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@angeltheslothx @sleepsbad Yeah bro he was on stream for more than 5 hours but hey he got the pc to work so I’m proud of him @angeltheslothx @sleepsbad Lmaoo noooodid you guys know that @sleepsbad looks like a little kid that got present when he finally got his pc to work @whosmichela You are pretty @edensarcade I am weird… @edensarcade Damn 60k good job @_bubxa Pretend to be sick 😌 @yslarii Same but mostly on accident cause sometimes I forgot I made some noodles lmao @yslarii Chicken noodles soup @yslarii I- than I eat cold noodles @yslarii Arianna no😭 @meIeIani Oh wow that’s looks amazing!!! @alyaasucks Mwuahhh @Kezyyz Awhh Nice kez @angeltheslothx Come to me😭 @meIeIani Awhh thank u what tattoo you going to get?
@breena345 No you come closer @whosmichela No youuuuuuu!!! @duhlailuh Thank you thank you beautiful @yslarii So are you arianna <332I’m sorry I’m far away @whosmichela Thank you
I complain a lot about being single but than I watch 90 days fiancé and I am absolutely happy to be single damn @ImLaeCross Aahh fuck single life 😭 @_Anusha_03_ Let’s cry together😭
@breena345 I love you <3I’m losingWhy it is so hard to socialize, I’m losing myself and all the people around me. @Kezyyz Fuck off @nglpat Sad🥲 @Roger49619788 Thank u :) @FrostMoonRyuma Sad🥲 @S1SS1L Girl I be crying and dancing at the same time @S1SS1L We crying in the club 🥲Who else has no one to kiss under the mistletoe this year? forever 😢
@nglpat Oh damn really?!! And Santa didn’t even tell me knock the door smh @angeltheslothx Santa can I pls get a Angel in my house under my non existed tree thank you😌 @angeltheslothx What you mean I can’t even hug you😭😭😭 fucking long distance @yslophelia Omg she’s in her god mode right now guys @whosmichela Yes sex @_Anusha_03_ I’ll be waiting in the corner for you 😭😭😭 @Avgnate True but bear can’t give me love and it’s full of tears @stonelistt Its going alright it just the same old shit 🥲 @stonelistt Ahhh understandable, take as much rest as you can babe it will get even more rough🥲 @_Anusha_03_ Ong at this point I believe it😭😭 @maluwa_x I will if he is here, probably will give us a other candy cane instead of a bf/gf🥲 @stonelistt I’m alright still alive lmao hruuuu @_Anusha_03_ I will but I don’t think he will give us 😭😭Santa can I pls get a bf/gf this year instead of a bear… thank u I really appreciate it @whosmichela You always look hot bbg🥵 @ImLaeCross @isaacyhc Lae out here shooting her shot😂😂 @stonelistt Goodmorning aya @idkitsjustanita Aaaahhhhh so beautiful
@santadinkha Sorry babeHey hey don’t need to replay your Spotify wrapped, cause u are the most played this year🤭 @angeltheslothx ☺️☺️ @whosmichela We haven’t talk in so long😭😭😭 @edensarcade Cause Apple be testing our temper lmao @whosmichela Awhh it was Nice meeting you Mich @Avgnate Yeah lmao I went through all the colorsBlonde me was different lmao @angeltheslothx I was the first one to say happy birthday 😘
@breena345 @sleepsbad Awh look at us flirting in DJ comment @breena345 @sleepsbad Hey babe @stonelistt @sleepsbad Hey lol @sleepsbad I- what you mean you are my son?!! @sleepsbad Bro I don’t have anyone to flirt with so that didn’t apply to me 🥲25,000 thats not a lot damn @Azngami Have fun pls take a lot of pics!!! @santadinkha <333Here’s me about to fall.. have a good day or night @sablewrldd Me @breena345 Cry with me so I feel less lonely 🥲 @Avgnate HiSaw this, time to cry bye
Hey hey guess what? Bye TwitterI wanna go short hair again but Nahh @VlNN1ES @tentsll @OliverMoy Boi I got pick up lines but I can’t use it
@OliverMoy @sleepsbad I miss life before adulthood in general. @LAESINTOTRISTAN @purplethots1 Idk why people are reposting but I guess they do them 😅 @purplethots1 @LAESINTOTRISTAN So fucking done with twitter for this but like I’m also addicted to it and the peopl… @purplethots1 @LAESINTOTRISTAN Ong I saw a video of a man like cutting someone’s head off like wtf this isn’t fucki… @purplethots1 @LaesTristan I knowww that’s why I wanna like deactivate for a little and just let it chill before coming back again @Spyzyzy Ur right but sometime the urge to just deactivate twitter is getting big lmao @LaesTristan Yeah sometimes I wanna leave twitter but like my favorite peoples are here so.. not gonna happen lmao @Spyzyzy It’s not the same as before I joined and sometimes it can get toxic I guess @LaesTristan Let me say a lot of sexual stuff that I rather unsee, it just randomly pop up on my tl, I dotn mind fr… @LaesTristan It just not the same as before anymore let me say that and I have seen some weird things on here that makes me question twitterOng I wanna leave twitter
@HaileyMcLean_ @angeltheslothx @yslophelia @Iovealilmore @Avgnate @iamvinniesbabe @ariannaa2029 @breena345 @santadinkha Okay I love the pick up lines 😂😂❤️ @Simping_Griff Ahhh I’m blushing <3 @_Anusha_03_ ❤️ @hiskyler08 @orestonee @stonelistt @angeltheslothx @sleepsbad @kenzie_slayer69 <3
@svprahelen Gorgeous <3Why tf am I so cringe sometimes, I cringe at my existence @angeltheslothx Omg why are you so beautiful, happy thanksgiving baby I’m thankful for having you in my life❤️