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hi there! im cae & I love ocs and landscapes! STEM PhD candidate, hobby artist ❂ she/her ❂ ENFJ ❂ lxh&1031ass&atla&ywpd ❂ pls no qrt or repost w/o permission!

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@kukuandkookie i love this dynamic 😂 that ones good too! personally my absolutely favorite characters are the loud… @chavoslovakia congrats on making it to the leaderboard 😂 @aima015 completely agree... this ship dynamic has my whole heartI’m feeling a new kinship with 233 people.. thank u for understanding me
@phaelynnn absolutely @13sadfrogs 😌 time changes many things.. but not this @bigeggsy THEY ARE GD BLS ZOSAN @rayly_caralho_ JFJDJCJDJ that’s exactly right 😌 @MIYOLKIE thank you mion 😭✊ @bigeggsy JDNDJCDJJCJDJCJDKC THATS RIGHT ITS EVEN BETTER WHEN THEY TAKE TURNS W THE CLOWN NOSE @bigeggsy SDFKGMKDFMG THATS EXACTLY RIGHTyes i was thinking about toumaki while i made this, but this list includes zukka, ireland, wangxian, beefleaf, zosa… @hikarikogare sDFGKMDFKGMDFKMG TOUMAKI FOR SURE but i was also i thinking about zukka, ireland, zosan, wangxian...… @hikarikogare dfKMFGKMSDFGKMDFg DEFINITELY toumaki on my mind drawing it but the list that falls into this category.. it is long @13sadfrogs fuck yeah.... and ireland and wangxian and zosan.. the list goes on. i have no variety @hikarikogare YES... karen you understand me. more bonus if B shamelessly flirtsmy friend was like "your taste in ships is very predictable" and yeah. theyre all thisthis is it, my ship dynamic @sixty_cats wow you're so right.. i knew there was a reason i loved him so much. i see myself in him @sixty_cats HBDCDVJNDVB maki’s face is me as I face my tl and sheepishly apologize for crying on main😭 just wanted to say thank you everyone for your kind welcome (back) into the fandom... ive been really happy (and…
Retweeted by cae 🌿 no qrt! @perisceris thank you again!!!! your art is absolutely gorgeous, and it was such a pleasure to commission you ;_; <3 !!!Commission for @tarigenticae Thanks so much for commissioning me!
Retweeted by cae 🌿 no qrt! @sugimototeru ahh thank you so much 😭❤️ I care them too... with my whole heart ..!! @sixty_cats HAHAHA i didn't know, that's so cute 😂 toudou really does have his fangirls, we're standing right here!! dedicated! @sixty_cats UUUUUUUUU IT WAS SO GOOD UUUUUU I REALLY LOVE YOUR WRITING... uuuuuuuuuuuuu it hurts in my heart but th… @sixty_cats he's so CUTE.. i love that... thank you watanabe you sweet man... OH.. EYE EMOJIS... OKAY ill be back… @sixty_cats @naiyad that is TOO cute... watanabe you're so cute hahaha! 😭teshima is a right angel, im really glad h… @sixty_cats hahahaha that would be great too!!! you can hear all the facts firsthand!!! O: you said it's in a few w… @sixty_cats 😂 we're just.. really enthusiastic about biking... @sixty_cats ahhh perfect!! ill keep my eye our for your tweets on my tl... mouth wide open for all the content you… @sixty_cats oh my GOD... KNEELING ON THE GROUND... GRIPPING MY HEART.... HE GOT EXCITED ABOUT IT... king.. thank yo… @sixty_cats @naiyad yes!! i dont remember all their names well but i really like kaburagi and yuto so far!!! 😭 and… @sixty_cats omg i hope so too!!! im really hoping for you, that sounds like so much fun 😭 what if you get to ask a… @sixty_cats AHHH im so excited!! ;_; if it's not too much trouble id love to know what he says about it, if you're… @sixty_cats fdgFGKDMFDKMFG THATS SO CUTE fsKMFSDKMFSDf im sure he's well aware of the fan's intentions, it's cute h… @sixty_cats oh my god that's so cute i LOVE that... 😭 is there a place to see all these facts?! and walking on the… @sixty_cats @naiyad we just finished watching s3!! so i got super distracted losing my mind about the 3rd year reunion at the airport😂 @sixty_cats @naiyad hahaha thank you!! 😂 i remember i made postcard prints of both this one and my other toumaki la… @sixty_cats omg.. 🥺 blue ones.. they look so cute on him... i saw on his wiki it says toudou loves orange as an acc… @naiyad @sixty_cats omg hahahah i was just going to go find it (and then got distracted by the ywpd ep im watching.… @naiyad oh my god 😭😭😭😭 reading this made me feel so emotional... im so touched and moved!!!!! thank you you're so s… @sixty_cats @naiyad AH.. THATS SO CUTE.... WOW.... DREAM HOUSE.... im choking with emotions right now @naiyad totally agree 😭 his smile makes me smile.. wonderful!!!1 @sixty_cats omg 😂 that's so funny to me hahahahha..... flavor of the week piercings! but now that my eyes have been… @naiyad SDFKGMDKMFdfg YEAHHHH their friendship really makes me happy hahahahah ! and me TOO AUGH every time he sho… @naiyad holding your hands... im here with you now. toumaki hell is real. i escaped it once but no longer.. @sixty_cats omg gdkFGMDKFMG i didn't know it was unclear 😂 i always assumed it was both but ive only seen stills wh… @sixty_cats no thank YOU! 😭☝️ toumaki life! @guzhenn THE TRUEST... OTP... @naiyad GKMFGMDKg IKr we are so BLESSED by his cute piercings..... i can imagine arakita being like wtf and toudou… @naiyad ahh thank you diyana 😭im so touched.. and honestly SO happy to be back, i missed them so dearly!!! ;_; @PunkAsFuuck uah thank you 😭💜!!! for them, anything.. !! @ohaaasa AHH THANK YOU!!! 😭💜 you're so sweet!! it's my joy to be able to draw them 😭✊ @evillfriend ahh thank you!!instead of brain there is toumaki #ywpd to focus on grading but the only thing on my mind is toudou's pierced ears 😂completely floored by the work of Jade Khoo
Retweeted by cae 🌿 no qrt! @snarlakita OH... OH THEYRE SO CUTE..... they look SO good in your style 😭 my heart!!
@sixty_cats yes!!! and their off-bike interactions.. in the locker room, or during team events.. and finally going… @sixty_cats that would be so sweet 😭 like you said, i'd love to see what toudou envisions when he thinks about bein… @sixty_cats yes 😭 completely agree! brain full of future exchange years together and building that kind of harmony on the same team... @sixty_cats yes absolutely!! stay safe all the pedalers out there.. until then! we're supporting you from here! and… @sixty_cats AHHHH THATS SO CUTe... and so sad but 😭 maki bleas see the way he looks at youuuu... doujin authors are… @sixty_cats agreed! young relationships are hard and they're growing together, even if they're so, so different. tw… @sixty_cats so true 😭i saw that s4 aired like two years ago and i was like oh no! ill wish on all my lucky stars th… @sixty_cats knowledgeable and excited about whats going on 😭💜 @sixty_cats AHHH thank you for the link ;_; i can get the energy from the preview.. wow look at toudou talking abou… @sixty_cats oh perfect 😭!! I saw that they animated the maki at the airport toudou calling him scene (ty tumble spo… @sixty_cats IT IS 😭😭 they have a healthy relationship, makishima reciprocates in his own way 🥺 no bad dynamics in my house 😤😤 @sixty_cats there’s so many details in this pic that are so good 😭 makishima holding the flowers toudou sent him wi… @sixty_cats @chisie3 HAHA sorry if I don’t reply to every tweet but I’m happy to see all the mentions anyway! maki… @sixty_cats @Allexche11 I’m late to replying but just wanted to say yes 😭🙏 all of these.., I’m happy to see the tou… @sixty_cats HAHAHA I’m honored! we’re the spider man pointing meme 😂 me also reading your fics and being like bleas… @sixty_cats ps. If you have any toumaki doujin recs 🙏 I would be ! overjoyed to read them! @sixty_cats KFKEKCKDKC THATS SO FUNNY “dang we came here to ship it but turns out no one ships it harder than the a… @sixty_cats Omg KFKEKCKD I got all twisted up with all our lines of convo! I thought we were still talking about th… @sixty_cats I love how he doesn’t even mention cycling in his little monologue on the ground 😂 just riding horses a… @sixty_cats this photo sobs. toudous all over him 😭💜AHHH I DIDNT HEAR ABOUT THIS... 😭😭😭 thank you toudous VA for su… @sixty_cats YEAH... staring wistfully out the window 😭😭😭 and the first thing he does when they see sohoku is launch… @cherrybombastic JDJEJCKDKCKD the fact that literally the only thing hes thinking about the entire time before the… @cherrybombastic oh my gosh same 😭😭 back in 2014 it was my whole life.. here we are again! sobs thank you!!! my ple… @chisie3 @sixty_cats haha chi has been very kind in letting me drag her down into bike hell with me 😂❤️💜💙 @thiecelin perfect !!! Hehe @leggylift I’m so glad to know the fandoms still alive 😭💜 and I hope so!! is there another season on the horizon?!… @sixty_cats yes!! let’s !!!! @sixty_cats YES.... I can’t believe his sixth sense is a makichan sense 😭 toudou literally only thinking about maki… @sixty_cats 🥺🥺 noted ... excellent... 💜 @sixty_cats AHH YES FJKECKDK I couldn’t believe those chapters were really real 😭 they felt like a shoujo manga....… @sixty_cats omg yes please do charge into my mentions !! I saw you mentioned wanting to tell people about all the t… @SashaWren hahaha so good to know!! I always feel like writers are so big brain and eloquent 😂 but maybe yelling pa… @Allexche11 hehe great !! I’ll look forward to it. I have to admit seasons 1+2 were great but the pacing was sooo d… @u_andcloud of course!! 😭 the way you write their interactions is so cute 💜💜💜 ahh thank you 😭❤️💜💙 ! @mediapinta hahahaha so true! ill be the random stranger to @ them and gush @Allexche11 hahaha i agree!!! i havent started the manga yet (just.. selectively read.. toudous spare bike.. im ver… @Allexche11 i really hope that we get more toumaks content!! i just finished season 2 and watched the 3rd movie and… @Allexche11 ahhh your timeline is so similar to mine!! i was SUPER into it in like.. 2014! and i fell off but recen… @Allexche11 ahhh im so happy to know that it still exists 😭 im overjoyed to meet other fans too!!!! im glad you and your friends are here!!! @Allexche11 yes!!! i cant believe these spare bike chapters exist honestly.. blessing...