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Art galleries in UK: Tate Britain, Tate Modern, @TateLiverpool & @Tate_StIves. We aim to increase everyone's enjoyment and understanding of art.

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'I think that if you can turn off the mind and look only with the eyes, ultimately everything becomes abstract.' -… Gill Cutbull for an audio described tour of The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain at Tate Britain. Includes…
Explore the dynamic relationship between choreography, theatre design and music in #NataliaGoncharova’s work in a d… with WePresent we're spotlighting the short but spectacular career of #KeithHaring, an artist whose life w… @kaitlindl85 @tateliverpool Hi Kat, I'm afraid our Keith Haring exhibition isn't touring to any other venue in the… Hockney and Keith Haring at Mr Chows Art Dinner, New York, 23 April 1985 #KeithHaring opens @tateliverpool t…
Retweeted by Tate'Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination & encourages people to go further' - Ke…
Robert Bevan (1865–1925) was inspired by everyday London life. This is one of his many pictures of horse sales in t…'He thinks about painterly structures every moment of the day. He actually wakes up thinking about them' - Matthew…
What colour scheme are you feeling today? Peter Sedgley, Yellow Attenuation 1965. is Ethel Sands' painting of artist Walter Sickert. The woman in the foreground is likely to be Sands… @SpookyColbert @brimwats 💛 your love of Turner! If you haven’t seen them already, the world’s largest collection of… @BridMcKeown Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it! Glad you can enjoy art from afar 🤗'How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.' - Vincent van Gogh 🌦️ Van Gogh's bringing warmth to London on this d…
Explore the work of trailblazing Russian artist #NataliaGoncharova at June's Uniqlo #TateLates, whose experimental…🤘 Goldin's intimate works explore the human condition, including celebration and sadness, love and violence, life… chance to book on to Friday's intimate in-gallery discussion around #FrankBowling’s paintings — renowned for t…
#ArtWords: The 'picture plane' refers to the physical surface of a painting — the glass of the imaginary window thr…📽️ Last chance to book tickets for Albert Serra's award-winning 'Roi Soleil', a cinematic experience that cleverly… @harpy128 Hi Alison, Members don't need to book in advance. Enjoy! 😀'As soon as you start channelling who you are into your artwork, you will have more inner strength & be able to dea…
TALK: Join curator Elena Crippa for an overview of #FrankBowling's sixty years of painting experiments, followed by… Caland (b. 1931, Beirut) grew up in a society where female sexuality was often repressed. Much of her work… does your Sunday morning look like? 💐 A.R. Middleton Todd, The Picture Book 1939.
@tinamaxwell2 Hi Tina, she called it futurist theatre makeup and would wear it when out and about in Moscow. Featur… The Heidelberg School was a late 19th c. art movement named after the Australian village of Heidelberg w… you know Pop Art? Think again! Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, soup cans and multiple Marilyn Monroes are just… 👂 In this episode we explore the art of improvisation and the role of chance within the creative process.…
'What keeps my heart awake is colourful silence.' - Claude Monet Monet's Water-Lilies, on free display at Tate Mod…'Cildo Meireles's 'Babel' is an ingenious interpretation - he turned a myth from the Bible into modern art. My favo… #NataliaGoncharova's first UK exhibition opens at Tate Modern, her glittering costumes take to the stage across…
Today's weather feels a bit like Richard Hamilton's 'Soft pink landscape'. Funnily enough, this magical forest scen…'I love this work because it’s so bright and so precise, with such beautiful colours. I find it very relaxing. You…★★★★★ 'An entrancing resurrection of Goncharova’s genius’ - The Guardian The first ever UK retrospective of trailb…
@J_Wilkinson_Art @fuscowriting Such a great place 😃🍳🍞☕️Can photographs serve as diary entries? In a free display at Tate Modern, artists turn the camera onto themselves,… @AhavaHome Unfortunately we can only take UK-based submissions, sorry!Calling all makers and designers! We’re looking for your design pieces to be stocked in our #TateEdit shop at Tate… is a view of St Paul's Cathedral 77 years ago, captured by Viennese photographer Wolfgang Suschitzky. In the m… @JoanneOcean Wow, beautiful!
#NataliaGoncharova's first ever UK exhibition opens at Tate Modern in just two days! Here are seven things you shou… us for the launch of a new beer inspired by #VanGogh's Starry Night! ✨ From the vibrant palette to the cypress…'It's telling a story through the experience of art that makes Tate compelling — and I wanted to be a part of that… @GalileoFigaro09 Hello! Bags larger than cabin bag size (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) or large wheelie bags aren't permitted in the gallery. @YesMissMurphy @stratospheria @drphiliplee1 🦆
In July 2019 Tate Modern opens the largest exhibition of Takis's work ever held in the UK, bringing together over 7… Kandinsky believed that painting should aim to be as abstract as music. For him, colour in particular was e… reminds us of childhood walks through dewy woodland. 🕸️ Sir John Everett Millais, Bt, Dew-Drenched…
Where do you feel most calm? Wolfgang Suschitzky, St James’s Park, London 1962.'Most visitors say that he's surrendering, yet teenagers often describe him as confrontational, asking someone for…
'I feel that culture should come from all sorts of voices... when I’m feeling fed up of working I remind myself why… @nicolabortignon Hi Nicola! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It looks like we have some technical issues…'#FranzWest is one of my favourites, I’d move into the show if they'd let me! He said he reads philosophy like a ma…'s ready for a scorcher! ☀️🌳 Badminton, anyone?
@rikard Thank you! 😃Last chance to see Joanna Piotrowska's free film & photography installation at Tate Britain. The work explores them… @lyndagarland Hi Lynda, sorry to hear this – you are very welcome to use the cloakroom if your luggage is not large… and Chelsea alumnus Frank Bowling OBE, RA will be celebrated in a retrospective exhibition at Tate Britain w…
Retweeted by Tate @EsherMama Hi Esher, Sorry to hear this – we want to make sure that all our spaces are accessible, and your feedba…★★★★★ 'A sea you can swim in with pure pleasure' - The Guardian #FrankBowling’s first major retrospective, showcas… Sunday, Tate Modern presents a rare chance to see one of Tony Cokes’ early video essays on black representatio…
.@olafureliasson joins @Tate for 'Art in Real Life: Addressing the Sustainability Challenge', a conversation explor…
Retweeted by Tate'I used language because I wanted to offer content that people – not necessarily art people – could understand' - J… Intaglio describes any printmaking technique in which the image is produced by incising (marking) the pr… @The_Globe @oldvictheatre @BiscuiteersLtd @NYTofGB @southbankcentre @NationalTheatre @BFI @haywardgallery @JoshJohns7 @originalclur @Kateevans12345 😍 Happy birthday to your Mum! @susan_seth @Joseph_Atkins @EleanorRastall @The_Globe 😀🎶 @saikocat Every angle is our best angle! 💅 @TheBoobettes @jessicatamman 🍈🍈😀 @The_Globe @BiscuiteersLtd @NYTofGB @oldvictheatre @southbankcentre @NationalTheatre @BFI @haywardgallery Um YES 🍪🍪🍪One of Europe's most daring & dynamic choreographers, Boris Charmatz returns to Tate Modern for the London premiere…
Take part in 'Self Assembly' with artist Simon Spain @TateExchange to craft and represent yourself in a crowd of fi…'s Conservation team is looking closely at the work of #NataliaGoncharova ahead of her first ever UK retrospect… into the surrealist world of #DorotheaTanning at Tate Modern, with bodies emerging from walls and gothic pain…
'Children know something that most people have forgotten' - #KeithHaring (1958-1990) Keith Haring, Untitled 1980 ©… Join artist Tom Lovelace @studiolovelace to explore how photography responds to paintings, sculpture, perfo… @couscousmami Hi there, contact information can be found at the bottom of this page: All the best!Take a tour of The EY Exhibition: #VanGogh and Britain with exhibition curator Carol Jacobi & Teio Meedendorp, Seni…
@couscousmami Depending on the volume of applicants. It can take considerable amount of time before you get a reply… For Franz West's 'Auditorium', West visited all the dry cleaners in Vienna asking for worn out Pers…'My paintings are not about what is seen. They are about what is known forever in the mind.' - Agnes Martin Happy…
We hope you find time to put your feet up this bank holiday! Or if you fancy a visit, all four Tate galleries are o… will you next escape to? James Dickson Innes, South of France, Bozouls, near Rodez 1908.…
What can you see from your window? 👀 Walter Richard Sickert, Girl at a Window, Little Rachel 1907… little-known today, John Opie's portraits of striking realism created a sensation in his lifetime (1761–18… 'Monoprint' is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once, unlike most printmaking wher…
'Naughty is part of life, no?' Discover the work of rule-breaking Lebanese artist Huguette Caland, whose exuberan…'re thrilled to welcome three new works for our International Joint Acquisition programme by Dale Harding, Robert… it sunbathing season yet? 😎☀️ Chris Killip, Pensioners in a shelter, Whitley Bay, Tyneside 1976, printed 2012–… is Mike, who attended the 1947 #VanGogh exhibition at Tate Britain. Today, we gave him a private tour before o…
@Tubemole1 Hello, Please call our Ticketing team on 020 7887 8888 (option 1, 09.45–18.00 daily), who will be able to help.With Frank Bowling’s major retrospective opening at Tate Britain next week, here's a rare chance to watch new docum… @tom_cranham Yes, that's right - we're open later this bank holiday weekend, with advance booking recommended. Hope… @tom_cranham Hi Tom, our last entry times can vary. Did you have a specific date in mind? Last entry for Van Gogh i… @lundrs Tickets can be bought in person on a first-come, first-served basis, but we do recommend booking in advance… @lundrs Hi Chris, the event definitely will have a vegan food option. The beer selection isn't yet finalised but we… photographer Joanna Piotrowska expresses her interest in domestic spaces, man-made environments and the…
Explore the voices and sound works of women in Audio Arts Magazine as Lucia Farinati and Jean Wainwright guide us t… Uniqlo #TateLates next week, enjoy a one-off display of Jenny Holzer's acclaimed Truisms in Tate Modern's Turbin…