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Tasha Suri @tashadrinkstea a library, london

Novelist. Winner of BFA Newcomer 2019. Out now: EMPIRE OF SAND and REALM OF ASH. Upcoming: THE JASMINE THRONE (Spring 2021). She/Her. Rep'd by @LECrockett

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@SharadeeReads @HiuGregg @Gambit589 If I were in a mojito I would be in heaven so alas, I am only behind it :( @glitzandshadows tall loom. always tall loom. @glitzandshadows this was so easy for me to answer, didn't even have to think about itwow this is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ @thetsundokuc Oh wow, this is stunning! Thank you!
@flockofwords thank you!!! <3 @flockofwords ok you said unicorns so I'm 100% in @SharadeeReads ....yes perfect thank you @cynsaysstuff the dream tbh @stephanieburgis I haven't but it sounds right up my street!! @see_starling stop teasing me and finish the book, you KNOW we will pay money to buy it @ofnyota aaah thank you!!! @JoEatsFood wow fall 2021 at that. hate that. @mayachhabra imayhavereadtheoriginalonao3 @see_starling *slams hand down* TAKE MY MONEY @JoEatsFood bless tor for keeping us fedTHEY DO @mayachhabra YES OMG THANK U @see_starling caitlin. i am starving over here.does tor have one of these coming out?? I generally assume tor... wouldaw man I just want like an arranged marriage story but gay @AlixEHarrow @oldenoughtosay @alheintzal ALIX LMAO @AlixEHarrow @oldenoughtosay oh my GOD tell your mum I love her?? (wait that would be weird don't tell her) @oldenoughtosay @AlixEHarrow !!! i am thrilled you bought it but also that alix has such power??? @LECrockett @heatherrwalter5 @thechloegong @kaylynnflanders @Nina_Writes @reckj technically this is my second book… @thechloegong @kaylynnflanders @LECrockett @heatherrwalter5 @Nina_Writes @reckj haha I love this. (brb sobbing tryi…
When someone asks you how your Tuesday was in Britain
Retweeted by Tasha Suribeing young sucked, would not do it again.I'm 10 and I'm sad all the time and I don't know why? But I've just discovered fanfic, so there's that. @OfCatsAndBooks1 ...they may, yes. Cough. @rumraket haha as you said don't answer, I won't, but I'm glad you're enjoying it ;)book 2's outlining is going fine totally fine*listening to miia's dynasty with my head in my hands* i'm fineCover Launch: from the author of THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY, get ready for THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES by…
Retweeted by Tasha SuriI don't know how comfortable you may be with images of Islamophobic violence, but people need to know what is happe…'t know I needed to see Dev Patel as Gawain until I watched the Green Knight trailer #TheGreenKnight
Retweeted by Tasha Suri @AlixEHarrow THAT COVER
@Idesel you are extremely clever and have v. v. excellent cheekbones <3 @LizUK @Gambit589 is it good?? should i??i'm subtweeting realm of ash, i'm subtweeing my own bookI know we all love a bad boy but hear me out: he's clever and kind but he has good cheekbones.oh my gosh this cover is STUNNING @Sarah_Guan 🤔 do giant thorns count as swords? because then they have swords @whimsicallyours @PublishersWkly @PenguinTeen Who wouldn't, my god. Sending all the hugs (and congratulations!!) @whimsicallyours @PublishersWkly @PenguinTeen 'Lovers of Octavia Butler will find her spirit in this' is possibly t… @Dom_Rowney I will not spoiler but come talk to me... at some point. @Dom_Rowney the forehead ribbon isn't underwear!! It's just - private and shouldn't be touched by anyone but... clo… @attoliancrown ohhh I love their books! That is some wonderful company to be in. thanks for making my day 💜 @attoliancrown first, that is the nicest thing?? I am so glad you like the m/f dynamic, I really wanted it to be li… @attoliancrown I just laughed like I LOVE THIS thank you! I just hope they're not disappointed by the lack of yearning gay men.OKAY, I'M DOING THIS!!! SWORDS & FIRE FAN ART CONTEST!!! Prizes will at *minimum* include an ARC of THE OBSIDIAN T…
Retweeted by Tasha Suri @Tangotastic so you're secretly formidable, which is awesome??? @HayleyFraser_x don't trust the first two episodes!! they seem not good but it is a lie!!oh my god imagine if I was as good at promoting my own books as I am at promoting the untamed I'd be so rich @Blane_Firewing dragged you into my suffering? if so, success!*grabs loudspeaker* WATCH THE UNTAMED would dearly like to be a 10 but think I naturally fall around a 5. @KimAtiWagner wow this is a nightmare @SharadeeReads @yssssssssr I am certainly going to ponder this. ;)
@eldrazimimi EXTRA CUTE i love this @runalongwomble thank you ;) @ZREllor cosmic plant lesbians, sort of!! (well, at least 1)for those of you saying 'add in swords' it's ok they're going to have daggers and weird ass plant magic, we can sav… @BooksYALove @MercilessMime book 2!! @MercilessMime there won't be another book of ambha, unfortunately! But my new series has the lesbians, just lacks the swords somewhat @PeteMC666 crossbow lesbians is excellentno I am not giving this tweet any context. sword lesbians is context enough. also hey, aren't you all excited for t… now I'm just disappointed none of my lesbians use swords @carmineclaire haha, I'm glad it came across as patient! Thanks for your Disney tweet, and I'm glad to find your twitter too! :) @bistromath2013 @carmineclaire It's homophobia. Your point is homophobic. But you're aware of what I'm trying to… @bistromath2013 @carmineclaire oh my. not sure why I'm tagged in this, but I'm sure you also think heterosexual pro… @k_villoso ahaha my only goal is to make other people worry about khine with me @whimsicallyours aaah enjoy!! I think you'll figure out very quickly which two characters I ship 😅While I was away, THE WOLF OF OREN-YARO came out and I hope you're all going to buy it so you can be as delighted a… @weimingkam i know I KNOW I'm just afraid it will disappoint me?? I know! @weimingkam i still need to see it 😫I mean where is the lie it's 2020 give your princesses a girlfriend and a sword
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@_alexrowland @englishmace @freyamarske I just can't get it to work in my brain, but I am intrigued by this not fic?? @_alexrowland right??? @englishmace @freyamarske I do remember that and it was very convincing, but I would be v. v. impressed if you could sell me on lxc/wwx @attoliancrown like episode 39 but she's dipped in and out. disaster. @englishmace @freyamarske I can't even stretch my imagination far enough to ship this, I've got a headache @attoliancrown she can't remember who he is, this is a disasteralso if you'd told me ten years ago that this would even exist I would have laughed myself sick, what a world @freyamarske the lans are truly selflessaw shit it's gay it's indian and it's FUNNY I'm actually going to have to go to the cinema aren't I @attoliancrown I'm in hysterics, how did this happen @freyamarske I also have many questions. have confirmed she hasn't confused lxc and lwj so... how?her: 'of course he [lxc] recognises him [wwx], he loves him!' me: ...I, whatsomething has gone terribly wrong my mum thinks lan xichen is in love with wei wuxian?? getting her to watch the un… @micwilkins66 Oh bless!! I love a ridiculous lap cat @EisReading Yes I am 😭My cat is ridiculous
@AlixEHarrow i am DELIGHTED @DevinMadson (nooo thank you for the feedback!! 💜💜) @AlixEHarrow smol screm 💜💜💜 @DevinMadson (hi i love you just pretend I'm not here!!) @bhvide @Nicholas_Eames but they have a gap usually?? it's just a smaller gap. that said, I am not defending the h… @Nicholas_Eames all the cubicles have these weirdly high doors so everyone's feet are visible for some reason?? and…