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valorant and oatmilk enthusiast. gwu '23. 🇵🇭🇸🇬

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@Dykaz_ Happy for you king!
@witnessgg1 Oh UH @witnessgg1 Oh wtf does it mean @DawsieeCS AHAHAHAHA @mitocatriagen2 Thank you @parwazcs Yeah and! @witnessgg1 Absolutely. My style is on a new LEVEL @SimplyVeebs HAHAHGAI’m in Florida btwFeeling like take a giant, fat, slimey shit @xternalTV Thank you Jared @nickhaldenTV Thanks Nick @abolishandrea Thank you. ♥️ @ZinkkyVEVO LMFAOOOOOOOO @ryanstoptalking Yup @ryanstoptalking Jesus Christ @Memoriuhl WELCOME TO DCCCCCCCCVALORANT players CSGO players
@ItsOnlyCole Thank you! @bologna_eater79 no way link UP @graphitecs Thank yaaaMount Mitchell - 6600ft 2 @emeraldwilsonn Yes! We started in Asheville and we’re making our way up to Mount Mitchell :) @scottiyioioioio YaOverlook 1 trip to Blue Ridge thread! @polar_burrrr Omfggg @NattyFPS LETS GOO @kvngil YEAHHHWinner is @rodrigoriveramc! DM me for your prize — congrats :) @graphitecs Miss u already king!!!!!!!! Won’t be back on laptop till Sunday so I’ll see u then! @comeon_eileen_ YESSSSSSSS @comeon_eileen_ Bro that shit slapped so hard I used to buy like big containers of kim chi and fry them with rice w… about kim chi fried rice with a sunny side up egg on top was too normie for the alt kids and too alt for the normie kids. don't tell me i haven't struggled
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱 @nktvsk Miss you Niiiiiick!
@1dianazzz LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! @DylanBasescu Let’s go! @chbooksdc Pain @abolishandrea thank u so much omg 😭😭😭 @fratboyjaden I LOVE Uyea this girl is fucking gorgeous
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱Love my homies forever ♥️⁉️ @neilrao TRUE @_AKASOR thank u! @graphitecs YES @comeon_eileen_ I love youuuu n miss u and thank u!! @emfroggy thwnk u baby 🥰🥰👍🏽 @graphitecs HAHAHHAA YEAHHHFeeling good and feeling fine! 🥰 @ZBlAtGW Where in SC are you?!?!life is soothing when the gang is together🌙
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱i am experiencing all of the emotions as i end my full virtual sophomore year i am about to cry i think
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱I don't get why people are so angry when they hate on me, like bro I agree w you relax...
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱 @lalangii SameSociety if I just stopped being mentally ill: @parwazcs ValorantJust wanna have a potluck with friends so bad 😭😭😭no hayley williams, it ain’t fun.
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@_AKASOR @graphitecs LMFAOOOValorant >>>
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱 @fratboyjaden LITERALLY MEFinally completely finished with sophomore year. Holy fuck it has been one fucking year. I'm halfway done with college already, holy shit. @melaniec102 m*chael st*il does that to us ♥️Buuuuuuuuuuuut I’m making Sicilian pizza because it turns out CPK makes frozen Sicilian pizzas (which is my favorit… being asked whether or not I’m okay simply by virtue of the fact that I haven’t tweeted. No. I’m not ok. @dust2us LET’S GOOOOO @Slugycs
Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce I’ve made the decision to run for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2A08 in D…
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱📢Announcing the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers NA, presented by Dignitas! 👉32 top Women's VALORANT teams. Exclusive c…
Retweeted by k*ri 🦋🌹☀️🌱 @ryanstoptalking NO WAY ME AND BRIAN RESPOND TO THIS ON OUR LAPTOPS AT THE SAME TIME @ryanstoptalking What's the tea sis @graphitecs @1stormie LETS GOOOOO @ThirdImpactGG @ExodusVAL @MrFrizzyTV @vanishVAL @xternalTV @Fr0m_fps @zerg @itsJonesy50 LETS GOOOOOO GUYS
@awhnutss SAMEAYO????? sheesh LET’S GO!!!!! poggers I’ll suck your dick SHEEEEEEEEEESH blinding I’M SO WHITE MAN blinding @balor YEP EXACTLY.... only Star Wars movie imo that had real stakes @DawsieeCS @graphitecs Main trilogy LOTR is the fucking GOAT @emfroggy !!! @ItsOnlyCole Bro that ending made me CRY @ariessqc RIGHT @witnessgg1 I used to get ROASTED for this takeHot take: Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie.Do you buy skins on your alt? Yay or nay? @epinephrine777 EXACTLY @graphitecs HAHAHHAHAHAFeeling like taking a shit
@JacobHalfman NO @hiyohello_ YE @SimplyVeebs :o @jleibachphoto Yeah! @graphitecs I wish!VALORANT > CS:GOLeague makes my brain hurtSUBMITTED MY LAST PAPER AS A SOPHOMORE YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY @carolina_fujiy Thank you @comeon_eileen_ Literally me all the damn time