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K*ri @tariannkan Washington DC

20. TO @nerdstreet. GW '23. (she/her)

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@aynatka Happy birthday queen!!!! @Fraqzy_ @Pyromura He the real OGShoutout to @Pyromura for getting me a 2060 at his Micro Center. Homie fr @graphuu @Ahmoar ESEA too sweaty for me tho, Faceit chiller @Ahmoar @graphuu Let's run it l8r @graphuu No he's going back to CS again... @sfX_x1 @SpiritAirlines Spirit Airlines: lose your spirit in one flight! @imani616 Omg no WAYMy GPU is dying on me - getting static colored screens, monitor keeps blacking out frequently :( sucks cuz GPU prices are insane rnTron Legacy motorbike lady behind the counter at Chipotle stared at me weird because I asked her to drown my rice bowl in extra Red Tomatillo salsa sauce @alfie_cs Sheeesh @AgentsoloOG Bro @graphuu Bro @LaxxyFPS Bro @Yehty_ Are you serious...Been doing my best Florence Pugh impression all day actually for a job in esports? @100Thieves is searching for an Esports Social Media Coordinator. Full time Contrac…
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@ksplover445 We'll get thru it Stam 👊Are you a PL player or Content Creator looking to: ✅freshen up your content? ✅scout prospective players? ✅documen…
Retweeted by K*riAppreciation tweet for @JustinDiamondHQ @nktvsk @carolina_fujiy @TherapistMitski @fratboyjaden @_GeorgeGlass for my friends who have been so supportive of me during this painful period of growth and reflection. I lo… a Lorde listening party today is very timely, actually
When the world needed it the most, @BotGwu disappeared.I’m in my “remove sheesh and poggers out of my vocabulary” era now @nktvsk #JustNickThingsFinally'll be so worth it tho .Pain . @SimplyVeebs SOOO TRUELacrosse players. You ain’t shit. @nktvsk FUCK EM SERIOUSLYYY @Ahmoar SO TRUE
@_GeorgeGlass @comeon_eileen_ LET'S DO IT @AgentsoloOG YEAHHHH @scottiyioioioio Thanks Scotty ! @graphuu TY KINGGGGG @LapaFan I still carry u tfFeat @1stormie @f1ukie @graphuu @AgentsoloOGI'm so hot @JustinDiamondHQ @oatly we have oatly in the fridge???????????? @joshm1cks @floppyCSGO HUH @ZyraReflex14 VERY based @SimplyVeebs I'm going through a purple egg era don't text @SimplyVeebs I feel that! I definitely was very edgy back then too but I've worked my way around that and grew up s… @tariannkan Honestly? I really love how much I love ~people~. Going from middle school edgelord to accepting that I…
Retweeted by K*ri @tariannkan i got a fat ass and a fat heart 🥺
Retweeted by K*ri @Nuhdeano YES BITCH! Own that <3 @C7RSE Booksmart or streetsmart? @tariannkan the only thing I can strongly say about myself is that I'm smart
Retweeted by K*riI'll start - I'm a hard worker and will stop at nothing to see to a finished project. It's gotten me really far in… like throwing some affirmations your way. What's the best thing about yourself that you like? @xshelbers Happy birthday!!!WAIT THIS WAS ON THE MAIN FUCKGod I’m getting so much bigger and thicker compared to how skinny and small I used to be I quite love it… @902Creed I’m e-dating my Chipotle order that I’ve gotten 3 times in the past 5 daysE-dating is cringe, actually @Ahmoar DUDE UR HAIRCUT IS DOPE @thehenrylong HAHAHAHA I got you 🤣New profile header @comeon_eileen_ 20 @_GeorgeGlass @comeon_eileen_ @patrickjburland @tcrean14 AXHAZAXA AHOT AND SEXY***Men who watch Gossip Girl are not and sexy sorry I don’t make the rulesWhite men are just ok
Retweeted by K*ri @DylanBasescu U good king?
@comeon_eileen_ @balor It’s all cuz of that Biden juice I tell you @comeon_eileen_ We rockin with furries now⁉️ @6elmont (Bc he’s a cock) @6elmont Wdym? Brian’s in the background @comeon_eileen_ NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE A FURRY OVER AN EGG ANYWAY @comeon_eileen_ STOPPPPPPPPPPPP THIS IS INSIDER INFO @ZyraReflex14 Dude I KNOW right!!!! Ugh #touristliving @LapaFan @joshm1cks Dude. No. Heckin. Way. @1stormie Hey man I tried @nktvsk My big schlongCrazy tourist tings!!!!!!!! @Tejasfps DC!! @Marco09753575 I speak Tagalog, Malay, bit of Mandarin, and English! @GizzleCS It’s an emotional state that you will find yourself being satisfied or fulfilled by - I don’t think it’s… @HuzaifaCS Dog. 100% @Fraqzy_ It got boring after everyone started graduating and I didn’t like the new kids ! @AtozTV_ To forge our own purposes in life (my philosophical take) @NiTsUcs I manage and help admin tournaments - mostly VALORANT ones. Days are definitely long but the environment i… @StraightAtHim Probably back to the Philippines to spend time with my dadI’m bored and lying in bed to pass the time. Ask me any questions and make it funW @bologna_eater79 AWWWW @piethrouer WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AHAHAHAHAHUH this accurate 🤣🤣🤣
@royaIdani YOU ARE SERVING LEWKSSSSS @tariannkan
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