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don't close to me pls i'm not that kind / tempat sambatan

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@eskosu Sarua πŸ™ untung kaburu @yourfcknidiot TidurMalu bgt mo makan tp si kecil lg berontak mo keluar malu tp udh jam segini yeu emng kntl @oohodi Asli anjingInfo yg mau angkut kaka gua, minus kelakuan kek dakjal @pharmacystudddd katanya smt nya padet, trs klo ikut, harus ngulang matkul :) kan kek agak malas ya @pharmacystudddd mau tp gadibolehin pihak kampus :) jadi banyak mikir @yourfcknidiot GasLagi carape kieu teh aya weh kana gogoda na teh da
@yourfcknidiot Brisik lu kntl -_- @yourfcknidiot Tidur, udh paling bener tidur bi :( @lawcark Gmn yhMalah pada saling share link bokep πŸ™ kata gua mah gws dahAaaaa finally billie ama brad bersamaa huaaaa @zkldkln Tobeen belum tau kelanjutannya ya hahahaMo sampe kapan gini terus, mo berapa banyak dip, tp keknya jg yg skrng bau bau nt lg dah πŸ€” cape nurunin ego trs tp… after i stalk and find something i didn’t want to find
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@yourfcknidiot Ada apa si @whensaid___ Riil kak @oohodi can wareg keneh nu sapeuting? @eskosu yeu dahal warlok bdg jg lu dah lupa angin bdg kek mana y @jopkep mending mabar dah yokaaaaa kenapa org org discreet nan manly harus ketemu org macam aing :) pls i'm not ur market dude :( @pasc0LLL ciminnnngenit bgt najis😭
Retweeted by Dipnadip Sad Era :') @whensaid___ kalau suka ama yg ganteng lagi :)βš οΈπŸ”žLETS HAVE A SEX TALK πŸ€ͺ 1. 19 2. Lupa dh lama pokoknya 3. Rough 4. - 5. Blm tp bm 6. - 7. - 8. Iya dong 9. Pe… @catastrophezz πŸ™ @yourfcknidiot Marahin bi @jopkep Butuh kehangatan yakBaru jam segini bubat macetnya dah kek dakjal @Cimorisquezz TeuingAing jd anak bungsu kok ga kek anak anak yg lain ya :( @zkldkln Some mistakes get made, that's alright that's okay :) ah emng terbaik si @oohodi Beli vibrator iii :( @oohodi Bot minjem 200 lah :(
🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳 mundurr dip mundurrr @urfavdenn Ah dah lah @oohodi Semangat nyusun schedule bukber nya ya kak πŸ™ @leesongram Aw keren gini @yourfcknidiot Ga heran uname nya idiot :( @oohodi Lg sama top kak maav πŸ™Tebak location πŸ™ I use πŸ™‚ this is what I mean
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suffering alone isn't easy at all.
Retweeted by Dipnadip Sad Era :')Mending makan skrng apa ntar aja ya :( @qamunanyea Ckckckck @yourfcknidiot TblAaaa tbl udh mulai oral test 😭 @oohodi sok teu ngarti da bot ;("soalnya aku chatan lebih nyambung sama yg maskulin" HALAH PERSETAN di chat liat maskulin apa ngga nya darimana si, bikin emoji aja dahSabar dip jan kepancing emoji πŸ™Moh toha macet nya fkwkfisirbeiw bgt anjrit :)
@oohodi Sok @oohodi Cek waif they wanted to, they would.
Retweeted by Dipnadip Sad Era :')Harus gue mute, konten lu kek sampah maaf bgt πŸ™ @oohodi Berikut karek poe ka 5 :) @zkldkln Bkn iklan :) @yourfcknidiot cape kan @ioooiiuaio diam kau @zkldkln otwcape bgt foto gue dikira fake mulu anjing ;( dahal real ya mmkkenapa tiket pesawatnya mahal bgt huaaa😭ustad liat dia ustad @ChocoNuteee @oohodi Aing ada niat beli ge jadi bedo anj
@etothesaesa Aya baturLu tu ngerasa lu cakep apa begimana si? Sadar anjing lu tu ga se cakep itu ya bangsat @kresekkfc Diem ya anjingSetelah sekian lama ga ot, baru ot lagi πŸ™ @yourfcknidiot Gas @McDreamyxxxxx Check out yg gini kira kira dmn ya @at_athn Nitip @pulpa_dentin Aku pas itu nitip ke temen ku di baliNi orgΒ² pada ga pernah liat cowo pake kalung begini apa begimana si, lu liat ampe muter kepala bgt -_- @okeyshawty Rurudetan part sekian :( @tahugedjrot Huaa baru tau ada yg kek gitu 😭 @tahugedjrot Hah? Gimana? @masyoarief Agak random ya mimpinya 😭
@ChocoNuteee Runtah gini sahur teh mie gacoan 😭 der diare aing mah @collegemenfess 1/10 cape cok kelompok pada kek taiβ€œHey babe, imma be really busy today and can’t talk much, but i love you and i will hit you up as soon as I’m avail…
Retweeted by Dipnadip Sad Era :') @pasc0LLL Bener bgt sihπŸ’š Tips n trick jadi penyabar - A THREAD -
Retweeted by Dipnadip Sad Era :') @pawtfuck Diyam kmMe πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Dipnadip Sad Era :') @oohodi 😭Ni org ramah bener woy 😭 masih dm an πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆLiat lg video nya aing mesemΒ² sendiri anjrit alias LU MANIS BGT YA ALLAHHH @recehtapisayng Rudet, panyakit diteangSholawatin yg gini boleh kan ya 😭DEMI APA DIBALES AMA MASYO AAAAA DIEIFJWIFKROWIDJFB :) U MAKE MY DAY MAS πŸ’– @oohodi Bukan hal baru πŸ™
@angelbabyVI Tiddies!!! @oohodi Bondon @sukamakanbabiii Klo kaka ketemu gede sih iya @uspykntl sangean @txtdrimedia P for pantek @at_athn Banyak banyak belajar lagi ya πŸ™