ThursdayFeeling @RachaelKHarper1 I do too.. “The Graveyard Book” (Neil Gaiman), “A Girl Named Zippy” (Haven Kimmel), “The Shining”… @KillerKlownEric What could possibly go wrong?Bed....Sleep @cordisbored @cordisbored Both @Theresaroets911 Blessed and trusted @cordisbored The voices.... @MrRickyWhittle @americangodsus @OMGarfallas @YetideBadaki @BruceJLangley @neilhimself You try to do something nice and yet.... @aillsley3 “Elf” @ThatEricAlper Well thanks to “Insidious”, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”. 👍🏻 word “auspiciousness” is a fun word to say until you’re trying to sing it, and then it becomes a challenge. Thank you, @jason_mraz . 😜 @mariana057 @LouDPhillips @mariana057 @LouDPhillips 😄 @Andrewemcameron @AnothermillennR “Fight the sadness...” @AnothermillennR “Napoleon Dynamite”I signed up for a dinner meetup next month (first one since pre-pandemic). Of course I’ll wear my mask and behave i… @BitchestheCat @EmilyMarie82 I’m watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. @BernieSanders @booknerdgirl101 @chucky19882 Hug my work-from-home coworkers who I haven’t seen since March. @ThatEricAlper “So you see, my son? There is a very fine line between love and nausea.” @TommyDoyle47 @CazzleBoos I like that way better than Hump Day! @Car1975Los @MoviesFanaticz The first one is my favorite.