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Foundational Black American 🇺🇸 #FBA - Journalist -I’m the world’s #1 Race Baiter. I bait racists & expose them

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🤦🏿‍♂️ Nasheed: Weaponizing The Buffer Classes via @YouTubeIf Mr. Potato Head is now gender neutral...and should be referred to as Potato Head.... Then what is Mrs. Potato h…
BREAKING: Former U.S. Gymnastics Coach Charged With 20 Counts of Human Trafficking & Sexual Abuse of 16-Year-Old G…
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸 @LisaCroft @VP_Advocacy yep, NY Post is another one:
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸I told people, the main "Black" people pushing this narrative are foreign flag waving tethers #EqualityAct will give additional benefits to the white LGBT community, using laws that were intended to protec… prepared to SUE if necessary. You can gather a handful of complainants and get it popping. I'd personally contri…
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸“I’m nOt gOn’ dO sOMEThiNg tHatS oNLY gOnnA beniFit BLacK pEoPLe, noooooo” ~Kamala Harris like clockwork...... N.Y., Calif. lawmakers promise resources, protection in wake of attacks on Asian seniors… is trending because people are calling out the people behind it because of their inaction against high profi… Nasheed: Weaponizing The Buffer Classes via @YouTubeIS THIS YOU??? 🛏🦌 #isthisyou #ForeignFlag #MoistCommunity🏳️‍🌈 #BrokenLinks
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸
I'm live right now..Tune in at via @YouTubeDidn't I tell y'all they were about to go all out with this anti-Black propaganda? interesting how YouTube has this campaign where they are acting like they are championing the content and voice… how the white media keeps producing these bootleg, Hidden Colors knock-off documentaries about Black history…, none of these non-FBA tethers said a word against the white NFL player who was recently arrested for almo… white Democrats are dispatching their non-FBA puppets to the media to attack Foundational Black Americans. Noti… is another propaganda piece to use the history and experiences of Foundational Black Americans, to Trojan hors… of Fort Wayne shooting victim says his son "died as a victim of a hate crime"’s theme song is this? 😂 @DirmaDee same canned talking point and everything.. #yawn @DirmaDee this is the most obvious democrat shill account I have ever seen @RajeevBhatia416 geez you white supremacists are so boring and predictable ....where is that block button @RajeevBhatia416 Now its TWT time, huh? Thats a sure sign of defeat @RajeevBhatia416 that was a easy defeatUh oh.. Coming Soon: The ‘Vaccine Passport’ @davidebrady find the asians in America owned by Black people @RajeevBhatia416 name them
BTW, these Asian twin slave owners were infamous in their area for being particularly brutal to the Black people th… @Zyphorr1 Yep. The twins got honorary white statusTwo of the most prosperous slave owners in North Carolina in the 1840’s were Asian brothers Chang & Eng Bunker who… Black female comedian did a comedy sketch where she had a Black and Asian restaurant, and ppl online labeled that… that all the thousands of white people who march at #BLM rallies, are NEVER on these grand juries where race… the last 4 years, the media simply blamed all the anti-Black racism on Trump.. Now that they can’t place them… point. Notice the imagery now, the media, law enforcement, and politicians are setting up a climate for an Asian version of Zimmerman t… how Asian men who repeatedly beat up Black women in nail salons and beauty supply stores, ON VIDEO, never se… keep telling people the media is going to ramp up this propaganda @JacksonAntione @donald_smither So Antoine, you are trying to use the strategy of lying then changing the subject?With Safaree and Erica Mena “beefing” on social media, that means they are manufacturing the storyline for the new… are all the Black Biden voters? Whats up with ya boy and his Freudian slip? Biden can't help letting you know… did Joe Biden say here? 🤔 @Elsieyalater This You?
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸You mean the men in YOUR foreign flag community has a new documentary series where they basically piggyback everyone else off the suffering Foundational B…'Walking while Black?': Shocking video has police under fire for killing unarmed Black man via @msnbcEx-US soldier turned armed militia leader of WS Oath Keepers, Jessica Watkins, apparently *MET* Secret Service *bef…
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸
Damn..They got the Trap Queen kind of Air Bud sh*t is this? @madisongesiotto me me me race soldiers arrest an innocent Black high schooler, 18, for walking in road to avoid the ice covered sidewa… @StevemeTV @Ibramblebush here we go 🙄 sista explains her experience with being adopted by a white family Black LGBT realizes that the white LGBT community stays on the white supremacist code with each other against… Nasheed: The NYPD Is Officially Implicated in the Murder of Malcolm X via @YouTubeLike I said, these people with anti-Black views are going to push the fake “Blacks-are-targeting-Asians” lie heavily Florida officer arrested after live streaming from inside US Capitol during breach: FBI…
Retweeted by Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸Join me live right now at via @YouTube🙄 @notamyth2000 Thats Eugene RobertsA deathbed confession letter was released today that came from NYPD uncover officer, Ray Wood. In the letter he a… THIS YOU??? 🛏🔧 #isthisyou #StrongestLinks #Foreignflag
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Its interesting how this sista who adopted a white child, is constantly harassed by random white people ...… or #nah ? Nasheed Discusses Afrocentricity vs Foundational Black American via @YouTube @joeaaronreid I dont lay up with my mother in law. I lay up with my Black wife. You lay up with your white husband… Nasheed and Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka: Afrocentricity vs Foundational B... via @YouTube @joeaaronreid I wear my bad suit to challenge white supremacy.. You lay up with it every night, and then defend it. We are different @gopbangs you and I both know you aren't FBA.. so your time wasting trolling backfired @joeaaronreid you just proved you non-FBA people are more spiritually broken by white supremacy, and you spend your…
@roadscarls @rein_cor1 @masharn_lewis @BlueX91_ @blvckout14 Oh damn @rein_cor1 @masharn_lewis @BlueX91_ @blvckout14 Another boring, predictable TWT.. #yawn County Sheriff deputy fired after posting alleged 'Three-Percenter' flag on social media via @enquirer @DBrletich @DCUniversity2 @yaboytone89 What you need to do is adopt some of those babies being abandoned in YOUR co… same white people who make excuses for the behavior of other white people who adopt Black children.... go into… @DBrletich @DCUniversity2 @yaboytone89 That’s a white lie that white supremacists like to tell. Many Black American… @DBrletich You tried to deflect into some anti-Black BS propaganda, and I reminded you of your community. FYI, Foun… @joeaaronreid Joe. You prioritize sexual intersectionality over Black empowerment. Also you are not a Foundational… @rein_cor1 You’re a non-FBA tether who already had an account suspended for trolling. Input based on Your failure mentality is not needed @ChaddyMitch9 The fact that people like YOU listen to her, tells us everything we need to know @khalil_saint You are a white man pretending to be Black. @khalil_saint @ricoknight__ According to your flag..... yes they were @DBrletich @yaboytone89 But 95% of the meth and opioid addicts are in YOUR community, ma’am. Is that a good famil… @khalil_saint You even got the hell outta there and you are tweeting from Sweden 😂😂😂 @flatbush_gandhi Yet you follow me and take in every word of it. #StrangeHuhNotice the only Black ppl defending this, just happen to have foreign flags @0nti1t I love getting you TWT's big mad, without even trying... You over there losing sleep and sh*t 🤣🤣🤣🤣*The reason why so many ppl gives these asinine, illogical reasons why Foundational Black Americans should NOT get r… @gopbangs here ya go..Explain this and Kamala are NOT Foundational Black Americans, nor are they descendants of slavery in America. They both co… @gopbangs You aren’t FBA. A lot of non-FBA anchor babies were “bOrN hErE” @p1ace8o I’m living in yo head rent free. I don’t even know your existence, but I got you taking time out to create… @toneloc12345 What’s it like living in a trailer under a system of white supremacy that was designed to keep you afloat!
Never fails @p1ace8o how are you jealous of a woman 5000 mile away from you? @p1ace8o why are you buck dancing from another country