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tas @tasyiu will gage bella

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@wraithssssss DEEZ NUTS @wraithssssss try deez @wraithssssss thrift store @yepyepxen imovie @ctttr @hxnnahs oh sry @homiesrice so cracked and kawaii @homiesrice ur so good homieDIE FOR YOU. ❤️+♻️'s appreciated <3
Retweeted by tas @willthomaas ? @ignNickcook so true ign nickcook @willthomaas PURSUE TAS @wraithssssss i want them sooooo bad @coldypoo @hxnnahs HANNAH CAN WE GET WAVES TOGETHER @coldypoo @hxnnahs ik i love hannah sm we r the same it’s so fucking funny @hxnnahs i want them so badshould i get waves @catgirllover73 @lumpycarpet this is a real thing that is on the menu @catgirllover73 @lumpycarpet ok bro @ohDuckIing so busting @prize89 it’s so good @Evs2x deez cursed @lumpycarpet squish deez @1kotaaa it’s good @exhearts it’s cheese and bread @wizitoszn what’s wrong with deez @willthomaas just kidding baeeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊😊☹️☹️ @willthomaas you look rancid @m2sty omg can u do natasia @tigg1k give me ur number @ctttr gimme ur number @alvbihh loco ochos @fishszns @Toastedtw ur so good toested valoants @Toastedtw deez @Toastedtw riptide ❤️RIPTIDE ❤️♻️
Retweeted by tas @willthomaas ME PLS ME @coldypoo ? @iamhcu OH MY LORDY LORD!! UR SO GOODFriends or lovers, which will it be?
Retweeted by tas @LayziVAL aires @shade47_ ur so good @wtfandreww probably not @cholenai such a gay stance @nickgetsrailed i love ur dog @nickgetsrailed awwww omg @jawtii 😭😋 @kolbiath imy mor @weirdoliv NOOOOOOOO @Simplyzedits i miss you @KeyySZN i miss you @yepyepxen green screen over a picture then put music in the back @xPrepyism i miss you @suouco hi enno ^-^
@wackyxz @josh1342623652 what’s wrong with him playing sage devin @ohg1a stopppp ur making me blush
Retweeted by tas @xobrawl ariana grande @shade47_ NOTIIII @josh1342623652 twin fr @pang1x yes @jitterZK NOT YET @pang1x it’s still in my cart so not yet @tommyfuks NOOOOOOO @yvviggiicci @notrxchel thank you. @tasyiu @notrxchel please give me that back @tasyiu @notrxchel NO @racheldan11231 @notrxchel laughing so hard @racheldan11231 @notrxchel i’m crying u cant even fix it now cuz i took it @notrxchel @neednewatpls rachel dan ❤️ @tokyosre @sojuzama okay sorry @neednewatpls rachelfan11231 @sojuzama @tokyosre ur so cool ceb @ctttr weirdos lol @davthebabe i’m Cryin @kolhr_ @WasteManOP nope! @WasteManOP @kolhr_ laughing at kolhr not u ❤️ @aalyxoo i love u more bae @kolhr_ @WasteManOP lol @kyuniaa ty kyunia!!! @shade47_ it’s my server icon @shade47_ i love ur pfp @prize89 @wackyxz @josh1342623652 ugh literally 🙄 fan behavior 💅 @meowsav PREEETTTYYYYY @meowsav OMG U R SO CYTE @meowsav MOMMY @rakotag no @1kotaaa guess i’m cringe 💁🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by tas @ctttr i love you 😊 @1kotaaa lol @vg8ds @LayziVAL me today! @Biobtw didn’t ask lol @wunjii don’t have the energy to argue @jawtii TYSM! @Biobtw 😛😭 @wackyxz Ok @cippns OH NAH