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you all can deal with that mess, i'm going to sleep lmao @shundkai this happened not even a year ago @firagayatri @sahnazms i think there is no context in which that was not a blatantly, horribly racist thing to say,… @sahnazms oke fix!!!i'm on a video call and typing on two different group chats gossiping abt three different topics... this is the only multitasking i can do @sahnazms apa nyontek dari BWR ya pake Perempuan di Titik Nol 👀 @mekitron TOLONGGG @sahnazms males Chimamanda TERF wkwkw. Feminism for the 99% punya bhs Indonya gak?? @scrapper_142 @postcolsandwich tolongggggg banyak yang udah ikut diskusi Klub Baca Samahita #1 malam ini! <3 kalau ada saran dan kritik buat diskusiny… @cryingbrutally all the cute little pouches!!!another place to donate: reached the goal and beyond! :') let's keep it going! wants to study up this weekend? malam ini ada diskusi buku Tuhan, Perempuan, dan Pasar bareng Klub Baca Sama… yang mau match donasi gue
Retweeted by tassagod bless this uprising, death to amerika 🖤 @andrew_sigiro cuma karena anda seorang gak ngeliat bukan berarti gak terjadi"Only love can counter hate" doesn't mean you should love oppressors harder and hope they stop oppressing, it means…
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Abolition asks us what we don't want to answer: "Why put people in prison?" We think it's to protect us from those…
Retweeted by tassacan't believe i have to say this but DO NOT SHARE TRAUMATIZING CONTENT! we don't need to see a vid of G Floyd or an… forced to return to this Miguel James poem through the years is its own kind of sick repetition. (translate…
Retweeted by tassawe don't need the police, the military, or prisons. not in a global crisis, not ever. we really, really don't. we c… if the state just give food aid, poverty relief, income replacement, and rent cancellation so people don't hav… National Police and the Military plan to deploy 340.000(!!!) personnel to enforce the 'New Normal' in 25 cities… you want to donate to displaced West Papuans: is good but remember that Indonesia is not innocent, we are still colonizing West Papua to this day. the milit…
skinny girls whose only personality is being skinny should be banned from the internet“We want justice for George Floyd” A solidarity message from West Papua. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by tassaHK protesters have repeatedly allied with the Trumps, Pompeos, Rubios, and Pelosis of the world—the architects & en…
Retweeted by tassawrote about my favorite pop star, Carly Rae Jepsen 🌟 upload the cover of a book, no explanation 2. nominate six people @festivegrave @scrapper_142 @ofUlthar
@cokinsekong just watched it, i think the main characters being victims of imperialism & how it governs their psych… tl is a chaotic mess, thank god i'm stupid and only have the intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence t… @MahameruLee makasih Mbaaak 🤗 @MahameruLee iya Mbak 🤩(P.S. notifikasiku banyak filternya jadi nggak semua DM/mention bisa masuk, kalau nggak nerima balasan bisa langsun… ini (29/5) Klub Baca Samahita akan menggelar diskusi buku Tuhan, Perempuan, dan Pasar pukul 19.30 WIB di Jits…
@classlessvers was clearly talking abt the show so idk what you're doing here @cryingbrutally what political message 😭 tbh fully expecting LoK to have better politics than ATLA bc the characters are more grown @armandioalif oh iya lebih menarik PoV-nya 🧐 @sudahlahstik hng was actually hoping for a similar show.... maybe what i need is Book 4 & not a sequel @fivepoisonskid loved it! @classlessvers absolutely not he's a genocidal fascist saying ideologi komunis itu gagal in the middle of a global pandemic where socialist countries consistently…'t get over how Dracula wanted to wipe out the whole human race bc humans killed his wife... truly the Wife Guy blueprinti did have plans to watch Legend of Korra, but ppl seem to have mixed feelings abt it (& i got friends telling me t… wrong with this aside, i think it's hilarious how WW (& most WoC) think being pale and skinny = beautifu… @tittydeejay @nowavenow anying makin sedih 😭OK i finished the show! can't believe they did Azula like that 😂 main takes: Hama did nothing wrong & seeing her be… to this part of the series @tittydeejay lil dude was ready to end the sandbenders for stealing Appa but when it comes to a genocidal fascist h… wish i knew how to defeat the fire lord Roku: you have to be decisive & militant, kill him Aang: wish someone…'a preachy crybaby who can't resist giving overemotional speeches about hope all the time' is such a funny and accu…
my favorite thing about this show (maybe so far, possibly ever) is Appa in his battle armor... i would die for Appa 😭 i love himimo moments where Zuko tries & struggles to be a person (eg. ToBSS or when he rehearses his offer to be Aang's fire…, on Katara & Hama & bloodbending & retribution in The Puppetmaster too & Toph arguing about Katara's hero complex in The Runaway 😶 finally realizing which character i am in this show @theditchy so that's the origin of this meme 😭 @cryingbrutally 🙂 @geometrypizza will do!!! @geometrypizza i instantly love it too... what a turning point for Iroh & Zuko. ty for enjoying my brain rotting in real time 💛Aang wants to hold on to his Normal Teenagehood & hold off being the Avatar as long as he can while Zuko is dead se… @meisyacv maaf lahir dan batin @moodbergman it's just the sun i haven't retouched it in three months 😔 @coolmomfriend 💛💛💛eid mubarak say it back ✨
Appa's Lost Days @meisyacv padahal kan mutual track kita JKT48 - Squall No Aida Ni @Lini_ZQ 😂😂😂today would (should!) have been PKI's 100th anniversary. thread, up and down: @moodbergman @nowavenow it's the kpop dividing us @cryingbrutally he's hilarious tbh & always such a mood... suka minum teh, suka pijet, main board game, bercandanya… @festivegrave i'll probably get there by monday tbhIroh: 'The people of the water tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community an… @tittydeejay there's three of them & they're all deadly 😔 apa udah ada namanyai am so afraid of the Ozai's Angels... if they were chasing me i would simply k*ll myselfi am now on Toph's intro ep and i cannot for the life of me get this vid of her saying 'that's why yo mama dead. de… @yatapikan air is my second choice! telekinesis, super speed, flying, mind & noise control... temptinglmfao the Avatar Day ep... the ppl of Chin Village tried to put the Avatar on trial for killing their leader and Aa…
finished Book 1 & i have a question for the audience: which element would you want to bend the most? mine is water… @tittydeejay cakepan sekarangcan y'all imagine how unbearable i would be if i actually understood quantum theory... i watched one PBS Space Time… Rae Jepsen is truly the best. She just puts out a fun album whenever. Doesn’t have eras or crazy visuals or i…
Retweeted by tassa @tittydeejay @skylouvr @asianbabyghoul @revoluchine was condom involved in any way in this story?! @asianbabyghoul @revoluchine @skylouvr @tittydeejay someone pls TLDRi'm an easy laugh! i know i seem ~serious~ all the time but i'm actually a jokey person who laughs at everything @skylouvr @nowavenow i wanna be waterbender so BAD @skylouvr @nowavenow by way of repeatedly conjuring sounds only that person could hear wkwk at the v least it would drive them insane @nowavenow @skylouvr bruh i was just thinking this morning if this was an adult show Aang would have used airbendin… i need to keep watching if i've seen this @tittydeejay who are you calling mean, “kill/eat the rich” is a violent refusal of the originary violence of capitalism; a violence structured t…
Retweeted by tassa @tittydeejay it's literally happening RIGHT NOW..... di bdg timur aja apa yanot the skyquakes happening two mornings in a row at the exact same time in Bandung... 😶