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Natascha Röösli @Tascharoe Somewhere up North

Engagement Director @funcom | I ❤️ communities and content creators | Multiple Sclerosis Fighter | Swiss in Norway | Games and Workouts | 45yo teenager

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@ConanExiles : "How do you like the new building pieces from The Isle of Spitah?" Me: "The Lighthouse of Siptah"
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @Firespark81 @SmileB4DEATH_ I hear you. It's equally challenging being on the other side. That is why I generally h… @Firespark81 Not at all. I just realised I should have made my initial tweet more clear :) @figgehn So we actually agreed from the getgo. I should have made it clearer that the sub count is not an end game… @figgehn Yeah, we just have to work with what numbers we get :) Again, I am absolutely not in the "you have less su… @figgehn That's a very valid point. @SmileB4DEATH_ creating content is a journey. Looking at stats and what resonates with your viewers is a constant learning process :) @Firespark81 You pretty much made my point for me btw. I need to see the sub count to put view average in context.… of this always needs context: You could have a video with low engagement because your audience just didn't reso… you are hiding your sub count it limits me in my toolset to evaluate options for your channel. It's one part of… feel I need to put this into context: I never implied that sub count is an important number by itself. It could b… @figgehn With your statement, you are basically saying that your 24k average views have the same value than 24k ave… @MrJeedi glad for you :) @Firespark81 yes and we know :) @Firespark81 again - a video view of 10k is a completely different number for someone with 6k subs than it is for s… @Firespark81 and engagement is set in perspective in regards to overall viewership :) it's not the most important… @Firespark81 video engagement on videos that are relevant for your campaign goal/genre/content is an important piece of the puzzle. @terminallynerdy of course :) @terminallynerdy it's visible :) @LesterCovax Granted, everyone can have a bad day or a few videos that don't resonate with their audience. It all needs context :) @WorldofKeralis @AceMcClutch yup, definitely a big part of this :) I hope that good influencer manager take this i… @mspielwiese However, these numbers are only part of the puzzle. I also really like to look at what kind of content… @mspielwiese honestly, the overall amount comes into play for certain campaigns and it depends on what kind of camp… @LesterCovax video views don't really tell me an engagement rate of I don't know how big his following is in the fi… @AceMcClutch well, honestly, it shouldn't always and only be about subscriber count. However, maybe they feel the…, you might have your reasons, but hiding your subscriber count makes it really difficult for influencer… @Zervel tell em :D @lvlyldyvalerie My post is about normalization, not specific goals. It's a general statement as a reminder for thos…
@Last_Atlanteans @funcom @wwp @ConanExiles @igmiro ahhh, I didn't know about this and I am not at my PC atm :(I’m in awe right now! The generosity from the community is amazing. We have raised $3K for @wwp in less then 3 hour…
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @jesterhead87 never.too.late @CarlTinker_ I like that, a lot! @officialvalkia @aimlab Whatever it takes :D @officialvalkia @aimlab Are you ok over there, dude? ;)I love this so much ❤❤❤ @feliciaday's new series on #twitch "Women R". Chatting with women of all backgrounds and i… @BoMarit89 @sandiegozoo @Chantefuzz @Robyn_Rutter_ Saaaame 😭A hotfix to PC is out now! This addresses a few issues with NPC pathing as well as a much-requested fix regarding c…
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @Dirty_Hotte yeah, the plan was to wait for my 3080 to set it up properly but it seems it might take a bit longer t…, the new #CODMW Season 6 battle pass is lit. Going back just because of the vehicle tracks alone. No, I lied… @TheRealNoPhace haha, yeah, legit.
There are two amazing monologues in #buffythevampireslayer that will always be burned in my brain: 1. Xander to Da… @kylegaddo @not__queen Match made in heaven! @kylegaddo @not__queen Wait when did you join @not__queen and her team?! I totally missed that. Grats :) @DoktorNash @Gaohmee Yeah, that's what makes all this so frustrating. The social psychology and social algorithms behind it all. @Gaohmee It's just so insane to watch from over the pond. I can't count the amount of times I thought "surely now i… extraordinaire, @henning_art, wrote a blog about how he made a bar top arcade from scratch :)… "How massive will the build be?" Bart: "Yes." Make sure to see the full gallery on Steam:…
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @Xmoono Oh nice. Good for you! :) @Xmoono September to October? @CamazotzTyr I think he took a selfie..I don't even know how this happened.. @JaywalkingGames Hmm then try the default twitchclip URL part twitter and your name? @Dirty_Hotte @JaywalkingGames Happy to help :)I did a little guest appearance on the Norwegian podcast Spillrevyen this weekend to talk about Conan Exiles, Dune,…
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @JaywalkingGames do you remember what you wrote with it? searching for your own twitter name and text in general he… @DefenceForceOrg I didn't order a EVGA though? I think the Asus should be ok anyway? but yeah - was thinking the same :)my 3080 was supposed to be in on the 2nd of October and now it changed to the 7th. :(I just realized that LIVE backward means EVIL @pnkyfish @jimrossignol Thanks for the suggestion. Never heard of the author but the synopsis sounds super intriguing and ju… @alex_chelseaa SLOBS if you are newer to streaming and don't want to deal with a lot of elements by yourself. Faste… just finished a written Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah guide for Summoning Surges at Leyshrines. #conanexiles
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @Futterish @Digital_Lozenge Oh hai! I can help :D @MsVixen @ConanExiles We are so glad to have you back :) I will also have more info for you soon!
@Conan_RPer savage @Bones0481 @Weathered_M no they are not @Bones0481 @Weathered_M of course, they do. They keep you from spreading it to others. @SusanArendt @Shudder Noooo, why is this not available in Norway :(( @AndersHillestad Please remove her from all your apps and accounts. I am serious. This is not healthy for either of you. @oleivarrudi Omg 😍 @drn103 @mooncult Awww. What a cutie 😍Wear your masks.
@Deeptec @NeebsOfficial No worries! :) @Deeptec @NeebsOfficial Yup :) we loved working with them. @AndersHillestad@EIRIKtheR3D that time @NeebsOfficial made this kickass #conanexiles song? @AndersHillestad Like, really dude. Please. @AndersHillestad You need ro stop reading..
@Joviticus85 Saaame @HeyDmart 🤗💗Last year 😭😭 #twitchcon @haleydonut @feyngels Hah, I actually mixed up neurotypical and neurodiverse. Ignore me, I am tired 😩 @Nini1704 That's lovely! :) @haleydonut @feyngels keep in mind that you are probably not neurotypical :)Games, y'all 😭😭 @haleydonut @feyngels It's social psychology and very much true in a lot of cases :) @ArtofLeogrim haha, I love that @HeyDmart Welcome to 40 :)No Moogles were harmed in the application of this snapchat filter. feel like sketching cute things @Dirty_Hotte I feel most people don't get the "control" aspect of strikout and don't even realise they are bleeding tickets @Strippin Nooooooo :( I am so sorry 💔I don't know who needs to hear this but #roguecompany players: Every 30 seconds your team does not control the poin… MODDERS! New devkit update released! Includes all the changes added in the latest live hotfixes. Check the…
Retweeted by Natascha Röösli @ZacACraig89 @funcom I understand you're frustrated and we are going to keep working on the Xbox issues and will ke… @ZacACraig89 @funcom We answered Xbox questions and even mentioned that we're working on the crashes and patches for it. @Strippin @dexbonus What? Nooooooo! 😭😞
@Sus_LMG @TEDTalks Thanks for sharing this. Really interesting :)Happy almost Friday! Join our community team, @Spynosaur, @igmiro, @AndyBenditt, tomorrow, the 25th at 11am EDT/17:…
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