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PR Wizard @funcom Swiss in Norway. Multiple Sclerosis Fighter, talk to me about games TWITCH:

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#mightykingdom and Conan Chop Chop helped raise over 51k for those hit by the bush-fires in Australia! Thanks for b…
Retweeted by Tascha / Kyenah @YoungantheRetro ❤🤗
Also, I actively haven't mentioned any specific Community people I got to know in the past. I would surely forget s… @BearWinters @PlayWarframe @AndyBenditt @funcom That's way too kind of you. I am really glad I got to know you brie… @FoxfireNS @hamishbode @PaigeHHarvey @moitoi 😭 thank you @igmiro @jevaaler @Spynosaur @AndyBenditt are rock-stars @jevaaler @Spynosaur @AndyBenditt @igmiro @PanzerPaw You are the best ❤Happy #CommunityManagerAppreciationDay If you ever sent a brand a nice reply or even a "thank you", THANK YOU. Th… @Gaohmee I get tons of those, super spammy, too. Definitely not legit. @ThatSaabChick So wholesome. What a wonderful thing to do. :) @kryptidcreative @Joviticus85 work with me and others, way cooler than me, in the marketing and community teams :) Please feel free to share… @CourtneyNoir Thanks, I needed that today :)The replies to this tweet are absolutely terrible. The tragic death of a man, his daughter and multiple other passe…
Retweeted by Tascha / Kyenah @Babbletr0n Such horrible news :( I hope you feel better soon.
@mspielwiese oh wow, das kenn ich auch. Kann man auch nix machen, ausser ruhigstellen :( Hoffe das ist alles wieder ok!I was talking to someone about anxiety and stress and they asked me a simple question that threw me completely off:… @Hosav Over-use
@CasualFoo I'll stay in touch for stream opportunities :) @AutomagicalNg Hearthstone ;)#DollyPartonchallange @iyagovos They are the best! @JorshT00 If you can't chance a situation, you can still make the best out of it :) @AndersHillestad What the others said. Vine 2.0 @CasualFoo There is no extension on the current map planned, no. There are other things in the works though :) @whitespider1066 not the whole season but we are quite far in :) @whitespider1066 Yes 👌 @MrJeedi Not allowed to do anything that could irritate my shoulder (any repetitive movement of my right arm/should…, I am kinda bored. The things you do when you can't use your shoulder and arm. @deavon_paul This trip is to promote the Turkish version of #conanexiles :) @Sweeti3Py @ConanExiles @funcom @Rocktroll2002S @pbmack36 @Imperial_net1 @jackaldeacon @Inzanesane @TheBlooPixie A speedy recovery 🤗 @CarlTinker_ I am only MR3 atm. Still very new :)My arm is getting better and I most likely get the OK to travel. VERY excited to bring #conanexiles to… @IonSwitz Ah, yes :(Everyone fawning over Caliban in #ChillingAdventuresofSabrina Season 3 and I am over here like: WHY IS NOONE TALKI… @IonSwitz There have been cases in the US even before France. @Hosav Saaaaame! @CarlTinker_ What? You got those?
@Kiratze This power comes at the cost of weird wispers and pressure from fellow over 40 year olds and your family t… is my life atm: Googling for the most powerful bows in #warframe and planning out mods for my builds. I am als… Exiles is on sale once more! You can pick up Conan Exiles for half off or more on Steam or on the PlayStation…
Retweeted by Tascha / KyenahBLaaarGH, blrhGGHaaargh! master says to 'get you an oni who can do it all'. Especially for you,…
Retweeted by Tascha / Kyenah @BearWinters Warframeception @aphenaproxipess I used to buy a premade mix, prepare it and then eat it instead of baking :p @PapaZaph Of course! @TimmyTomzor Have some wins on me! @mattydunsky @FoxfireNS No! Thanks for reminding me :) @shaogens Yes, please!Still on PC timeout because of my shoulder issue and I binged everything possible on HBO and Netflix. Now I have a… @HollieB @dvd_jns Probably, yes :)Just found out we're going to be giving out SO MANY GAMES on stream this Saturday. From @MortalKombat to…
Retweeted by Tascha / KyenahThe #WeHeartAus charity event has reached their goal of raising $10,000 for charity. We couldn't be prouder to help…
Retweeted by Tascha / Kyenah @HollieB @dvd_jns Omg you two 💯❤ Next time let's have that dinner, yes? 🤓
@EmilyKrumlinde I am not sure. I will check some local stores on Saturday @GamesWithNix @pcgamer @TencentGlobal @funcom I think it's a great sign that Tencent believes in our future and we…, when "Engel" by Rammstein comes on. @locust9 The amount of deleted replies after she gets at them haha. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen :p @EmpressLilithx @funcom @tinyBuild That's amazing news. Great job! @j0hnbane What about something blue? @j0hnbane You can use a small wired one :)Game changer and an easy fix if you struggle with chair shadows on your green screen. I can't believe I didn't thin…
@sayomgwtf Totally :) @sayomgwtf You look stunning without it ❤ @MrJeedi That means a lot. Thank you :) @DadBodHans Yes! Good to know it's not only me, though anyone else's #twitch android app only show hosted channels instead of channels you follow which are live? @AndersHillestad Yeah, I totally get it. It was just a stupid joke, sorry. I am full of painkillers 😖 @AndersHillestad Why? She snipped yours too? @iyagovos @aureantharas That's pretty great! Photoshop? @BoMarit89 Yes, very much so. @Icepickdanza I think it's a good thing. All our interactions with Tencent have been very fruitful so far. They sup… @wak4863 Feel free ro send me a DM (that was the idea anyway :)). And you're right..My heating blanket stopped working. I think the temperature control melted 🥺 #gettingold @ShadowFoxTV @ConanExiles Glad to have you on board :) @wak4863 Any particular examples? :) @Kotaku While Tencent is the largest shareholder, they are not currently the majority shareholder. That would mean… @AndersHillestad @pnkyfish @ArtofLeogrim It's the internet. Of course :) @AechKleven Also, these are offers to shareholders. It remains to be seen if they decide to sell or hold onto their shares :) @AechKleven I am actually out sick but I think it's cautiously optimistic? I think it's great news that Tencent bel… @Jade_Playsgames @YouTube @joelbylos @jevaaler @funcom @ConanExiles Tencent is offering to buy shares from current… @Multigun3 Keep in mind that this is an OFFER to stock holders and they can either accept or decline. :) @JezCorden Regardless if someone thinks this is good or bad: it's an offer to stock holders who can accept or decline. Keep that in mind :)We're delighted to be a part of @EmpressLilithx's charity event, to benefit the fight against the Australian wildfi…
Retweeted by Tascha / KyenahBreak from my temporary Twitter break for some big news: @MattSainsb No, they haven't :) Tencent is going to put out an offer to current shareholders, who might choose to a… @Fleksnes Hmm? What do you mean by how much is left of the Oslo office? For now nothing changes and Tencent is only…
Being forced into a "no PC, no computer allowed time out" because I have an inflamed shoulder muscle that hurts lik… @BearWinters
@TheHashtag0nist That's an insult to 🍍🍕 @BearWinters Also right back at you! @DjPhoenixcanada That's a more complex mechanics issue. We are going ro look at a lot of things like this and make… @BearWinters @EFattrac I do, as a matter of fact :) @Mediastreamev Shoot me an email to nataschar at funcom dot com and we can discuss :) @Mediastreamev Always :) @Bruno_Medeiros7 Thank you! 🤗 We have exciting things in the works which I hope the community will appreciate and like.